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If it helps you feel any better i was volunteering at a children's festival at the face painting booth and after i finished painting a kid's face her mom said thank you and i tried to say "youre welcome." But half way through saying it my brain decided to say "no problem" so in the end i ended up saying "youre problem".

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The Black Envelope

This will post function as a masterlist once more scenarios of this series are posted


On their 14th birthday, each person gets an envelope. The envelope is made of thick paper folded to perfection and most importantly - it’s black. It contains the name, information, and photo of the receiver’s a future spouse and soulmate who they are to be married to according to the law.

But while the origin of each black envelope is the same, they lead to a different story each time… And in the end, each story leads to another.

The Parts in Order of Having Been Posted + the Next One To Be Posted:

Part ONE: AWKWARD // Oh Sehun

He was your best friend until you received a fateful letter. Now Sehun is all but desperate to regain your affection and so his friends decide to help.

Part TWO: PUPPY LOVE // Kim Jongin

Jongin’s envelope is still lost in the mail. Yet, you looked at him as if he was the cutest puppy in existence and that was all he needed.

Part THREE: FORGET ME // Kim Joonmyeon

You knew he was the one from the moment you met him. To him, a friend was all you were and would ever be.

Part FOUR: LETTERS OF LOVE // Do Kyungsoo

Who knew it was possible to fall in love with someone through letters?

Park FIVE: SELFISH // Park Chanyeol

A rebel by nature, Chanyeol is the leader of a revolution. He has never opened his envelope and, on the day of the parade, he’s in for a surprise.

Part SIX: FORGET ME NOT // Kim Minseok

If he was the only one to remember, were they your shared memories, to begin with?


On his 25th birthday, Baekhyun realized that the most beautiful love stories have bittersweet endings.

Part EIGHT: Married to the Cat // Kim Jongdae

Become friends with the cat, she said. Become a cat, he said.

Part NINE: My Pride // Zhang Yixing

He offered you a sweet smile, “I’m willing to put my pride aside for your happiness.”

Fool’s Gold | Epilogue | Harry Styles PT AU


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Listen To Thinking Bout You Dua Lipa
Like poison coursing through me
So clear my vision is blurred
The haze won’t put my mind at ease
I’ve been sleeping later, I’ve been breathing stronger
I’ve been digging deeper but the memories won’t stop

Word Count 1.6k (it’s an epilogue) 

‘Shit.’ Olivia’s heart was beating like thunder, she felt like she was going to be sick and in the next second she had her head over the toilet and was expelling her morning coffee. It tasted like acid and it burned. She looked back to her hands, they were shaking and with that so was the white stick in her fingers. The white stick with the two blue lines.

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Unpopular not glitter, flamingos, pineapples or eyelashes post ahead. But reality isn’t all sunshine and rainbows so… I am beyond disgusted with the acts of brutality against black lives in this country. It seems like it’s always the same story but a different name and it needs to end. There’s so much more to be said, enough to fill an encyclopedia, but I’ll just leave this here. Stop this shit. Now.
And if this post bothers you: either keep scrolling or unfollow. I am a black woman. If you have a problem with me interrupting glitter and sequin time to address a real issue in my community then there is no place for you here. My block button is ready for any ignorant foolishness. ✋🏾

Commandos (p.2)

Summary: Bucky and the reader reunite after 60 years. This time, it isn’t in the 40s. (CATWS)

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Violence, there’s like one kiss okay.

A/N: Hii. This is a part two to Commandos. Read here if you haven’t read it yet.
Also, part one was based from CATFA, so this part is gonna be based from CATWS with a little CW reference

Italics = flashbacks.

Drops of snow skid down your coat as you walked up the steep hill of the mountain. Heading to the two wires that hung above, you snuck your hands into the pockets of your coat, adjusting your hat as you followed the commandos in front of you.

Taking down the Red Skull was a bit of a challenge. Peggy and Steve insisted on leaving you back at the base, but you, being stubborn did not want to get left behind while your friends fought. The mission had been planned for months. Ever since Hydra captured you and Bucky, Steve had wanted to get revenge on Red Skull for taking his friends from him, and you appreciated that.

