same shoes, different day

Tomorrow the sun will still rise, and the rain will still fall, and the sky will still be blue. But the coffee, the coffee will be gone, the movie will be over, and you’ll find yourself on the last page of the book. The songs will still be there but their meanings will have changed, they won’t be about me anymore - about us; and your shoes, they’ll still be the same shoes that you wore, they’ve just crossed different paths now.

One day you’re going to forget about me.

My name will just be another sound and that song on the radio won’t make your head spin. You can eat my favorite food without losing your appetite, you can laugh a little louder, and smile a little brighter. And ten years down the road when you find yourself back in this small, old town, you’ll drive down my street, you’ll drive by the corner of the sidewalk where we sat there talking all night about our future and it won’t mean a damn thing to you.

One day you’re going to forget about me - that means you’ve moved on, and maybe so should I.

—  c.f. // “this is the last for you, it’s time to get a move on” (American hero #7)

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elena is wearing different leggings and different shoes but new pics from same day im so confused rn

lol what did she realized she looked ridiculous and changed? (not that is any better now) 

I Believe in Rob and in Giving Thanks.

New pictures got me excited. My creative juices started flowing and I need to weave and connect again.  

I am not going to call bluff on Rob, especially if he is working so hard to tell me he is with this woman. I am most inclined to take that Rob the funny man is doing the third option of my theory from the last post. i.e. “He is steel strong in protecting his personal life from media eyes, confuse the public and take the shit on himself to support his wife’s career”, at the same time help an artist.

I am also convinced that he has the blessing and help from his wife and friends who have not yet mumbled a word about this so called artist. It looks like a big set-up from all sides if you know what I mean.

They are happy.

Rob is having fun with the paparazzi, and by doing so everyone is happy (except Robsteners of course). Why do we want to deny his fun? He is doing the pranking, messing with tabloids and fans who have been stalking his every move, his every haircut, fashion mishap, scrutinizing his crotch/pants (totally disrespectful btw I should add) . What is the difference between a ‘loving fan’ and a tabloid when they are both not treating celebrities like human, but an object for entertainment, sexual fantasies  and illusions. The only difference is financial. Tabloids do it for a living, fans don’t get money from this objectification; they get gratification for being right in their theories, for fulfilling their fantasies at the expense of ignoring the integrity of these people. And both co-exist and are co-dependent. I know I am widely categorizing ‘loving fans’ which include admirers only of their work, the people who are rooting for them in their personal lives because of the epic love which we have witnessed in the past, and also some people who seems to be born of hate and jealousy of complete strangers. Tabloids are happy because it is payday! Only when Robert Pattinson is in the pictures then they are worth money because then all the robsessed and RP fans will slurp them up like gold. I shall not elaborate how happy Twigs is, because her work/ music nor her personality appeal to me at all. (I could totally do a separate post dissecting her music and interviews if I want to).

And most importantly, Kristen is happy. She glowed at HFA, and judging from the joyful voice she said she is into her painting and working with her hands, I am content to know that she is in a good place. No one in the eye of the storm of gossips and tabloids have time and peace of mind to pursue other interests. She is not looking haunted and guarded in her pictures during interview like when people kept asking her “are you ok?” post-Rupertgate at TIFF,  her kurt ‘I am fine’ respond to shut up concerned fans/journalists are a world of difference with the confident Kristen today. She is a lady embracing the world and loving it.

I don’t mind being the “not-so-happy part” of the picture when every stake holder in this drama is happy. I am only a fan who admires and cares for these two people. It is show business after all. We are supposed to be entertained not sad, upset and hurt over pictures posted by tabloids or fans and hounding paparazzi.

