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Hello may i please have a Headcanon for how a probopass and a Golisopod would get along on the same team?

Sure thing, yo! :D

* These two would get along very well with each other. Both of them being generally mild and calm pokemon, they’re able to befriend each other pretty easily.

* Since Probopass can’t be anywhere near anything electronic without frying it, it can feel a bit out of place sometimes. It can’t even go in a house without messing up a device. Golisopod will notice this and doesn’t mind at all spending time with the Probopass so that it doesn’t feel left out.


Yes, Jiyong. This song makes me feel the same way.

Seriously, if you write poetry on tumblr give yourself some massive credit for that cause everyone on here is so talented??? and it take guts to put yourself out there so congrats cause I think your work is inCREDIBLE??? the amount of talent on this website is overwhelmingly awesome so if you’re feeling a bit unsure of yourself take this as a reminder that you are awesome purely for even writing it, let alone posting it, cause you are! 

Ahhh I just love! poetry! so much! 

HC where when someone is over at Kaneki’s place and they have to use the bathroom they notice he has 2 toothbrushes and remember that Kaneki lives alone and they ask him, “Why do you use two toothbrushes?” and Kaneki goes, “Oh one belongs to Hide.” and the same thing with Hide, “Yo, Nagachika. You got a girlfriend that stays over often?” (referring to the 2nd toothbrush) Hide replies, “Something like that. Blue toothbrush is Kaneki’s, the pink one is mine.”

They need one after all the dirtiness the night before ayyyyyyy B)