same pic with ig but bigger


Modelmagic noticed in an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (my Mom got me hooked on it don’t ask). The mansion was featured on the show, turns out the house is the same place Val had his video shoot for Valentin there. If you watch the episode you can see where she took her IG pic.

Based by the pics here, and the similar flowers, I think we have enough evidence to conclude she was there supporting, maybe she had a bigger role or she was there behind the scenes? We don’t know.

Hopefully, it’s now a little bit clearer. Secrets are for people who have something to hide *cough*Valdaya*cough* and the truth comes out eventually.

anonymous asked:

Are there any pics of Rhetts brother on the internet???

I’ve only seen ones of him as a kid. There’s this one from GMM #33, where Cole is the one in red. There’s also another pic of him from this same occasion in that ep, if you wanna go and look.

Then there’s Rhett’s family portrait. (rhettmc on ig)