As the group of Howling Commandos reached the top, they met the view of the all white landscape that looked out in front of them. You examined the view as the others looked for the running train that was about to pass by any time soon.

You met Bucky’s side.

“Take me with you.” You said, tugging his arm to get his attention. He looked down at you, softly smiling as if he knew that it was his last day on earth.

“You know I can’t do that, doll.” He said, turning to face you now. “You know how dangerous this could be. He’s after the three of us and I don’t want you getting hurt.”

Time passed since you and Bucky had that little scene at the base. After that incident, you and him started seeing each other, technically gaining a relationship. The both of you didn’t have much down time. Dates consisted of shooting hydra agents in the head, hot make out sessions in the back of the jeeps as dry blood was still splattered on your uniforms. You enjoyed it. At least the two of you, along with Steve were together.

“We’ve been on many missions with each other, James.” You replied. “This one isn’t so different.”

“Feels pretty off to me.” He shrugged and sighed. “Look, just let us do our part for now, alright? Commander needs a break after what she’s been through from the past year.” He winked.

You shook your head smiling. You heard your fellow commandos talking in the background. They saw the train approaching and were getting ready to slide off the wires.

“Promise me an actual date when you get back, alright soldier?” You asked, placing both of your hands around his neck, pulling him closer. “That’s an order.”

He nodded, placing a warm kiss on your lips. “You got it.” He smiled. Before he could join the group, you joined him and walked with him to Steve. You took off your baseball cap and placed it into Bucky’s jacket pocket.

You watched as each soldier stepped off the ledge and jumped, swinging off and jumping onto the moving train.

“Good luck, boys!” You waved. Your smile fell as you saw them all disappear into thick snow.

Then, it was all blank.

Here you were now, sitting at a glass table in front of numerous files of mission briefings and such.

The year was 2014. 50 years after the whole incident. Half of your friends were dead by now. Probably in their late 90s. You, on the other hand now, are aging like fine wine. Thanks to that blue ‘shit’ they injected into your veins when they found you laying on the ground, you were 98 but looked 28.

From the small amount of memory you had left, here is what you had remembered:

The mountain. Goodbyes to your Howling Commandos on one of their last missions. Then, it all went blank. It went blank for what seemed like hours, maybe days until you saw light again. Your body ached. You didn’t know what happened, but all you could remember was the smell and visual of this blue stuff, super-soldier serum, Steve called it, was now running through your veins.

He told you that Hydra tried getting at you again. After they froze you, Fury found you after years and took you to S.H.I.E.L.D. There, you reunited with Steve. They tried wiping out your memory, only getting to certain amounts of your brain, but some pieces were still gone.

You now were an ex-sniper and commander of WWII’s Howling Commandos, and here you are: A highly trained S.H.I.E.L.D Agent and assassin. 2 years.

Peggy would’ve been proud. Would’ve been. It was your dream to become an agent, especially at S.H.I.E.L.D, the project Peggy co-founded. When you earned the title, you weren’t rejoicing. Happiness didn’t flow through your body. It was just an ‘eh, whatever’ moment.

“Agent (Y/L/N), good to see you up and early.” a voice called from behind you.

You adjusted your sweater, turning in your chair to meet the person who called. It was Natasha.

You met Nat two years ago, when you and Steve had built up your friendship again, helping each other reminisce about the past, and talk about the future. You were introduced to the red head, also called Black Widow, and easily bonded with her. The two of you shared common interests. Rifles, chocolate, knives, red lipstick, lasers and dancing, along with a bit of whiskey here and there.

“Yeah, couldn’t sleep.” You shrugged, holding up your files to reveal pictures of you from the 30s and 40s. “Still pretty weird to me after, what, two years now?” You chuckled.

“I don’t blame you. Steve was like that, too. I know where he gets it from.” She smiled, joining your spot on the chairs. She held up a file. A file that you had wanted to avoid.

You deeply sighed, turning to the files in her hands, you took two of the pictures in your hands.

