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Keep me warm and safe

Summary: Dorky Firefighter!Phil and Student/Bookstore saleperson!Dan who likes to blurt out the first thing that comes to his mind.

Based on prompt: “My dumb ass of a room mate just set the microwave on fire and you’re one of the firemen who showed up and now I’m need an ambulance cause damn ur hot.” (Prompt by @phan-cannons)

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Word count: 2.1k

A/N: I wrote this on a whim, honestly, but I am interested if anyone would like me to write more, because I would gladly take this as a side-project in between USQANF? chapters!

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Viktor watching Yuuri lean against the boards of the rink and casually pushing his newly-long hair back with the other hand, and his head is bent at just the right angle that Viktor can see the line of his neck muscle and his shirt is riding up to show just a bit of hip, his shirt sleeves are pulled up to show the long line of his forearm and his eyes are narrow and intense and the he looks over at Viktor and his lips pull back into a soft smile and asks him what and all Viktor can say is, “I’m going to marry you,” with this tone of utter awe in his voice even though the wedding is still more than a year away, and he doesn’t even know that the way he says I’m going to marry you is the exact same way Yuuri used to say Someday I’ll skate on the same ice as Viktor Nikiforov

Anything For Love

Request: “can you do an imagine that credence met the reader and she is a (badass) witch and helped him to runaway from his mother?”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 1449

Warnings: mentions of self-harm and FUCKING MURDER!! This fic turned so intense and I just rolled with it lmao I hope u guys enjoy it 

Originally posted by sensualkisses

You were determined to save him. From the moment you saw him, his face entranced you, stronger than any incantation you could have concocted. For a while you thought it may have been possible that you were bewitched, as the feeling to protect him was the strongest you had ever felt in your life. But then when you realized that you wanted to feel his arms around you, that you wanted to be the source of all his happiness, well… you knew it was no spell.

Your mother had always told you, since you were a child, what this was. She had told you that no matter how well versed you were in magic, there was one competitor to which you stood no match. Love. She told you how it could be both your friend and foe, sometimes even simultaneously encompassing your greatest fears and wants in one. She warned you thoroughly how dangerous it could be; for even the wisest man would commit the most imprudent acts for love. People would do anything for love.

You had been conceived with love, and just look how you had turned out. A powerful force that commanded both respect and fear, and yet, enlaced in your confident movements were gentleness and compassion. You walked with purpose, but also stopped on the sidewalk to smell flowers from your neighbour’s garden. A whirlwind of fury and calm, contained in your nimble, quick witted soul.

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The End of an Era

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Pairing/Characters: Steve/Danny established relationship, but mostly focused on the Core Four friendship
Rating: G
Word Count: 1447
Notes: Set during the end of a fantasy season 8 where Chin and Kono are still present and Steve and Danny ended up together. Chin and Kono are leaving Hawaii, but not because of RL issues with the actors not getting paid enough. They’re going as the natural conclusion I imagined for the show based on this post. The McDanno stuff is mostly just because this fic is already wish fulfillment, so I decided to fulfill all of my wishes.

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Anon:  Can you please make a Draco Malfoy one shot where he asks (y/n) to be his girlfriend? Thank yooouuu

TITLE: Be Mine
AUTHOR: @wolf-of-azkaban07

It had been a tiring day. Monday’s usually were. You sighed as you walked into the Slytherin common room and sat yourself down on one of the leather couches. Small conversations between students scattered around the living space and the scratching of quills on parchment from students quickly finishing off essays, could also be heard. You had no intention of doing any homework today, lessons had been rather manic and very frustrating. You let your hair out of the pony tail it had been in all day, the ache in your head slowly fading. Setting your hairband down, you ruffed up your hair, probably making it more messy. You really couldn’t care less less though. 

Looking back up, you saw a certain blonde looking your way. Draco smirked when your eyes met with his, which led to him getting up and sitting next to you. Sitting quite close to you, you observed. 

