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  • Connie:I was walking through the halls and I bumped into this kid and I accidentally beat him up!
  • Steven:I had to watch someone lose their sanity, watch someone fall into the nothingness of space, and watch as one of my mom's old friends die right in front of me. And then I learned I can't even trust my own perception of my mother! Oh, and all of that wouldn't have happened if I weren't here.
  • Connie:
  • Steven:
  • Connie:Just think about it and it'll get better! It worked for me!!!

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ey yo can ur ma get a request in? its v specific bc im a Self Insert Slut(tm). Tfp starscream, mtmte rodimus and rung (not poly), and rid15 thunderhoof: their female s/o was spotting for a week and complaining about it and then suddenly her period kicks into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE and gets heavy and she's cramping and in A Lot Of Pain. How do they react/try to help? Also you're doing v well w/ the blog im proud of u <3

i was wondering when you’d make an appearance lmAO. if you guys aren’t following @itsthesinbin then you should be, she helped me and encouraged me to start this blog!! she is a Dear Friend of mine who deserves your love. for the sake of keeping me sane, lets assume the bots understand what periods are. so sit back and enjoy, because now she wants me to write about her menstrual cycle.

Starscream (TFP), Rodimus, Rung (MTMTE), Thunderhoof (RiD15) 

  • Starscream would get annoyed that you wouldn’t shut up about your body all week. Yeah, he’s had aches and pains before, he’s had limbs ripped off before, and you don’t hear him complaining about his wounds all the time (yes you do, you totally do.) He thinks it’s all a grasp for attention, but then when your period hits, he’s suddenly concerned and has no idea what to do. If he was listening to you, he might have heard you ask for pain pills or maybe a trip to the doctor’s office. But now, he’s got a bleeding, suffering woman in his arms and has to “take care” of her until it’s over.

  • Rodimus wouldn’t really understand, but would probably be concerned to see that you were spotting. He’d (gladly, to get out of work) put you on the top of his priority list, and then speed around between the medibay and your hab suite and get you anything you need. Now that there’s a human on the ship, Rodimus is sure to pick up feminine products along with any supplies they need from planets and some sweets to make you feel better. He isn’t sure which you needed, so he buys pretty much all of them. Rodimus comes prepared. 

  • While you were spotting, Rung would lay you down on his patients’ table and have you think about the feeling of your period. He asks you to describe what the feeling of a cramp is. The feeling of rushing blood. The aches and the sores and the cold and the heat. You think that it’s stupid that he’s making you do this, but he knows (and perhaps you, too) that its for your own good. Next thing you know, later that day, your period comes in and kicks you in the stomach. You had, mentally, convinced your body to commence your period just by thinking about what it felt like. Congratulations, you played yourself.

  • Thunderhoof would be like Starscream. Just shut up and deal with it, because I love you but I’m busy and I don’t have time for your repetitive complaints. Needless to say, you’re put aside again by the Decepticon cause. But when your period comes around and destroys you, Thundergoof over here feels awful. He can see the pain that you’re in even if he can’t experience it, but he’ll do his best to juggle your needs with Steeljaw’s. He eventually forgets Steeljaw and the ‘Cons and comes to your side to apologize and help you for the duration of your period.

I can totally recognize McReyes as toxic in its earlier years, especially when you take into account the age difference and the supierior/teacherXsubordinate/student aspect of it. And while that might change depending on your headcanons and how the relationship and characters developed in later years (when McCree is older and maybe less of a direct subordinate), there can and might still be some toxicity (just like there can be for any Reyes ship depending on your own headcanons).

But I’m a 23 year old adult who is vary aware that these are fictional people, that I am allowed to explore this concept in a safe and fictional setting, and that I would never condone any of the toxic aspects in real life.

And because of these things, posting your negativity in the tags and telling everyone all the reasons it’s a toxic ship, isn’t gonna make me stop shipping it.

Sorry but I’ve dealt with that crusade before and it didn’t stop me then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Idky u had to be rude to that person. How do u know that they were even aware that u have published books? U could've have explained that a bit more kindly.

i’ve answered that question a million times as to why i take it seriously that people claim my work as their own, and the link to my published books is in the very first line of my description. pardon me for getting ever so slightly aggravated for explaining the same things over and over. i have no patience for it anymore. also, it’s not just the fact that they may or may not have known i have published books. it’s the fact that they basically said my job wasn’t an actual job, despite not knowing anything about me and barely knowing anything about what i do. call me rude as much as you want but when people don’t let me take my job seriously, i’m gonna get irritated.

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We already know how much bigger a Diamond is compared to a Pearl. But what is the size comparison of a regular gem to the Diamond Fusion?

I headcanon Microsoft/Ultimate Diamond as 125 feet (38.1 meters) tall.

For a visual, you can go to, type in 125 feet, and see just how tall that is in comparison to a 6ft/1.8m person…(or whatever height you put in)

(I got 125 feet/38.1 meters by adding up my headcanon heights for the Diamonds: 25ft/7.6m for Jack, Jon, and Barry, and 50ft/15.2m for Felix. You can headcanon them as whatever height, though! It’s just my personal take on them.)

Age and Gender

I have noticed that so many times a 15 year old boy comes home at 8 or 9 and it’s completely okay. A 13 year old boy plays in the rain and it’s completely okay. But when a 15 year old girl comes at 8-9 she is bashed because it’s “dangerous”. When a 13 year old girl wishes to go play in the rain she’s “too old”, she’s “too mature” for that. So many parents tell their children to cover up,etc. but not many focus on the fact that their son is out their staring at girls chest, raping them,etc.

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I know I’ve done one of these not too long ago, but since I have a few new followers, I’ll just do it again— so hit the like button for a random starter. I will try to make then vary as much as possible and no, they won’t be lengthy. so they can become lengthy, if anything— anyways. this is not only for my new followers, of course ! and you can either drop your aim or add me.. @i.diot !!! I am not there right now because I am focusing on what I have to do around here, but yeah— feel free to add me. 

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I am in no way trying to sound mean or accusatory (though I am hoping to beat others to the question who might be less nice), but why did you not test the parents' genetics before mating them?

Because I felt there was no reason to, no one has before and I haven’t heard of problems linked to genetics literally until I had my clutch. No one talks about it, no one makes people aware that things like that happen. Sketchy people will hide the fact that their snakes genetics are weak, so no one ever talks about it and then sells their baby snakes to breed.