“Charmer, wasn’t he?” She smiles softly. They were pictures of Bucky. Your Bucky. You learned that Hydra captured him while he was on the train, wiping his memory and turning him into a weapon, loosing his arm in the process. It was like yours and his stories were part of the same plot but with different ending.

You only remembered certain parts about him. Only knowing that he was a pain in the ass when you first met him, and he was good with the rifle. It was sad, since that was the only things you knew.

“If only I knew.” You said, holding the picture of Bucky with his uniform on. You compared it to the one in your other hand. The picture was of him strapped to a chair. His hair was longer, a piece of metal was on the corner of his arm, slightly peaking out as his sad eyes bore into the shot.

The door opened, revealing Steve, Fury, and Sam, the newest recruit.

“You were a charmer too, (Y/N).”

Steve joked, standing in front of you and Natasha. You smiled, standing up to give him a tight hug.

“That I know.” You laughed. “So, what’s going on today?”

“Hunting down this Winter Soldier guy, of course.” Fury said, skimming through his files.

“How would we be able to do that?” Sam asked. “You guys have been hunting this dude down for how many years? Still haven’t caught the bastard.”

“We’ll try our luck. Right now, we’re getting our asses in the car.” Steve said. “Sitwell is coming with us.”

“Will we even fit in that Audi?” You questioned, pulling a jacket over your sweater. You walked to the weapons stationary, grabbing a few small weapons here and there. Knives, pocket-bombs and a few others. Natasha got her handguns and placed them in her holders. You doing the same.

The five of you walked out to the garages and met Jasper. Sam drove the black Audi while Steve accompanied him in the passenger seat. You sat in the middle of Sitwell and Natasha as Sam drove out.

“How you feeling, Agent?” Steve asked, looking at you through the mirror. He gave you a reassuring smile.

“Never been better.” You said, sarcastically. “I’ve always wanted to fight Barnes. Just..Not like this.” You chuckled.

“You guys are gross.” Sam said, shaking his head. You rolled your eyes.

“Not in that way. I remember I hated him back then. Cocky son of a bitch, he was.” You smiled. “Steve being the one to always tell us to get along like siblings. We did the opposite one day. Bonded like lovers, I guess, but that’s not the point.” Your smile faltered. When you would be face to face with him after all these years, would you remember him? Would he remember you?

Natasha saw the change in demeanor and knew it was a touchy subject. “So, Steve. That receptionist..” She smirked.

Steve shook his head. “Not really my type.” He said.

Natasha had been trying to fix Steve up with a new girl now. You appreciated that; her somewhat taking your place as his wingman/friend while you were busy wrestling around. Anyone but Sharon Carter, you thought.

Sam approached the freeway. Cars were speeding on the sides and chaos broke out. “What’s happening?” You asked.

Just then, the car window broke. Sitwell yelled out as he was dragged out by an arm.Everyone looked up and saw a man dressed in all black on the car roof. You and Natasha shielded your eyes with your arms. She climbed out into the front seat, kicking Sam along the way.

“What do we do?” You yelled, taking your seatbelt off and climbing on the console.

“Hold on.” Steve warned. Sam pushed you onto of Natasha as she clung onto Steve and the car door. Just then, the door broke and the four of you were sent flying out onto the freeway. Chaos was already happening as you guys got up. Everyone ran out of their cars and scrambled.

“We have to split up.” Sam said.

“Is that him?” You asked. Steve and Natasha were ducked under his shield.

“Yeah. Split up. Now.” Natasha yelled. You nodded. We’re dying today.

“Sam, I hope you brought those wings of yours!” You yelled through coms as you jumped off of the ledge of the freeway, landing on your feet as you ran straight, trying to clear out civilians from getting in the way.

“Who do you think I am?” He replied.

“Get out of the way!” you heard Natasha yell. She was on your left as you were on the right of the path where cars were blocking in numerous paths.

“Anyone have eyes on Rogers?” You asked, ducking behind a bus. You got out your guns and started aiming at the man on the bridge, crouching as he saw you. You cursed under your breath. He can hear your coms. “We’re gonna have to abandon our coms, guys.” You whispered.

Natasha was about to question your actions, but you crushed the earpiece in your hand, throwing it to the ground.