 "Y/N" he greeted smoothly, resting his arm on the back of the couch, his expression the same. You mentally rolled your eyes but smiled nonetheless. 

“Malfoy” you replied same tone of voice. He’d been rather close to you in recent weeks. Close as in, whenever he and yourself were in the same room he’d always find a way to talk to you. Draco had studied with you on occasions and even some days he’d be rather, what was the phrase…touchy-feely. 

 You hadn’t seen Draco act this way before, especially to you. Yes you’d talk from time to time, but this year it seems that the both of you had been getting rather close. He’d even asked you out to Hogsmeade a couple times. Draco grinned at your reply, his hand sneaking closer to your shoulder. 

“Aren’t you usually in the library at this time Y/N? Slacking are we?” You turned slightly so your knees were now touching and you were face to face with him, his hand no longer inches from your shoulder. 

“I’m not slacking” you remarked, a serious tone in your voice “I’m just tired that’s all, Monday’s are busy. Aren’t you usually gossiping with your mates at this hour Malfoy? Feeling a little lonely?” Your sarcastic comment didn’t phase him whatsoever, instead a light chuckle escaped his lips 

“men don’t gossip, L/N, you should know that” You smiled

 "yes they do, especially you lot" your smile grew wider as you continued “I hear your conversations in the common room Malfoy, especially the ones about certain females” He chuckled once more 

“Some say it’s rude to listen in to people’s conversations” he replied, his voice quieter “and didn’t I tell you before” his hand was now resting on your knee, his thumb drawing patterns “call me Draco” You looked down at the action he was currently busying himself with, his hand now rising up to your thigh. You looked back up to Draco, not realising how much closer he now was. Light blush appearing on cheeks, Draco smirked at your reaction continuing his actions. You saw a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Anyway” he said softly, his hand that was once on your thigh, now at your hip “I think we both know, there’s only one lady that’s on my mind” Without actually paying attention to what you were doing, you leant your head on the back of the couch. You smiled at him, deciding to play along. You rest your hand on his leg making his facial expression flinch, only for a second, but you noticed. Your smile widened 

“who’s the lady that’s on your mind…Draco” He was quiet for minute, before he held your hand in yours,  his face centimetres apart now his voice nearly inaudible 

“you” Draco leaned in closer, your noses now touching. You were so caught up in his stormy grey eyes that when his lips touched yours you flinched. He smirked into the kiss and you gently responded, you hand other hand now resting on the back of his neck, fingers intertwined in his pale blonde hair. His other hand cupping cheek. You broke away first leaning your forehead against his, he slowly opened his eyes and smiled, a soft smile that’s a rare expression for Draco Malfoy.

 "Y/N" he muttered quietly against your lips “will you be my girlfriend?” You kissed him sweetly before replying “I’d love to, Draco”

a camping trip to remember / shawn mendes

a/n: this was requested by freedomandfleur! thank you for requesting and i hope i met your expectations. x

Lush, green trees surrounded the camp grounds where you would reside for the next two days. The hideous vomit green van your parents had rented specifically for this trip stuttered to a halt and Cameron killed the engine with a twist of the key. For a moment, the car was silent as everyone scoped out the area and took in the serene environment. 

The silence was broken when Matthew popped open the passengers side door and hopped out. “The party has arrived!” He whooped into the silent air. The trees and brush enveloped his loud voice and it fell quiet again. 

With a giggle, you pushed open the creaky door and watched as your all black Converse hit the ground with an almost silent thump. Shawn, one of your best friends, stepped out after you and shut the door. As you stepped toward the trunk to retrieve your things, a large hand was placed on the small of your back and when you tilted your head up, you saw that it was Shawn. 

He was smiling down at you and just that gave you butterflies. His hand felt like fire against your back, igniting every inch of your body, but you tried to ignore the way he made you feel. He was supposed to be your best friend and he sure as hell didn’t like you in the same way. 