Rob seemed to have sorted out his wardrobe dilemma. At the beginning of this PR tour, he seemed to say that he is embracing changes with a new wardrobe (might I say I first suspected a jilted person’s first reaction is to have a new haircut and new wardrobe). Then I realised that he switched from his PR costume (strange Danish designers and newly bought French couture) right into normal Rob mode (black bomber jacket, white t shirt, Adidas shoes) on the same day being caught by paparazzi, just with different people. Very strange for a costume change in front of the lenses for someone who is just out normal walking and eating. When he is with T, he had a persona, cocky and smirking, sometimes smiling even to the camera. When he is in normal Rob mode, he has that dangerous glare. Sometimes you get a whiplash on this dual personalities, well that is all Rob, doing his job. ACTING!

In my last post I touched a lot about depression and other mental issues, and one concerned ‘loving fan’ has been harping on my accusation of Rob being bipolar a few times in Robsessed discussion. Thanks for that! My intention was not to classify Rob as a ‘case’, I only want to highlight that beyond the cameras, flashlights and all those glamour, there are real people who are fighting darkness and inner demons just like normal people everyday, and most came out triumphant after overcoming and addressing their illness, some did not because people around them were too late to help them. No one knows how dark these demons are, only people closest to them and most importantly they themselves could pull them out of that ‘permanent funk’. I am/was concerned about how these 'change of personality’ for the sake of pranking us/media is going to affect Rob’s psyche in the long run, or his relationship or his career. Only as a concerned (maybe to some delusional fan). I am hoping his circle of friends and family are on his back for this.

Now back to the wardrobe talk, I found that Rob is upping his game and being more comfortable in his ‘role now’. He held her hands more, and even added occasional ass cupping. Well, that is all in HD from paparazzi photos which we have seen. Sometimes I really need to heed the advice from Angelina Jolie ‘if it is not from the NY times, don’t bother’.  


We are so taken in by the content that we did not realised this showmance is all documented by highly professional photography tools. Not many normal people can afford those, they are all backed by media houses and conglomerates who pay these ‘photographers’ and in return hope to get the best pictures to sell the best money making stories. Sex, violence and scandals sell. Happily married man does not, and not a single pap cares about their careers or I suspect even ever watched one movie either Rob or Kristen made. Rob is also looking happier in fan photos. He is continuing his tour with his ‘reportedly girlfriend’.

I BELIEVE in real account stories, honest experience and encounters with stars unplanned.  I believe her observations and enjoyed her passionate account. I believe in the guy who said Kristen took a photo of him and Rob, asking people to respect his privacy while awaiting the birth of his first child. I believe in back-stories, without a need to say ‘pic or it did not happen’ from any side of the media and fandom, in real people, real encounters, and real lives.   

Thanksgiving is coming up. I am thankful for the good lesson that Angelina Jolie taught me about differentiating media. Thankful for Rob for showing us how to play the paparazzi to his benefit; for once he can sell the story he wants ‘hey go check out my new gf’’s music and concerts!’. Thankful for Kristen for giving us such an insight into her professional world, how she picked her roles, how passionate she feels about her work, and challenge us to ‘judge away’. Thankful for the fans who stood by both these actors (do note that I did not mention celebrity). They don’t want to be celebrities, they want to act and make movies.

I sent a mail to Mama Nails earlier before the pictures come out, still does not change my mind on an ‘imagination gone wild Thanksgiving’.

My happily ever after ending to this drama on Thanksgiving is a picture posted by Scott (Kristen’s PA) on his Instagram, sitting around dinner with Robert ,Kristen, T, BP, OG and the dogs. (I feel the need to exclude the child in this because that would defeat the purpose of PRROB ). 

Like they are all on candid camera

“Gotcha people, Thanks for the hits and ratings!”

A question from Ohkura to Yokoyama! Maniac TEST

Ohkura: What have I been wondering about Yokoyama lately?

Yokoyama: Something like…why has he been so handsome lately?

Ohkura: Wrong! What?…what?! (lol). Really I’ve been wondering why you have so many different colors of the same shoes.

Yokoyama: Hahahaha, I do! I bought the same shoes in three different colors!

Ohkura: He wears a different color every day. I was really curious.

Yokoyama: I just really like them ❤