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Yesterday, @natsustarrevolution sent me this pic while we were talking:

And, suddenly I remembered this another pic (yes, I and my habit of connecting everything with Mamo lol):

Then I said: “Hey, this pic could work too!!!!!” and Natsu approved my idea. Next step, asking my bf that he do the same meme with his meme app. And these are the results:

Pfff at the beginning he was like… “wtf?” but I know that he likes Mamo as seiyuu (yes my dear bf, you can’t trick me lol) and he did two versions (he asked me for his credits too) XDDD Oh God!!! How we three laughed hahahahah XD So, I just wanted to share it here with all Mamo fans, I think this meme is perfect!!!  (*≧▽≦)ノシ))


I love him. 

Why tumblr really stresses me out

Grab a snack my friends

Hey all so I don’t know if you remember me but hi I’m Taylor aka Patrick Kane’s wife aka kanerily aka kaner lily. I joined hockey tumblr last November and it was so fun don’t get me wrong!!! I loved making and sharing great memories with so many other amazing people who enjoyed the same team and sport as me. It honestly made my first season as a full time hockey fan lit af. And while I had so much fun back then, when I was blogging a lot, I had this mindset that I was 10x more important on here than I actually was. Basically I had a huge ass ego and it kinda ruined tumblr for me. I put so much pressure on myself to always get a certain number of likes and reblogs and if I didn’t I would get so upset. Like wtf!!!! Grow up Taylor!! I made gifs a lot last season but I would literally only focus on the fame aspect. It was like “I better get at least 200 notes on this.” I put all of my self worth into a fucking number. Looking back on it I’m like wtf!!! And I focused so much on my follower count and the number of notes I got that whenever a gif-able opportunity came up (whether it was during a game or an interview) I would literally drop EVERYTHING and make those gifs and post them in 0.28 seconds just so I could be the first person to make those gifs and get all the notes!!!! Evil I know!! But what were the consequences of that? Well for one, my gifs sucked ass. Like I literally don’t know why people liked/reblogged. maybe out of pity. And second, I never got my school work done. I would spend all my time making stupid gifs for tumblr so I can get notes and feel important and worth something. And because of that I would procrastinate my school work, never study, and then got shitty grades. It was a vicious cycle my friends. And third, if a different blogger got to it before me I would literally be so salty for the next 267 days because they got all fame for it. I’m like “AHHH that could have been me:))” Tumblr stressed me out so much last year because I always put these immense expectations on myself. I needed to be the best and the quickest and the most famous. That was all I wanted. And that mindset is awful!!!! I do not recommend!!! This season things are gonna change. I’m still gonna make gifs because it’s really fun and I enjoy cute videos of cute hockey players. But I’m not gonna stress about being the first person to gif a certain video. If it happens then great, if not, no biggy. I’m not gonna make gifs for anyone besides myself. And if I’m not proud of it I’m not gonna post it. I wanna share the best content possible on my blog because it’s an amazing creative outlet for me. But I just need to stop taking it so seriously. Just breathe. I need to stop worrying about being the best or the funniest or the prettiest and just be ME. Do what I want, make the things I want and if people like it, great!!! And if they don’t, who the fuck cares?????? If I like it and I’m happy that is all that matters. yeet

Coffee drinking habits can be written in our DNA, study finds

Researchers have identified a gene that appears to curb coffee consumption.  

People with a DNA variation in a gene called PDSS2 tend to drink fewer cups of coffee, the study found.

Experts say the findings suggest that the gene reduce the ability of cells to breakdown caffeine, causing it to stay in the body for longer.

This means that a person would not need to consume as much coffee to get the same caffeine hit, the team says.

The findings add to previous studies that have identified genes linked to coffee habits and shed new light on the biological mechanisms of caffeine metabolism.

Researchers looked at genetic information from 370 people living in a small village in south Italy and 843 people from six villages in north-east Italy.

Each of the study participants was asked to complete a survey that included a question about how many cups of coffee they drank each day.

The team found that people with the DNA variation in PDSS2 tended to consume fewer cups of coffee than people without the variation. The effect was equivalent to around one fewer cup of coffee per day on average.

The researchers replicated the study in a group of 1731 people from the Netherlands. The result was similar but the effect of the gene on the number of cups of coffee consumed was slightly lower.

This could be because of the different styles of coffee that are drunk in the two countries, the researchers say. In Italy, people tend to drink smaller cups such as espresso whereas in the Netherlands the preference is towards larger cups that contain more caffeine overall.

The study was conducted at the Universities of Edinburgh and Trieste, the Burlo Garofolo Pediatric Institute in Italy, the Erasmus Medical Center and PolyOmica, a data analysis company based in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Researchers from the Italian coffee company Illy also participated in the project though the company did not offer financial support. The study is published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Dr Nicola Pirastu, a Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh’s Usher Institute, said: “The results of our study add to existing research suggesting that our drive to drink coffee may be embedded in our genes. We need to do larger studies to confirm the discovery and also to clarify the biological link between PDSS2 and coffee consumption.”


“All of God’s children wear the same jersey/”

-Dieter F. Uchtdorf