same outfit

today i did yardwork in a black hoodie black skinny jeans and leather high tops. to be fair, i do almost everything in pretty much similar outfits. it was about a hundred degrees outside and a month from now, when its over a hundred and ten, i will probably stll be out here doing my clown routine in the same outfit. because i am irredeemably Like This and dont know how to change. unless its into another all black outfit. 

Should I make a new outfit for Feral!Sans???

I’m having ideas for his new clothes but i wanna know if you guys want him to change (it’s been 3 years and he is still wearing that same outfit :V)

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Adam’s Breitling event outfit is: Navy Blazer, BLACK JEANS, and a DENIM SHIRT. Who dropped the ball here. Who let him dress himself

the best part is it’s nearly identical to an outfit he wore on national television about two weeks ago shwihsiwjsi like listen I think the whole “celebrities can only wear an outfit once” thing is bullshit but maybe don’t wear the same outfit two public appearances in a row lmao


“She′s gone.”


Morgana ‘always iconic’ Pendragon + series 1-3 outfits


I never thought this AU could get better and yet

(they decided to keep him)


I’m absolutely LOVING all the fusion designs going around right now, and I’ve had my own interpretations of them sitting in a notes doc for a while, so i thought I might as well jump on the bandwagon. I went for a more “canon compliant” style (i.e. no extra body parts – tho those are cool as heck!!) and tried to base their fusions on a combination of concepts rather than characters.

Deceit fusions are HERE!!!

Oscar’s new outift…

…sure does look a lot like…


not to be that bitch, but my eyes immediately zeroed in on the fact that izuku and shouto r wearing matching chains and logically i know it means nothing BUT……