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How about something that completely turns the usual A/B/O dynamics on it's head? Everybody assumes Jay is an alpha, because LOOK at him. But then Carlos's first heat hits him, and everybody expects Jay to be the one to help him with it, and he does by making Carlos as comfortable as possible, but Jay doesn't actually seem affected at all by being near him. Surprise: Jay is a Beta (or, and I would love you forever for this, also an Omega) and is kind of confused that nobody knew that.

In order to keep with the SpookyABO that @hannigram-a-b-o-library has prompted for this week, I made this a little more Halloween themed, I hope you still enjoy!

Evie runs up to him, appearing from nowhere, panting and sweating. Her pigtails are coming loose and her blue and white checkered dress is ruffled in all the wrong places. “Jay! Carlos’ heat,” she gasps, “just hit.”

He only groans. Of course it’s in the middle of a Halloween party with half the school. “Where is he?”

“In the bathroom.”

Jay follows Evie quickly, she parts the crowd easily with her confident strut. She knocks rapidly on the bathroom door where Mal is casually leaning outside, broomstick and witch’s hat on the floor, with Ben, who won’t stop pacing. “Carlos?” Evie calls sweetly, “I brought Jay.”

Just as the door cracks open, Ben steps forward. He’s decked out as a scarecrow, ridiculous make up all over his face and straw poking out of his collar. “I’m not sure if it’s a good idea for you to be here.” He speaks softly, calmly, like he’s not sure how Jay will take his words. “We can escort Carlos back to your room.”


Carlos sneaks out of the bathroom and leaches himself to Jay’s side, burying his face in the crook of Jay’s neck. His lion’s mane is askew and he’s sweating through his brown shirt, trembling as he grasps Jay’s arm.

When he sticks his nose into Carlos’ curls, Jay can’t smell anything (not that he expected to) but recognizes the signs of an omega in heat. He knows that his silver tunic - they all went as characters from some ancient movie that Ben was crushed to hear none of the Isle kids had ever seen despite the fact that they lived without electricity and television and entertainment their whole lives - can’t provide the skin-on-skin contact that Carlos craves right now and it’s winding him up more. Instinctively, Jay holds him close, tries to comfort him. “How are you holding up, C?”

“Wanna leave. Now.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Jay tries to lead him away from the group, but stops at Ben’s bewildered look. “What?”

“You’re…not affected by Carlos’ heat?”

“Why would I be?”

“I’m sorry,” Ben flushes, “I just…I assumed my control would be stronger than yours. I have an omega and a beta of my own,” he wraps his arm around Mal, who looks curiously at him, “and I’m slightly affected by his scent.”

“Well you’re an alpha, so of course you’re more affected,” Jay states. Though, he admits he’s very impressed of Ben’s control. Very few alphas on the Isle exercise the same discipline the king does.

Ben makes another strange expression. “You are…not an alpha?”

“Huh?” Jay tries to divide his attention between a needy and whining Carlos and a confused Ben. “No. Did you think I was?”

The king turns pink. “I, well, I assumed that…” His voice is lost in the party music around them.

“Just stop there,” Mal puts a hand on his chest, “there’s no good way to end that sentence.”

Evie rubs Carlos’ shoulder. “Yeah, Jay looks like a big bad alpha with his muscles, but he’s just a big, soft omega like Carlos and Mal.”

“What the hell did you just say, princess?”

“So if you’re not his alpha,” Ben turns red, all the way to the tips of his ears, “who will be, ahem, assisting Carlos? Do you… Do you need toys or-or-.”

“No, I’m still gonna fuck him,” Jay grins when Ben sputters. “Nice and hard like he wants,” Carlos pants beside him, nuzzling further into Jay’s skin, “probably all week.”

“Eww, too much detail,” Evie groans.

“But you’re not…” Ben falters.

“Omegas wanna please in our heat,” Jay explains. Jeez, Auradon needs to improve their sex ed classes, “we can please other omegas too.”

“But it…it’s…”

“And when my heat comes around, he’s gonna do the same thing,” Jay purrs, winds his fingers in Carlos’ hair. “I’ll be on my hands and knees for him for days.”

“Stop it!” Evie snaps. “You’re gross.”

“Yeah, definitely,” Mal is starting to look as green as her witch costume is meant to be.

Jay makes a show of sniffing the air. “I don’t think Benny-Boo is grossed out,” he laughs, “smells like he likes the idea of two omega together.”