Steve appeared at your side, ducking you behind his shield as bullets were raining on the red, white and blue shield. “Be careful,” He said. “His guns have repulsers. Touch them and you explode.” You nodded, ducking behind a car. Natasha was shot in the shoulder as you looked behind you. Her back was facing you and all you could see was her red hair sticking out. You crouched down next to a tire. Where the hell is this guy.

As if reading your thoughts, you heard a loud bang above your head. The backs of black combat boots met your gaze as you slowly looked up.

Winter Soldier.

You closed your mouth, afraid that he’ll hear your breathing. He pointed a gun to the car Natasha was behind, but when he saw that she wasn’t there, he lowered his weapon. You slowly turned back, hitting the wall as you wanted to get a head start on your run. You attacked the soldier to the floor, his weapon rolling opposite of him as he was sat below your body.

You and him wrestled for what seemed like hours. The repetition of punch, kick, jab, swing was your strategy at the moment. You didn’t want to shoot him now. Not yet. The two of you got to your feet, now at hand to hand combat.

“(Y/N)!” Steve yelled. You turned around and the Winter Soldier was now fighting Steve. Joining them, you kicked at the soldier’s feet, sending him tumbling. You grabbed one of the guns that fell from his holsters, and stood up.

“No, (Y/N), they’ll go off!” Steve yelled. Your eyes widened. You shot at the soldier’s metal arm, only to have him block it with his palms. A few bullets were now lodged into his arm. He was scooting back now as you slowly inched closer to him with each step, gun in hand. You counted.

five. four. three. two. one.


The guns didn’t go off. Was Steve lying?

The Winter Soldier’s eyes widened. Him and Steve were surprised that the guns didn’t explode. You gained balance, wiping the blood from your lip and kneed him in the groin. Steve joined in too.

“What a nice reunion, boys.” You smirked, panting between each word.

As you and Steve walked backwards from the soldier, his mask tumbled with him. There he stood, face to face with you and Steve.

“Bucky.” Steve said.

You now stood in the middle of Bucky and Steve. He raised his gun and aimed for Steve. “Who the hell is Bucky.” He spoke in a low voice.

“Get her.” One of his bosses said. They pointed at you and as they did, it was like something inside of the soldier clicked. He stocked towards you as you tried to run, only to collide with one of the agents he worked with. They held your hands tightly to your back, kneeling you to the floor

“No!” Natasha yelled. “Let her go!” She screamed. Bucky used one of his lasers to sting her, sending her into Steve’s arms.

“Please.” You whimpered. “Not again. Don’t take me again.”

They injected you again in the neck, and you felt limp. Your eyes and vision faltered as all you saw were shapes.

You awoke in a cell. It looked like an old and abandoned bank safe, with all of the locks and combinations along the walls, with bars separating you from the outside walkway.

“Let me out!” You yelled. You tried to run, only to be held back by a chain that was tied to your arms.

Your back slid against the cold wall as you felt tears sting in your eyes. They didn’t want Natasha or Sam, nor Steve. They wanted you again. To be the next Winter Soldier.

The cell doors opened, and Alexander Pierce walked in. You rolled your eyes as you looked up at him dressed in a grey suit.

“(Y/F/N), lovely to see you again.” He greeted, taking a seat on the small chair in the opposite corner of the room.

“Go to hell.” You spat. He sat up, now standing right in front of you as you curled into a ball.

“You should be treating us with more respect, (Y/L/N).” He said. “We saved you from those people back at S.H.I.E.L.D. We’ll make you a better person again, like what we wanted to do last time.”

“You didn’t want to save me. You wanted to turn me into whatever he is now. You ruined him.” You said, gesturing to the doors.

Pierce sighed. “Our soldier there is a highly trained assassin with more kills than whoever your Captain America friend is.”

“So am I. I trained with good and far much better people than you assholes here at hydra. He could’ve been better with S.H.I.E.L.D than in this hellhole.” You spat again. “He was our friend and you treat him like some circus animal.” You stood up.

“Like you even remember him, (Y/L/N). Don’t defend what you can’t remember.” He laughed.

