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Okay i just spent a 30 minute bath thinking about Muggleborn wizards and differences in UK/US wizarding schools so get ready for a long post y’all

I’d imagine American wizarding schools have a different setup than UK ones, like. They’d DEFINITELY shove american history down the students’ throats, and have more of a dress code than a uniform. Plus they probably wouldn’t stick a bunch of 11 year old kids in the same school as 17 year old wizarding adults (K-8 schools are bad enough as it is)
So they’d probably have separate schools/campuses for 11-14 year olds and 15-17 year olds because maturity differences. I’d imagine there’d also be AP programs for almost all the classes, because NOT EVERY 15 YEAR OLD HAS THE SAME LEARNING SKILLS YOU FUCKS

Imagine some American witch/wizard decides to do a study abroad during one of their final years, so they transfer over to Hogwarts and find out they have uniforms?? The fuck is this shit??? Why are the girls all wearing skirts???? Why are there 11 year old girls on campus wearing skirts????? Why are there 11 year olds at all???????????????? This is weird and they can’t tell if the skirts are mandatory, because all the girls wear them but nobody seems to be against them wearing pants so?

When they get their class schedule in the mail, they’re like “Why am I just in ‘Potions 6′? Is that advanced or something?? Is it the sixth level of Potions??? I was in AP Potions last year, what does it mean” and then they get to school to find that they’ve already taken this level class, but they definitely haven’t learned this shit in Transfiguration, and didn’t the school get their class records? Why didn’t they put them in the right level Transfiguration???

And then Professor Binns tries to tell the class that the Great Depression was caused by the near extinction of some magic animal, and this student gets in a 40 minute argument because no, haven’t you even heard of the stock market crash of the late 1920s, that was literally the main cause you buffoon, I spent a month learning about it okay we have stock regulations for a fucking reason

Meanwhile some Hogwarts student decides to try an American school, and when their letters of required supplies don’t have any uniforms on them they’re stumped. What do they wear?? Do they just wear whatever they want???? They pack their old uniforms just in case, only to show up and everyone’s wearing the latest in both Muggle and wizarding fashion, with long cloaks and shorts and crop tops and leggings and pointy hats all clashing together while looking like the epitome of fashion.

They’re told to show up a day or two early to take placement tests. Placement tests? they wonder, For what house I’ll be in??? Dont I just do that on my first day with all the first years?????? But no, they’re tested on their knowledge of literally everything. “Why can’t I just take classes with all the other sixth years?” they ask. “Because we don’t want you in a class that’s too high or too low level for you??? Duh?????”

They have a History of the United States class. Who the fuck is Aaron Burr? What do you mean the Great Depression was caused by the stock markets, it was caused by the near extinction of the Jubilee Bird?? Why do you all have the Pledge of Alliegence memorized??? Why is there an American flag in every single classroom?????? What is happening 

Feel free to add more or send in asks about this okay i am on a Roll here

It's a different store

So I used to work at a store that’s known for recreating fashionistas, that also has two sister companies. The return policy when I worked there was only returns from another Same store or a combo of the same store with the home store. Tricky I know.

A lady came through one day with a return from the sister company, which we couldn’t do because the codes and everything are different, cuz it’s a different store!! So my lead told her we can’t do that return here. Obviously.

Her two 13 years old girls were by the make up and I was at the jewelry counter when she came up flipping her shit because “They won’t do this return because it’s from sister store!!! I was just there and they won’t return it for me!!”
I had to turn around to hide my laughter and my wtf face because like girl it’s a different store? You wouldn’t take a Walmart return to target so why would you do it here?? Lol


[[ Request: imagine where you’re Happy’s old lady &a part of the club,you have to go to a different charter(to pick something up for samcro) with Tig & when you come back tig jokes around about you getting some side action,happy doesn’t find it funny ]] 

“You take care of my girl?” Happy asked, giving Tig a nod. 

Tig glanced over at you and smirked. “Oh, yes, I did.” 

Happy’s jaw tightened at the way Tig was looking you up and down, eyes full of lust. You were Happy’s old lady, but you were also a member of SAMCRO. That meant you had to do all the same shit for the club that Happy had to do, including going on runs. Jax had asked you and Tig to go to the Indian Hills charter to pick up something for the club. Happy didn’t usually mind when you handled that sort of club business. It was safe. It was the dangerous shit that made him worry. He knew you would be fine, especially with Tig tagging along. But now that you and Tig were back, he was questioning his own judgment. The way Tig was looking at you pissed him off in the most irrational ways.

You pursed your lips and gave Tig a look. He was trying to make Happy angry, make him think that something had happened between the two of you while you were in Indian Hills. Of course, it didn’t. Happy knew that. But his anger usually clouded his judgment and got the best of him. You knew Tig was pushing his luck, and he knew it too. Tig was always looking for ways to entertain himself, and this was just the most recent. You turned back to Happy, hoping to steer the conversation in a different direction in an attempt to make Tig drop it. “I’m just glad that shit’s over,” you sighed. “Longest ride of my life.” 

