same riri

He gets the “de-aging,” or whatever they called it. The technology here is way too ahead to be anything but the future, but a spouse? A family? That can’t be true. Howard was right when he told Tony that no one would stick around.

Tony looks around the room, and scrunches down in his chair. They keep staring at him, why are they staring? Does he have something on his face?

“Are you alright?” The blond man, Clint, asks, and Tony gives a jerky nod.

“Sure, sure. Not every day you hear that you’re actually like forty years old and have a child even though you’re only sixteen, but yeah, I’m good. I’m great.”

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Seungri @ FM in Beijing (Trans by @mystifize) 010116

MC: Who’s lazy?
SR: gd! Because… He’s handsome right??
I also think GD, my hyung is handsome. When he goes to washroom every day. He looks so good

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Gdragon going to the restroom the same way Riri explained (Lotte Hotel Seoul - 360 Stadium Party) 0102~010316

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