You were red hot now. “And that’s your fault!” You yelled. Your voice echoed around the walls of the bank. Pierce walked through the open doors and ignored your comment.

“You should be thankful that we at least gave him visiting hours.” He laughed, walking away from you.

You groaned loudly as you started searching for an escape route. The place was probably guarded with millions of agents by now, and you just couldn’t risk it. You got annoyed with the chains on your wrist, looking at the bruises on your arms from the fight and on the chains. You pulled at the restraints as tears fell from your eyes.

“Pulling won’t do much.”

A voice spoke. You practically jumped out of your skin. You looked up to see the person who spoke. Bucky.

He slowly walked in and sat on the opposite wall of you, examining you like he’d never seen a person before. He was shirtless, only dressed in dark pants and his same dirty combat boots.

“Please don’t hurt me.” You begged out. You were exhausted from lack of water and food now, and you were tired. You didn’t want to pick fights now.

“I won’t hurt you.” He said, his dark blue eyes bore into yours.

“Do you know me?” You asked.

“You’re (Y/F/N). You’re in the Smithsonian museum here.” He spoke. “I’ve read about you.”

“That’s a lie.” You said. “You have to have some of your memory.” Tears slowly rolled down your cheeks. You missed what you knew from your Bucky back then. He was much different now. “If you didn’t know me, you wouldn’t be here, in this cell with me as calm as ever.”

He sighed. He was about to speak but he stopped himself. Instead, he pointed his finger up to the cameras in the corners of the room without breaking eye contact with you. “Everywhere.” He mouthed.

You gave him a small nod. He then got one of his small guns and started shooting at the four cameras then quickly getting up and pulling a second wall that was inside of the barred cage the two of you were in, creating a barrier.

“There. They won’t hear us now.” He said. You got to your feet as you stood in the corner. Bucky walked to you, meeting you in the corner. He was now closer to you than ever now, his nose touched yours as he reached behind you. Your breath quickened, afraid that he’d shoot you right then and there. But he didn’t. Instead he broke the chains that bound you to the wall. You sighed out, dropping your gaze from him.

“So, which James am I talking to?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest.

“You aren’t talking to the Winter Soldier, that’s for sure.” He said.

“What do you remember?”

“Probably the same amount of memory as you.”

“Why are you normal Bucky now.”

“They didn’t wipe my memory fully.”

“What’s your full name.”

“Sergent James Buchanan Barnes.”

“Do you remember me?”

His facial expressions softened. He looked up at you after the questions you asked him. After a long silence, he responded with a nod. You rejoiced inside of you, a small smile tug to your lips for a second.

“This is yours, by the way.” He said. He pulled out a blue cap from his pocket. Your eyes widened. He kept it after all those years.

“We had a thing in the 40s.” He smirked. “I remember when we first met, with the guy that I saw on the bridge a few days ago.”

“Wait, what?” You paused him. “A few days ago?” You asked. He nodded.

“You’ve been here for about a week.” He said softly. Your eyes widened. You were about to scream out but he ran to you and held his flesh palm to your lips, muffling your screams. He shushed you as you began to stop.

“A week?” You whispered.


“That means-“

“They haven’t turned me into him yet, I don’t know why. Maybe it was because I’ve been fighting it more and because they haven’t planned any missions against your facility yet.” He said. “It’s like a break for me. I’ve been…Planning escape routes for you, so you can go out.”

Your eyebrows raised. He spent a week wanting to help you.

“I’ve always known about you. It’s just, when I’m the Winter Soldier, the thought of you is just pushed aside. That’s why the guns didn’t go off.”

“Because you knew me?” You managed to make out a small laugh. He nodded.

“So, there isn’t a bit of Winter Soldier in you right now, right?”


“So, you want to get out too, right?”

“More than anything.” He said, a small smile tugged his lips.

“Then how are we busting out of here, soldier?” You asked.


What lies beyond this photo is a HENDALL rant.

I know that this blog is supposed to be about nothing but love but I just have to break that just this once and i vow to never do it again.