“Tell me about it,” Tig agreed. He rubbed the insides of his thighs. “I’m feelin’ kind of sore.” He looked you up and down and grinned mischievously. “You sore, Y/N?” 

You smiled and shook your head, trying to brush Tig off. If he kept it up, it wouldn’t be long before Happy had enough and put him in his place. And you didn’t really feel like dealing with a fist fight today. “You guys want a beer?” you asked, turning towards the bar. Tig threw an arm around your shoulders and walked with you to the bar. Happy watched in silence. His mouth hung open slightly, and he had a toothpick between his lips. His eyes were narrowed as he watched you and Tig. You could see the muscles in his jaw twitching. He was pissed. That much was obvious. 

You shrugged Tig’s arm from around your shoulders and walked behind the bar, grabbing three beers and placing one on the bar for Tig. You walked to Happy and handed him a beer. You had to think of something to cool him off before it was too late. Once Happy got going, there was no stopping his rage. He took the beer, but he continued to stare at Tig, his entire body rigid. He looked like he could kill Tig with his bare hands, which truthfully, wasn’t an unlikely possibility. A noticeable scowl was etched on Happy’s face. “You alright, Hap?” 

He tossed the toothpick to the other side of his mouth and wrapped an arm tightly around your waist. “Good trip?” he asked, his eyes still glued to Tig. 

“Yeah. I mean, it was alri - “

Great trip.” Tig smirked. “Y/N here couldn’t help herself. Had to get a little action on the side.” His smirk grew. “Ain’t that right, baby?” 

Happy’s jaw clenched tighter. He knew you would never do that. You were his. Had been for years. But that didn’t mean the thought of you with Tig didn’t piss him off. Tig was just trying to get a reaction for his own entertainment. It would have been funny if it weren’t for the fact that you knew Happy might actually kill him. Tig was playing with fire, and he was about to seriously get burned.

“Your girl’s,” Tig closed his eyes and sighed, “a wild one, Hap.” 

Happy pulled a gun from his belt suddenly and held it up. “You know I’d have to kill you if you touched my woman.” An evil smirk played at his lips. “Right, Trager?” 

Tig grinned. “Huh.” He rubbed at his mustache and glanced down at his boots. “Yeah.” He sniffed. “Pretty aware of that.” 

Happy cocked the gun. “You ever look at her like that again,” he shrugged, then his face hardened again. His eyes narrowed and he stared hard at Tig. “Who knows what crazy shit I’ll do.” 

Tig cleared his throat, a triumphant smile spreading on his face. “My bad, man.” He had accomplished exactly what he was after. He had pissed Happy off in less than five minutes. It had to be a new record. He winked at you and walked away, officially satisfied with himself.

Happy whipped his head around to look at you. He furrowed his eyebrows. “He was joking, right?”

You rolled your eyes and shook your head. “Just take me to your room, Hap.”

He grinned. “Oh, yes, I will.” 

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This season sucks

I was so hype for it to be different and shit but it’s the same old shit. The Liv and diamond thing is stupid as fuck and probably staged. Angela and Kristina are children. The twerk twins just want to be the outcasts. Amber and Asia are mean girls. Who the fuck are the millionaires like do they do anything besides look bizzare? This season is boring as shit now. Bring on the next

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so since there’s this girl talking shit about asian girls and stuff, calling us ugly and what not, i decided to post this picture of myself. calling filipinos the worst asians with our ugly flat noses? i do have a flatter nose than others, yes, but ugly?? all i can say is BITCH WHERE??? 

(old selfie but not the point here)

there are different types of beautiful and just because our features are different than yours, there is no need to bash and hate. ALSO filipinos are NOT cheap - we are hard workers. same with all other asians and people of other races and nationalities. there’s no need to put anyone of any culture down, got it? good. stop with your double standards and talking smack about asian women while glorifying asian men. 

neiptune jamesstruttingpotter i’m with you on this fight


Am I the only one that finds it disturbing that “Faking It” has 16 year olds dating and having sex with people that are 19…20. Like that shit is not only illegal, but promoting young girls to think thats its okay to do so and vice versa…like your mentality at 16 is defiantly not the same at 20, like its a whole different step in life…is it just me or…?

Thanks for your email.
You clearly haven’t got any idea what is in the program. If you did, then you would be worried about your children being exposed to unhealthy ideas at such an early age.

Give it a go and get your five year old a book called The Gender Fairy and let him experiment with being a girl. It was written by the same people as the SSC program and is ‘suitable for four year olds’.
Then when he is 15 he can just use the girls change room whilst using the links provided on the information website to find more about bondage clubs and adult sex toys.

This is what the safe schools materials encourage.
If you think this is ok then I worry for your children.

Inform yourself properly and then get back to me. Your opinion will carry more weight then.


—  Cory Bernardi literally sent this email to a mother about safe schools holy shit. The only difference between him and some backwards MRA activist is that he wears a suit instead of a fedora.