Just as your hand gripped the bag that belonged to you, another hand reached for it at the same time. Immediately, you knew it was Shawn because he was always treating you like a queen – even though he wasn’t your boyfriend. Sometimes it irked you since you were quite capable of doing the simplest of things yourself, but he always insisted.

“Shawn,” you started with a warning tone in your voice, gazing into his coffee colored eyes. 

That smile that you could never resist slid onto his face as he slipped the bag out of your grasp. “I got it, muffin. Just stand and look pretty while I get my bag, alright?” 

You tried to mask the rosiness of your cheeks at the nickname and compliment by retaliating. “Can I carry your bag since–” 

“Nope.” Shawn popped the ‘p’ and carried both bags towards the spot you’d be camping out at. 

As Shawn walked away from you, you tried to bite back the smile that threatened to twitch at your lips. His shoulders looked broad from behind, his legs took the longest strides you’d ever seen, and it appeared as if he towered over everything at his 6′2 height. His black shirt was hiked up to the top of his jeans and you bit your lip to hold in a giggle from how good he looked.

Unfortunately, you were caught by Matt. His mouth went from a perfect ‘o’ to a mischievous grin. You felt the blood rushing to your face as he began hopping around while you stood, rooted to the spot. You knew your face looked like you’d just been caught reaching into the cookie jar before dinner time, but Matt had a big mouth. There was no way he wouldn’t broadcast that you’d been checking out your best friend. 

“You like Shaw–” Matt began to scream, but you drowned out his words when your hand smacked over his mouth. 

“Please, please don’t tell him,” you begged. 

Matt pulled your hand off his mouth and widened his brown eyes. “Why?! He obviously likes you too!”

That was news to you, but you didn’t believe it. 

“No he doesn’t!”

He put his hand on his hip. “Betch, please. Don’t even go there.”

You giggled and were swooped away by Lauren and Mahogany. They claimed that Cameron and Shawn challenged them by saying they could put up their tent quicker than them and needed your help.

With a challenging stare toward Shawn, you said, “You’re on, Mendes.”

And the race to put up tents began.

*  *  *  *  *  *

An hour had passed and you were sitting in the midst of a tent and objects that supposedly held it up. The instructions were held in Mahogany’s grasp with Lauren leaning over her shoulder, trying to decipher the Spanish words lining the page. You, however, were so sick of staring at the foreign words - thinking that if you looked long enough it would morph into English - but to no avail. 

Cameron, Shawn, and Matthew had better luck. Their tent was perfectly together and standing, ready to be unzipped and slept in. They had went out to gather wood for a fire when it got dark and by the time they got back, your tent was still deflated on the ground. The teasing from the boys was relentless by the second and you were so sick of hearing it that you picked up a stick, pretending it was a wand, and shouted spells repeatedly.

Obviously, the tent remained on the ground. 

Laughter was roaring in the air at your “magic wand.” Cameron and Matthew were saying things like, “You’re Shawn’s kinda girl” or “You two would be a magical couple. Get it?”

Your cheeks were done for and you silently cursed yourself for trying to be Hermione Granger. Shawn’s cheeks looked no different than yours and maybe his were even rosier. To change the subject, you tried to plead with the guys to help with the tent. 

“Can you guys please put this tent up?” You begged, sending them puppy eyes - mainly Shawn. 

The pouted lip and wide eyes was all it took for Shawn to break out in a small smile and blush. As he passed you to reach the tent, he lowered his lips to your ear. “Anything for you, muffin.”

All you could see was his back as he walked away from you again, leaving you with pink cheeks and weak knees. 

*  *  *  *  *  *

It had grown chilly outside and Shawn had offered you his flannel, which you had hanging off your petite frame. A fire was going and you sat in a lawn chair beside the crackling flames with Shawn to your right and Lauren to your left. Cam and Matt were telling ghost stories, trying their hardest to scare one of the girls, but it wasn’t possible when Matt had marshmallow hanging out of his mouth and on his chin. 

