same shirt same smile


Enid in every episode - Hearts Still Beating

A girl who lives in the house. She was telling me about everyone. She said Jesus is a runner and that he left yesterday, not this morning.

Imagine Jeonghan getting excited when he realizes you’ve both accidentally managed to twin with your outfits for the day.


(x), (x), (x), (rhett ver.)

I remember.

when you finally kissed me first, you wore a blue shirt,
a pale, almost washed out to grey, blue shirt.
your hands trembled but your back were strong with resolve.

I remember your smile after,
as if you conquered the world. as if I hadn’t kissed you so many times before.

I also remember the winter of two years after that,

when you finally let me into your bed
without having to use any excuses. two weeks it took me
to gather enough courage to ask you to let me lie next to you. to hold me.

and then it was winter again

and you wore that same shirt and you smiled the almost same smile.
when you chose, yet again, me over yourself.

I wonder, when my time truly comes, will I have so much courage as you do?
(I think I will. for you, I will).

—  ines k