Alright. Just to let you know, i am not a “Super” 1D fan that basically has a shrine of a bedroom dedicated to them. I am not the kind of fan that believes the world is ending because whichever one of them isn’t single anymore.  I am NOT a Larry shipper as well. I am just a fan. a fan who likes their music and think they’re all handsomely handsome and a fan who’s happy whenever they find someone. So don’t think i am biased or prejudiced in the words I am about to say.

First of all I was happy for the boys completing their tour because I always have this pity for all these musicians and artists who do tours and film movies etc etc because they don’t get to rest and stay home despite that they love whatever it is they are doing. But anyways so yeah i was happy cause they get to go home and be away from the screaming and bright lights for a bit and be normal…Even Harry getting to go to Alexa Chung’s bday party and that other event where he dressed up as an elephant and shit. But it went downhill when i logged onto yahoo and headlines were saying “Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner: New Couple Alert?” in bold. I was pretty upset, not because I was dying of the fact that he’s not single anymore because honestly it was eventually going to happen, but it was the fact it had to be her.

I think a majority of this modern society would agree that the show KUWTK or the Kardashian/Jenner’s are the most irrelevant piece of shit of a family to keep up with known to man. If Abraham LincolnThomas Edison, and even Alexander Graham Bellwas here they’d say the same. It angers me when I hear about them because they get paid for practically getting botox, pose, make sex tapes, shop, and have $10 million weddings when that amount of money could feed Africa and Peru altogether.

It shattered me. but it made me question this abrupt stupidity of Hollywood. Honestly I think all of you Directioners remember when Niall Horan said he LIKED Kendall cause “he was a sucker for nice eyes”. It made me ask myself “since when did the flying fuck did they know each other, or had the time to GET TO KNOW each other when he’s been touring almost 2 years straight?” Then I left it there and quietly mourned to myself that he went near those society gold diggers for a bit until they “WENT OUT on a DATE” in NYC where 1D did SNL and shit. That’s when i began to laugh at this lunacy because it made realize that this was all a stunt

Okay all you “Hendallshippers are completely delusional if you actually think they are actually HAPPY together because not once in any time they’re photographed together or spotted together, do they look ANYWHERE near happy. Do you see Harry smiling at her like the photo above? do you ever see them lock eyes? Yeah they were smiling at the EAGLES Concert but NOT at EACH OTHER. Yes he had his arm around her neck but really? her neck? like mate,…really?? The signs and proof is pretty much right in front of the world’s faces that this entire….thing….is nothing but a PR. 

I mean just like what non-Hendall and non-Haylor shippers say…“Same story, different year, different girl.”


END OF RANT.  though I actually had more but im too lazy to write all down. But yes feel free to reply i wont mind any negative responses. But please ensure you’ve gone through EVERY HENDALL PICTURE, ARTICLES, EVEN RUMOURS of them spotted at Gay Bars. so you can see why this is my point of view. & I hope I didn’t offend Hendall shippers too harshly, if I did i’m sorry :( <3

Far From The Frenzied Crowd (1/?)

In Regency England, the independent and headstrong shipping company owner Emma Swan attracts three very different suitors: Killian Jones, a sailor; Neal Cassidy, a reckless sergeant; and Graham Hunt, a prosperous and mature bachelor. Roughly based on “Far From The Madding Crowd” by Thomas Hardy (mostly on the 2015 movie). Also on

HAPPY BIRTHDAY canwefangirl! You are amazing and I hope you have a lovely day. This is 100% for you and your fault! 

She should say yes. Women like her don’t refuse offers of marriage; penniless and headstrong and unlikely to get another marriage proposal and certainly not from a handsome naval officer. As a good English girl her choice should be simple, she should say yes.

She can’t.

“Lieutenant Jones. I…”

The wind from the sea snatches at her hair and whips her long skirts. She stares at his chest, at the white starch of his vest and the bright blue of his coat. She barely knows him. They had met only a month ago. He had arrived in his uniform at the tiny seaside cottage she shared with her Aunt Ruby with her scarf in his hand. He had somehow found it and known it was hers despite her having lost it while rambling the coastal cliffs far from the house. Emma had thought him handsome and kind and when he asked to escort her to the market she had agreed. Then he kept coming back. He would help her collect clams in the tidewater or keep her company as she scrubbed clothes in the washbasin or prepared a meager dinner. He was on shore leave and Emma assumed he had no better way to spend his time. She was too poor for him to consider her worthy of marriage and he seemed uninterested in a simple dalliance. Being with him was comfortable and she felt they were friends despite her aunt’s knowing smiles.