Shawn was strumming his guitar softly, occasionally laughing at his ridiculous friends. You were roasting marshmallows and munching away at the gooey goodness, just listening and laughing. Most of your attention was on Shawn who kept singing to himself and peeking at you often. 

With a smirk, you leaned forward in your chair and gazed at Cam and Matt from across the sparkling flames. “How about an actual ghost story?”

“Alright. Hit me with it,” Cam said, obviously challenging you. 

You twirled your marshmallow in the fire before beginning. “This man comes home after a late night at work. He enters the house to find all the lights off, as usual, and assumes his wife was asleep in bed. He doesn’t want to wake his wife, so he easily navigates his way to the bedroom and gets into bed with his lover.”

Matt yawns jokingly. “Come on, Y/N. This is weak.”

“Shes not finished, doofus,” Shawn exclaimed and sent a look to Matt, trying to silence him. 

He raised his hands up in surrender, grinning slyly at you. With rosy cheeks and a smile, you continued the story. 

“The man holds his wife close and eventually falls asleep. A couple hours later, he wakes up in an empty bed as well as dried blood where she laid before,” You glance up to see your friends completely engaged and you giggle. “He panics and gets up to follow the blood footprints on the floor, but just as he’s at the door, he decides to scope out the room. On the wall is his mutilated wife, nailed up behind where he slept. Painted on the wall beside her in blood reads, ‘Thanks for holding me, but maybe next time you should turn on a light when you come in.’”

Crackling fire is all you hear when the last word left your mouth. As you glance around the circle, the expression on their faces was clear.

They were all scared. 

“Well,” you said as you rose from the lawn chair with a grin, “I’m off to bed!”

“You’re just going to go to bed after that?” Cam cried after your retreating figure. 

“Yup!” You called over your shoulder, “Why? Are you too scared to sleep and cuddle with Matt now?”

“Oh my god. Don’t even say that!” Matt yelped. 

Your shoulders shook from laughter and you laughed until you reached your tent and went inside for the night. After shimmying into a pair of sweats and tying your hair into a knot on top of your head, you burrowed yourself into the cocoon of blankets you’d created. 

Approximately five or ten minutes of you staring at the top of the tent passed until it was suddenly unzipped and Shawn crawled in with you. He stopped you from speaking just as you parted your lips by covering them with his own. 

The sound of your heartbeat was pounding in your ears, the temperature of your cheeks was over a hundred degrees, and every one of your senses was filled with Shawn. His lips danced with your own as his hands rested on your hips, while your fingers buried themselves into his hair. 

Air was failing you and much to your dismay, you had to part from Shawn. His forehead rested against yours as both of you drank in the intimacy that lingered in the air. 

Shawn’s lips tickled the skin on your neck before he stopped at your ear. “Holding these feelings for you in has been killing me and you have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to kiss you breathless. I love you so much and everything about you intoxicates me and I want you. I want you to be mine, forever until the day I die.”

His breath was hot against your already sticky skin from his close proximity. Your heart felt like it was going to explode out of your chest because what you had been dreaming about was coming true. Tears were gathering in your eyes rapidly, but happy giggles filled the air as well. Not to mention the way Shawn was looking at you with such adoration, which only made you cry and giggle a bit harder.

“I’m yours, Shawn. I always have been,” you murmured through tears as his large hands wiped them away and kissed your face. 

A smile grew on his face, lighting up his eyes. Shawn wrapped his arms around you and your head landed on his shoulder as both of you laid under the blankets together. 

You couldn’t stop giggling for the rest of the night and Shawn couldn’t stop smiling down at you as he held his world in his arms. 

a/n: omg the last line. shoot me for writing that plz

It Only Takes One Time (Part 20)

Hey so I wrote this while half asleep but I didn’t want to leave ya’ll with nothing so here, next chap will be better.

Warnings: Swearing, may be a bit emo 

Part 19

Hospitals are such conflicting places to be. One moment you could easily be excited because perhaps new life is brought into the world or you find out a loved one is health and/or cured of a terminal illness.

