same with leighton


‘A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.’ - Elbert Hubbard

Preference #26 Visiting Him on Tour


Niall had only been away for about 2 weeks but he already missed you and Whitney. He felt bad that he had to leave you alone with the baby but it’s part of the job. The separation was just to much for Niall, so he decided on flying the both of you out to the US where the boys were currently touring. 

When you landed at the airport, you were met with Paul who drove you back to the arena to see Niall and the rest of the boys. As soon as Niall caught sight of you he immediately stopped singing and ran over to you. “My 2 favorite girls! Oh I missed you guys so much…it’s been hell without you both here.” you gave him a kiss and Whitney repeated your action. “Aw, thank you princess! Did you miss daddy?”, Whitney clapped her hands and nodded as she giggled. “Well someone’s happy! She slept the whole way over here so she’s full of energy”, Niall kept Whitney with him the whole time, even through rehearsals. He hated that he was missing his child grow up while he was away but he would just fly you guys out to see him to make up for it. 


Liam was in the middle of a world tour and you hadn’t seen him for about a month. Of course you two would video chat so he could see the kids, but it just wasn’t the same. You got in touch with Harry who helped you plan a surprise visit with the kids to see Liam. You knew Liam would love it; he missed the kids so much and he hated himself for leaving you three. 

When you landed in Sweden you had Harry pick you up so Liam wouldn’t know about the surprise. When you arrived back at the hotel, you lightly knocked on his hotel door; when Liam opened it he thought he was in a dream. “Is it really you! Oh, I can’t believe this! How did you get here? Were the kids okay? Are you okay?” “Yes Liam, its real and everything is fine!” you laughed at how in shock he was to see you. Michael and Adriana both reached out for their dad and he took them into his arms, kissing them both on their heads. “Oh I’ve missed you both so much! Have you been good to mommy?” he finally reached out for you and gave you a kiss “Babe I can’t believe your here! This is the best surprise ever..and now that your here, I don’t think I’m ever gonna let you guys leave, it’s been awful without you guys.”


Now that you and Louis had kids, going away on tour was much harder than usual. Instead of missing one person, he was now missing three. You would video chat almost everyday so he could see and talk to the kids even though they didn’t really understand what was going on. The other boys would call you too, telling you how down Louis was and how he just wasn’t his usual happy self. You thought if you brought the kids to go and visit him that maybe it would cheer him up a bit. You made arrangements with Niall to set up a surprise visit and he was happy to help. The three of you met up with Niall at the airport and he took you to where the boys were going to be performing that night. 

You headed back to the dressing room where the rest of the boys were and when Louis caught glimpse of you, his face turned to pure joy. “Y/N? I can’t believe that you’re here!” he gave you a kiss and then grabbed the kids to do the same. “Drew! Leighton! Did you miss daddy? I’m sorry I had to go to work and couldn’t be home with you guys but I promise I’ll make it up to you!” both kids giggled and clapped their hands together. You missed being together as a family and you knew it was hard on Louis. That night, you could tell Louis was in a much better mood. The whole performance was full of energy and he just couldn’t wait for the show to be over so he could spend time with the three of you. 


Harry hated to be away from you so long and now that you two had Eric, he hated it even more. He felt like he was missing out on such a big part of Eric’s childhood. 

The boys were going to be off for a few days but it wasn’t long enough for them to fly back home. Harry decided he would fly you and Eric out to see him in LA instead, while they had a short break. You couldn’t wait to be in LA with Harry and the warm weather was going to be a bonus. Harry met you both at the airport, luckily there weren’t many fans there so you didn’t get mobbed. Harry wrapped you in a tight hug giving both you and Eric a kiss. “It feels so good to be back with you guys..I’ve missed you so much.” Eric giggled and reached out for his dad, “Hi buddy, have you missed me? I bet mommy has been taking good care of you!” Harry hated having to miss his little boy growing up. He would do anything to just be there for the everyday moments and milestones.


This was the first time the boys had been on tour since you had Blair. Zayn hated the fact that he had to leave but it was only going to be for about a month. 

It had only hit the two week mark when Zayn asked you to fly out to see him. You weren’t complaining, you missed him too. He met you at the Berlin airport and was already close to tears when he saw you both. “I thought I would be able to handle this so much better…but I just hate being away from my two girls.” Blair was in that phase where she only wanted to be in her dads arms and would cry otherwise. Every minute of the day that Zayn wasn’t working, it would be spent with both you and Blair. He loved being together as a family and when you weren’t together he felt like a piece of him was missing.