He was to set sail soon and had arrived that morning dressed smartly and carrying a gift under his right arm. She had smiled and thanked him, never dreaming that the ship in a bottle was a precursor to his proposal. But he had proposed and now was waiting for her answer.

She should say yes.

“I have nothing to offer you,” she whispers.

“I don’t need a dowry. I will take care of you. I won’t be a Lieutenant forever, Emma.” At the sound of her name she looks up into his eyes and sees the depth of emotion there.  "Liam is already a Captain and I plan to follow him. When I have my own ship you can sail with me. You can see the world just like you dreamed.“

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Multigenerational Mirrors

First off, let me say that I’m writing this because I have been having Harry Potter post-Battle of Hogwarts feels recently and because I just caught up on the Naruto manga today. One thing that is done really well in both of them and that can sometimes work really well is this idea of a multigenerational mirror.

This is a little bit simpler in Harry Potter, where there are two generations that you see. The first generation is that of the original Order of the Phoenix and—even before that—the Marauders. James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black are the first set, with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley being their second-generation mirror images. I’ve seen the argument that Neville Longbottom is the second-generation mirror image of Peter Pettigrew, or would have been, had his character been slightly different. Beyond that, the first generation is the original Order of the Phoenix, and the second-generation mirror image is Dumbledore’s Army or, debatably, the new Order of the Phoenix.

It’s a bit more blatant in Naruto, especially when they show the images actually transitioning into each other. It’s more multi-generational in Naruto. The clearest set starts at generation one with the team run by Hiruzen (third Hokage) and contains Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade. Generation two has the team run by Jiraiya and contains Minato (fourth Hokage) and two other unnamed people (one male and one female). Generation three has the team run by Minato and contains Kakashi, Obito, and Rin. Generation four has the team run by Kakashi and contains Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura. Long story short, each team (possibly other than the gen 2 team) contains a male with innate ability, a clumsy male who works hard and wants to impress the female. In two of the four generations, the male with innate ability defects.

Long story short, the generations mirror each other, but with different results each time.

If you’re going to do this, it can be great, or it can be terrible. In one way, it’s like bookends to a story—you end the same way you started, but with some difference, something that makes it clear what has changed between the beginning and the end. It’s a time-honored tool to end stories, poems, and everything else. If you do it badly, though, it just looks like laziness.

The first thing to remember is that you need two (or more) generations. This may sound really obvious, but you need to actually have both ends of the bookend.

Second thing is that there needs to be a connection between the two generations. In Harry Potter, the connection is a war. Depending on how you look at it, it was either one war or two, given that there was one enemy both times, but it’s easier to look at it as two wars for the sake of this. The first generation fought in the war and then it ended when they thought they won. The next generation starts in some ways at the same place that the first generation did—before a war. The difference is that the second generation comes out of the ashes of one war and as a result they are just different enough for the end result to be different.

It’s a lot more complicated in Naruto, in large part because Naruto is hugely complicated (and just released chapter 692), but one of the more superficial similarities is that a member of each generation taught the next generation. There are wars that tie the generations to each other, but that would literally take 692 chapters to explain fully, so I’m not going to try here.

Wars or some other sort of traumatic event, especially ones that can/are repeated, are often the best sort of connection. Especially if the first one ends in a loss or only partial win, you can show the second generation winning because the first generation lost, rising up out of the ashes as a slightly changed phoenix. (The pun was accidental).

Next, you need the mirror. It’s one thing to say that one generation works after the other one and succeeds where the previous one failed. That’s not what we’re looking for. Instead, the idea is that the generations reflect each other, that the second generation looks like the first generation, but there are differences, enough warps and cracks and flaws in the mirror that it’s just different enough to win when the previous generation lost. Orphans are a clear way to do this. One major difference between James Potter and Harry Potter: James grew up with a loving family while Harry did not. The Peter/Neville mirror is an interesting one to look at, too. It could be argued that Neville is different than Peter directly because of the first war against Voldemort; he knew his parents were heroes, and that was why he was so loyal. Especially if you’re coming out of a war, there should be orphans, and children with broken parents and broken families, and children whose parents might have been on the wrong side of the war.

