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That post about that porn gif of pins and needles being shoved into a woman’s vagina etc. and other torture in porn reminded me of my first encounter with porn on here.

A few years ago a woman I followed reblogged a porn gif of a woman tied up, and some man in all black with a ski mask on shoved his penis in her mouth and she was literally sobbing, and shaking. I called her out saying I don’t care if she watches porn (I was trying to not seem prudish or ‘shaming’ which is a red flag for how liberal feminism is trash btw) but that it looked like rape and it was disturbing. Of course she ignored me. This is back when I didn’t even know the facts about the horrors of the porn industry and sex trafficking. I just saw it and knew it was torture I didn’t mistake her reactions as anything but terror.

That shit is real, these women are really being tortured in so many atrocious ways for the sadistic fantasies of males, and women supporting this shit is so fucked up.

Liberal feminism has failed, women being raped and tortured on screen isn’t empowerment it isn’t edgy its torture.  Stop defending and supporting that shit.

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Over the past year I’ve been figuring out my sexuality. I’ve told a handful of people about it and was finally ready to try to come out to a few friends and maybe even family members. Then Orlando happened and I think I retreated back into the closet so fast I slammed the door on my fingers. I’m scared and angry and sad. But then through all those emotions I saw Mara Wilson come out and I thought “If an actress I’ve looked up to my whole life can come out during this horrible time for our community, why can’t I?”

So I want to take a baby step today and come out to you all.

My name is Emily. I am bisexual. I will not let other people’s hatred keep me from being who I am. And I will be here for all of you who need someone.

i’m so Angry(t m) because nolan patr/ic/k is getting the whole “it was just an injury that held him back he’s gonna be so good he should still go 1st overall” TALK (which i support) but timothy liljegren??the reason he’s not ranked as high as he was (they talked abt him going 1st!!!!!/top 3!!! overall) IS ALSO because he was out sick (same fucking shit as an injury) for over a month !!!!!it’s the same damn thing but because he’s a (wow shocking ik!here it is:) !european! player they won’t give him the benefit of the doubt the way they’re doing w nolan i’m y e l l i ng i’m so sick and tired!!!!!of the nhl and its double standards and BS 

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You want to know what I want to know?  Why the hell Grant Ward is the only AoS character that gets called a murderer.  You don’t hear people saying that about Lance Hunter - and what do y'all think a mercenary does? - or about May, whose entire reputation is built on Bahrain - where she killed a bunch of people.  You don’t see them call Skye a murderer, even though we saw her kill Donnie.  

No, it’s always Ward. That’s the main anti-Ward argument I see - that he’s a killer.  They are all killers.  "You lie and kill in the service of liars and killers" - remember when Loki said that?  He hit the nail on the head.  SHIELD isn’t some fluffy little group that believes in freedom and liberty for all, guys.  They’re just as bad as HYDRA in a lot of ways.  That’s basically the whole point of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  It’s why HYDRA was able to hide within SHIELD so easily, for so long.

You don’t have to like Ward. Hell, you don’t even have to have a good reason for not liking Ward.  Sometimes you hate a character, and you don’t have a reason for it - you just do.  But saying “Ward is a murderer” as though that should explain it all?  That doesn’t work.

important things to note:

bc some idiots out there think it’s ok to misread a chinese name and apply american laws to a chinese person while writing birthday fics or whatever

1. “guang hong” is the first name (yes the whole fucking thing, we don’t do middle names in china, dear american people who always seem to be confused), “ji” is the last name

side note: we don’t call people by their surnames in china as much as americans do

2. yes, guang hong will be turning 18 the coming jan 7 and wow big surprise 18 is also the age of majority in china, so despite it being the same as the age of majority in the states please do some research instead of blatantly applying american laws to a chinese person, it’s not really that hard to google

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Imagine that, after seeing them both struggling in silence, Natasha gets Bucky and Clint together for a private post-brainwashing support group. Neither knows what to say at first, but once they get talking, they find that even though their experiences were very different, they have many of the same fears, guilt, and anxieties, and it helps them both to have someone to talk to who understands.

Bucky’s voice is soft, a gentle patter of rain on wet earth. “Sometimes,” he says, “I feel like it’s still happening. Like someone’s got my head wedged open and they’re cramming in new kill orders but…it’s just me. Every single time it’s just my own damn voice in the back of my head, telling me the same sick shit they always used to.”

“Here’s what gets me,” says Clint, with a rueful smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. “All the things I did for Loki, I’d have done the same for SHIELD if they told me to. Orders are orders, right? It’s never been my job to think about the big stuff like is this wrong, is there a better way - I’m just the guy who pulls the trigger.”

There are some things they can’t talk about with the others. Things that go so much deeper than you don’t need to apologise and it wasn’t your fault and all you can do is forgive yourself. Hearing their own fucked-up stories echo from each other’s mouths…doesn’t heal, exactly. But it helps.

“I think we’re more than that, though,” says Bucky, and Clint’s gut clenches painfully as he nods his assent. In some ways, it’s a breakthrough.


I am so bored of being ignored and erased and joked about. We’re out there, right? Even if we’re not on TV or in films or in books, and sometimes we’re not gay enough and sometimes we’re not straight enough, and sometimes we’re not lgbt enough to be allowed in lgbt spaces if we’re seeing someone of the opposite gender. Even if we’re still not allowed on unless we “pick a side”. Even if we’ve all been asked, “but which one do you actually prefer, though?” and usually by someone who should know better. 



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