“Come on, C,” Jay pulls him along quickly, sticking to the edge of the room until they reach the exit, “let’s get you home.”

Carlos De Vil x reader ( + Hevie ) || I choose you

request #1; Hey, can you do an one shot about Harry’s twin sister falling in love with Carlos. And could you use the prompts 22 and 27?

request #2; “ It’s you, It’s always been you. ” & “ After all these years , I still love you, ” maybe for hevie ? Maybe Hook chooses Evie over Uma or Evie chooses Hook over Doug.

Prompts #22. “ It’s you. It’s always been you. ” and #27. “ You’re my home.”

A|N; guys I hope you don’t mind that I combines two requests but like the parllels would be so cute. anyways, first part is Carlos x Reader, then Hevie. Enjoy !

warnings; not edited !

master list


“ What’s up with her? ” Uma asked Harry while looking at his twin, (Y/N) whom was along with them and Gil in the limo that will take them to Auradon and she was hopelessly starting out the window.

Harry waved his hand around (Y/N)’s face, getting no response at all from her, “ She’s probably thinkin’ about that De Vil boy, ” he smirked, referring to Carlos.

Uma, Gil and Harry were all aware of (Y/N) unsaid love she had for Carlos De Vil, even if he was from Mal’s group, their rivals , they never really said anything.

Uma never said anything to her because she never thought it was serious, even if it was Uma wouldn’t stand in their way, after all (Y/N) was her only female friend. And Uma loved her.

Gil wasn’t even aware of her feelings for Carlos, the blonde guy always thought it was only shameless flirting, after all she was Harry’s twin sister.

Meanwhile, Harry never said anything, because, well, he was in the same position. His heart belonged to a blue haired princess, from the same group as Carlos. Must be some twin thing to fall for the enemy, right ?

“ Guys, we’re here!” Gil announced happily as the limo stopped in front of Auradon prep.

Gil and Uma were the first to get out and be greeted by Ben and the former villain kids, then Harry grabbed his sister’s hand gently and shook it, “ Come on, (Y/N/N), we’re here, ” he murmured.

(Y/N) nodded, letting Harry take her outside. Her eyes met Ben’s and she had an attempt at a fake smile, then by instinct she covered her ears at the sound of the orchestra playing, “ What’s up with that sound? Even pigs could do a better job than these guys, ” she yelled.

“ Aren’t you a delight, (Y/N) Hook, ” Jay said rolling his eyes.

After the orchestra stopped, (Y/N) smirked, finally noticing the four frenemies standing near Ben, “ Aren’t ya a charmer, thief ? ”

“ Not a thief anymore, ”

(Y/N) laughed, “ Not a thief ? So, Auradon done its magic on ye, and I thought you were the baddest of them all, ”

“ Hey, I thought you said I was the baddest.” Harry said angrily, “ I said that because yer ma brother, Harold. ”

(Y/N) stuck out her tongue To annoy Harry, then she turned around to face Ben, all this time being extremely careful to avoid Carlos’s eyes. She would be lost if she’d meet those brown eyes of his.

“ Aren’t ya going to show us around, Benny-boo?” she smirked, her comment making Uma, Gil and Harry laugh. If she wasn’t mistaken she almost saw Evie and Jay laugh as well.

Ben laughed a little before smiling, “ Actually, no” he said, “ Jay, Carlos, Evie and Mal will, you know since you have to get along sometime. ”

(Y/N)’s smile dropped and she turned her attention to Harry, he had the same stupefied expression as her, “ Aren’t ya the best king,” she gritted her teeth.

Ben decided to pretend he didn’t hear that as he turned on his heels and left the villain kids together.

“ I’ll go with Uma!” Evie yelled quickly after Ben left, making everyone stare at her, “ I meant: I’m going to show Uma around, you take the others, okay? Okay!”

“ I don’t think so, ” Mal grabbed Evie’s hand, stopping her from running. Mal knew about whatever history she had with Harry and Mal was sure they had to resolve their whole “ I’m not talking to you now ” thing.

Even since they came back from rescuing Ben, Evie wasn’t herself and Mal was pretty sure it was all about Harry.

“ No way, E! ” Mal laughed, stopping Evie from moving, “ I have to mend ties with Uma, you should really go and do that with Harry, don’t you think?” Mal pouted.