The biggest thing to avoid is making the mirror too obvious. Naruto does this a bit, but try to make sure that you don’t spend all of your time talking about how similar character from gen. 2 is to character form gen. 1. Make it as subtle as you can without making it so it’ll go over everyone’s head. Lupin and Hermione are both bookworms who are from backgrounds that led to discrimination, but Rowling doesn’t spend her time writing Lupin=Hermione. If you follow the mirror logic, though, that is exactly how it works.

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I'm trying to write a story that I already have a built in theme and an ending, and two plot points to get me there. The problem is I only have my main character and those things. I have no other characters and no beginning and only those pieces of the middle. How do I plot my story and characters to match what I want to happen or should I put those points away and start somewhat over? What are my options in this scenario?

Luckily, you have plenty of options. Here are some links to a few of our past articles that should definitely hit the spot:

You’re still early in your conceptualizing stage, so this is definitely far from the “start over” line!

I hope these help. Good luck!

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32 + cartinelli

32 is "I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.“

She says, "I think I’m in love with you,” as though it’s the most painful thing she’s ever had to say. They’re standing in the kitchen, radio playing softly in the background while cookies bake in the oven and she says those words - the words Angie’s wanted to hear for far too long - as though it’s the worst thing she’s ever had to admit. 

“You really know how to charm a girl, don’t you, English?”


“No, it’s fine,” she reassures her, because there’s this sad look on Peggy’s face and she knows what it’s gonna be. 

This wouldn’t be the first time a gal had tried to let her down easy, she’d though Peggy was different, but these stories all end the same. (Never with a happy ending.)

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Peggy insists.

And that gets a dismissive snort out of Angie, “how’d you mean it then?”

“I think I’m in love with you,” Peggy repeats, this time making the words lighter, like a confession whispered out in church, “and I’m terrified.”

“Because we’re two ladies, because I’ve got news for you Peggy, most people already figure since we’re living like bachelorettes together that-”

“I’m terrified because everybody I’ve ever loved before has died, and I’m not prepared to lose you too.”


Every time someone tells me they’ve bought a dog something dies inside of me. I volunteer at a shelter and walk dogs of all kinds. Dogs from different backgrounds. Victims of allergies. Victims of evictions. Victims of hunters. Victims of humans who decided to go back to their countries and didn’t want or couldn’t take them with them. Victims of humans who tossed them into a dumpster. So many different stories. But they all have the same ending: a cage and the hope of a new life. These are the lucky ones.

There are millions and millions of domestic animals who need a home, but people keep breeding more and more and more. I want this breed. I want a puppy. I want one with a pedigree. 

It’s this selfishness that made these animals vulnerable in the first place. It’s this selfishness that made them completely dependent on us. They’re trapped between two worlds and they don’t fully belong in any of them. They’re not made for nature. They’re not made for civilization. They’re caught in this limbo of instincts and human orders and genetic manipulation.

It’s time to make amends.

Favourite fanfiction things in no particular order

  • longfic (even bad longfic)
  • 5+1 (five times they did a thing and one time they didn’t) – a good base for a longish oneshot, really difficult to fuck this one up
  • very intentional unabashed use of the most common tropes like coffee shops, turned into babies, fake married, mindswap, sex pollen and so on
  • very intentional use of fandom-specific tropes (I genuinely enjoy reading the same story written five separate times by different people)
  • authors’ notes at the end of the chapter
  • porn with plot (working through intimacy issues and emotions ahhh my fave)
  • right into the middle of action without introduction cos you readers know your source material
  • trying to figure out at the start of a fic if this modern AU is our world, an alternate fantasy world, with or without fantasy races, with or without magic and so on
  • on that note, trying to figure out if this is an AU or canon divergence (but where do we draw the line)