In cases like mine, the hospital will drain the life out of you. Sleeping wasn’t an option seeing that I wouldn’t be able to calm my mind down enough and let myself relax. My only safe haven was Dan’s hand that lazily rested with mine. It was an act of comfort for both of us. Both of didn’t want to feel like we were alone, so we weren’t going to let that happen.

We both told Catherine and Phil to go home. They both had things to attend the next day so it only seemed fit that they get rest. They didn’t like it, but they did anyways.

 “Did you call your parents?” Dan mumbled. Unlike me, his eyes were hooded and he was on the brink of falling asleep. I knew he was sleepy and I told him he could sleep on my lap, but he refused. He said that unless he fell asleep on accident, he would stay awake.

“I left a message. Its 2am so they’re sleeping.” I sighed and moved my eyes from Dan up to the ceiling. I was in a whirl. “Did you call yours?”

“Yeah. I talked to my mum. She wants to drive up again but I told her it’s probably best to stay, just in case this whole thing isn’t that bad.” Dan explained, but I just wasn’t able to focus on his words.  I acknowledged that he was speaking but whatever he said went in through one ear and out the other.

We stayed silent.

His hand slightly squeezed mine and his upper body was slouching at a whole new level. Dan didn’t have terrible posture at all, but his body language was really showing how tired he was.

“He’s going to be okay,” Dan whispered under his breath. I really wasn’t sure if he was talking more to me, or to himself.

 “It’s so crazy to think about how one year ago we didn’t even know each other.” I looked off into the direction of the hallway where they were currently treating my son. I stared just at one spot where there was portable table with a bunch of different medical supplies.

“One year ago it was hard to imagine what it’s actually like to care so much for something. I used to think my computer was the most important thing in my life, now? I would rather watch all of my damn computers explode than think something bad might happen to Liam.” Dan’s voice cracked towards the end of his tiny speech, and that just made my eyes dwell up with tears again.

“One year ago if you would’ve asked me whether or not I wanted kids, I don’t know what I would’ve said.” I closed my eyes and squeezed Dan’s hand once more. It felt good that we were at least able to be here together.

“It’s funny because of how you never even wanted Liam once you were pregnant.” Dan said, his words almost completely slurred together from his lack of energy.

“What do you mean?” I opened my eyes again and faced Dan. At the same time, I noticed the same nurse from earlier talking to a doctor and both kept looking back at us.

“I mean that for awhile, between us I was the one that actually even really wanted Liam. You had no choice after because you were pregnant,” Dan’s voice sounded hoarse and it was monotone. He’d kept the same tone throughout and stared at his lamp with no expression. I couldn’t help but feel offended. I wasn’t sure where all of this shit he was saying was coming from, but I didn’t like it. “Even though I wasn’t sure, part of me felt like I was going to be a single dad.”

Sure, I wasn’t always in the best state of mind while I was pregnant. A 23 year old who happens to be very unexpectedly pregnant, isn’t exactly always in a good mood. I was unhappy because not only was I now being guided into a life I wanted to wait a little while longer to have, I was in love with a taken man.

Even after the conversation Dan and I had months ago when he told me he wanted a chance at being a good father, he still apparently couldn’t understand that none of this was easy on me. So many times I’d poured my heart out to him, but I always ended up being mad at him.

Why was it like this? Why was it so hard for us to just remain happy, even if it’s just for a few days?

“You don’t know shit about what was going through my head.” I slid my hand out of his and immediately crossed my arms. As soon as I did so, Dan sat up and rubbed his eyes. Although he still looked tired, he now looked more alarmed.

“I didn’t say I did-“  Dan looked like reality had taken a fish and slapped him with it.

 “Yeah? Well don’t talk about things like you know. Liam may have your last name, but that’s only because I let you have that. He’s just as much mine as he is yours, and you were never there when I had good days during my pregnancy. In fact, you were the reason I was so angry. I’m still angry at you.” I shook my head. “And I thought that after all we went through, you finally understood that we’ve been a team since the day I decided to give you a chance.” I stood up, and now the nurse from earlier was making her way back down the dark hallway.