Evie gasped, “ No, I think me and Harry are perfectly fine, ”

Mal smirked, “ Then you won’t mind giving him a tour, right ?” she said while going near Uma , grabbing her hand and starting to push her away, “ Jay c'mon, ” Mal yelled.

“ Hey, Gil, come with me, “Jay grinned, ” Let’s go introduce you to the others !“

As Harry watched his friend go with Jay he quickly said, ” I’ll go with Carlos,“ but his sister interrupted him, ” No, I’ll go,“

” What ?“ both Carlos and Harry asked at the same time.

(Y/N) moved forward and smiled, ” I know that on the isle I was scared of saying this out loud, but it’s you, Carlos. “ she said, ” It’s you, it’s always been you. You’re my home. “

” I feel very loved right now,“ Harry muttered,

” Shut up, Harry, “ she sighed rolling her eyes,

Carlos had a small smile on his face, the news looked great. (Y/N) Hook told him she loved him. What could be better than that?

Carlos wrapped his arms around her, smiling , ” I feel the same way, (Y/N/N),“

” Hey, Romeo, kepl your hands to yourself, “ Harry groaned, ” You hurt her and I’ll hook ye, “

” Dont listen to him, “ (Y/N) said pulling away, ” You hurt me, I’ll hook ya myself, “ she laughed, ” Now let’s go and show me around , I believe my brother still has to talk with his princess, “

(Y/N) laughed and started to drag Carlos away from Evie and Harry , knowing her brother was probably mad that she said out loud that he think about Evie as his princess.

After they were left alone, none of them spoke for five whole minutes, but when it got too weird, Harry was the first one to say something.

” Remember when we first met? You came to ma fathers shop with (Y/N), I thought you were the most gorgeous person on the isle. Now we’re in Auradon and I still think the same. “ he smiled, ” It’s you, It’s always been you, “ Harry smirked, mimicking his sister’s words.

Evie smiled softly, ” Harry, it’s not that simple, there’s Uma-“

Harry shook his head, ” Don’t you get it ? I chose you, Evie. After all these years, I still love you, do you choose me ?“

Evie nodded, ” I’ll always choose you, “ now they only had to make it work. Life ain’t easy, but it’s worth living.


We get a ton of headcanons about what Cecil looks like.

Of the features that are 100% made up by fanon, the one we hear about the most is “tattoos.” Usually magical ones. It’s as if all the magic-tattoo enthusiasts in fandom heard a signal and flocked, en masse, to this series.

This one’s for you, niche enthusiasts. Enjoy our Top 10 Headcanons That Involve Tattoos.

94) Cecil has a third eye tattoo he never asked for. It lights up when he has strange insight (which is so common, he never mentions it) and it shines at full intensity when he hails the Glow Cloud.

109) Cecil has tattoos. Carlos feels the same way about them as Cecil feels about Carlos’ hair.

110) Cecil has both work and personal tattoos. His work tattoos are usually very old designs, some having been found on mummies that are thousands of years old, or runes. His personal tattoos are a weird mixture of eyes, tentacles, and symbols that have a sentimental meaning for him (i.e an Erlenmeyer flask for Carlos, a paw print for Khoshekh, and a cartoon spider wolf for Janice).

124) Cecil has tattoos that change according to his mood and thoughts. He is always so open about his feelings (like saying he fell in love with Carlos on air) because he knows everyone can tell what he’s thinking anyway. 

152) Cecil has supernatural tattoos. He can transfer them to other people, control them, and feel through them – even when they’re over on Carlos.

201) Cecil is tattooed with an extremely detailed and accurate map of Night Vale, which updates itself constantly, Marauder’s Map style. The radio station is directly over his heart.

210) Cecil has tattoos that glow when he’s happy. Carlos had to buy a sleep mask in order to sleep with Cecil, because he glows like crazy when they’re together.

211) In Night Vale you get tattoos when something tragic happens. The tattoos are living things and they move around. Cecil is covered in tattoos, but when he meets Carlos, one tattoo turns into a heart.

226) Cecil has tattoos that glow for a brief moment when he sneezes, so when he has a cold, his body turns into a light show.

299) Cecil has dark purple markings on his skin. They’re living runes, and are how Studio Management chooses their ‘Voice of Night Vale’. When Leonard Burton retired, the runes chose to migrate from him to Cecil. That’s how Cecil came to fill Leonard’s shoes.

435) All Strexcorp employees are tattooed with bar codes. By force, if necessary.