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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Sometimes, usually when there’s mostly first years around, and the riddle the eagle asks if really difficult, the older ravenclaws will just start talking about Voldemort. They start asking the eagle knocker questions back, like “could Tom Riddle just walk in because he WAS a riddle?” Or “Was him being a riddle make a double negative at this door, because at this point all riddles are negative.” And “Is that why he became so evil? Because he couldn’t answer the riddle that was HIMSELF?” And sometimes the older students get so far fetched with their questions that the knocker just let’s them in based on their ability to expand on a small thought.

Am I the only one who hated Ward Meachum for the first couple episodes then somehow his problematic, conflicted, drive into madness, got me really into liking him, and hoping that he redeems himself if Iron Fist gets a next season (OR IN FANFICS). Lol, I love the problematic characters!

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