“I don’t even know why I said that,” Dan stated, standing up along with me. He was so tall so he was towering over me. This made it so hard to look away from him, because even when I was made, I still wanted to indulge in his beauty. “I’m just so stressed about everything and I’m so tired…” Dan reached his arm forward to grab my hand once more but I rejected him by simply stepping back.

“No. Because if you managed to say something so horrible regarding me and my child-“

 “Ours,” Dan jumped in, shutting his eyes and gulping back. His Adams apple bobbed in his throat, and while it was still attractive, I didn’t want to look at him anymore.

“Regarding Liam. Some part of you honestly still believes it, if you deemed it worthy for me to know.” I grabbed my purse and made my way around him. “I’m going to walk around. Stay here.”

“You can’t be so hurt by this. It’s not like I just walked away from you when something shitty happens.  I poured my heart out to you earlier and I’m still here after you said nothing.” His voice sounded more desperate and needy. Once again, he was acting like he knew what he was talking about.

“Just because I haven’t said anything with my voice, doesn’t mean I haven’t answered.” I turned around for a brief second. “But thank you for giving me a moment alone with you and making me feel as if we had a chance. After the last 10 minutes though, I’m now sure of something I was trying to avoid for months.” I looked down at my boot covered feet and let out a vacant chuckle. “You and Marie have never been more perfect for each other.”

I shouldn’t have said that. But I still did anyways, and there was no going back.

Dan puffed up his chest and didn’t say anything. Instead, he stared at me with disbelief. This was my form of rejection, and he knew it. Saying he was perfect for Marie, meant that he was the match for someone I would never be able to say good things about. His stone cold gaze turned into sadness and it washed him out completely. Apparently, I still wasn’t satisfied. He was hurt, but yet I needed to say one more thing before I could turn away from him.

 “I really liked your letters by the way. Thanks for disproving everything you wrote,” With one last glance, I turned on my heel and walked away.

Crazy, Sick Love (Nogitsune!Stiles Imagine)

You pull the knife out of the side of his stomach, watching as his eyes rolled back into his head.
“Nice work.” You turn around to see a pale teen who looked like he hadn’t slept in days. Even though he didn’t look familiar, you would always be able to recognize his uneassy stillness, the calm, steady tone to his voice. This pale, scrawny boy was now the host to the Nogitsune, the same one whom you had come to love.
“I didn’t think I would see you again.” You reply, your eyes immediatly shifting to the body of the man you just stabbed, who was now groaning loudly. You kicked him in the same spot you stabbed him, silencing him immediatly. “And you picked an attractive host this time.”
“It’s been too long, my dear Y/N. How long ago was it? A century or two? Anyway, how have you spent your time? Seducing young men?”
“You know you’re the only one I love.” You reply, staring as a smirk starts to grow on the Nogitsune’s face.
“That’s not what I asked.” He says, taking a step closer to you as you lower your knife.
“Of course I’ve slept with other people. You can’t expect a girl to wait a century. I’ve got needs too.” Your own lips shift into a flirty smirk, closing the gap between you and him.
He lowers his head, both of your lips meeting as you kiss roughly, your bodies pressing together. Neither of you could get enough of each other. You both were demons, having first met back in Ancient Greece. Ever since then, you both had fallen in love, in your own sick way. No one seemed to understand it, saying that two monsters could never love anything, let alone each other. But it had always worked out, both of you eventually making your way back to each other, always in different bodies.
“You know, I would really like to test this body out, it’s still pretty new for me.” the Nogitsune whisperes in your ear, his hands travelling down your back, his long fingertips grazing your butt.
“Thought you’d never ask.” You say, devouring his lips again as you begin to pull of his plaid shirt.

(A/N) Hope you guys enjoy! This one is alot darker than the rest, but what do you expect from the Nogitsune? Please remember to leave feedback and remember to leave in prompts for future imagines!