same with carlos' hair


We get a ton of headcanons about what Cecil looks like.

Of the features that are 100% made up by fanon, the one we hear about the most is “tattoos.” Usually magical ones. It’s as if all the magic-tattoo enthusiasts in fandom heard a signal and flocked, en masse, to this series.

This one’s for you, niche enthusiasts. Enjoy our Top 10 Headcanons That Involve Tattoos.

94) Cecil has a third eye tattoo he never asked for. It lights up when he has strange insight (which is so common, he never mentions it) and it shines at full intensity when he hails the Glow Cloud.

109) Cecil has tattoos. Carlos feels the same way about them as Cecil feels about Carlos’ hair.

110) Cecil has both work and personal tattoos. His work tattoos are usually very old designs, some having been found on mummies that are thousands of years old, or runes. His personal tattoos are a weird mixture of eyes, tentacles, and symbols that have a sentimental meaning for him (i.e an Erlenmeyer flask for Carlos, a paw print for Khoshekh, and a cartoon spider wolf for Janice).

124) Cecil has tattoos that change according to his mood and thoughts. He is always so open about his feelings (like saying he fell in love with Carlos on air) because he knows everyone can tell what he’s thinking anyway. 

152) Cecil has supernatural tattoos. He can transfer them to other people, control them, and feel through them – even when they’re over on Carlos.

201) Cecil is tattooed with an extremely detailed and accurate map of Night Vale, which updates itself constantly, Marauder’s Map style. The radio station is directly over his heart.

210) Cecil has tattoos that glow when he’s happy. Carlos had to buy a sleep mask in order to sleep with Cecil, because he glows like crazy when they’re together.

211) In Night Vale you get tattoos when something tragic happens. The tattoos are living things and they move around. Cecil is covered in tattoos, but when he meets Carlos, one tattoo turns into a heart.

226) Cecil has tattoos that glow for a brief moment when he sneezes, so when he has a cold, his body turns into a light show.

299) Cecil has dark purple markings on his skin. They’re living runes, and are how Studio Management chooses their ‘Voice of Night Vale’. When Leonard Burton retired, the runes chose to migrate from him to Cecil. That’s how Cecil came to fill Leonard’s shoes.

435) All Strexcorp employees are tattooed with bar codes. By force, if necessary.