same old shit but a different girl

Work Stress - Carl Gallagher

Request: Do you think you could do an imagine where the reader and Carl are getting suuuuper intimate (smut intended) and Carl is very dominant and possessive in bed. He likes using the phrases “baby girl” and “damn ma” (kinda like from his gangster phase).

Warnings: smutty, fluffy lil Carl, dominant Carl

Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader

Word Count: 1257

Note: This is my first smut imagine, so I’m sorry if it’s extremely cringy.


I had been at work all day and I was exhausted to my core, I wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep but before I even got the chance to step out onto the curb of the street I got a message from Carl asking me to come over to his “crib”. He had been going through this gangster phase for a while now, although he acted tough he was still the same old Carl to me only with a different hairstyle. I had told him a countless amount of times to take his cornrows out but he never listened to me, he always just shrugged it off and told me that he liked them.

I had been working at one of the new coffee stores that had just been built in town, everyone had been giving me shit about it saying that I was ruining the south side. But a girls gotta work and they were hiring, so I guess I’m destroying the south side.

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Okay i just spent a 30 minute bath thinking about Muggleborn wizards and differences in UK/US wizarding schools so get ready for a long post y’all

I’d imagine American wizarding schools have a different setup than UK ones, like. They’d DEFINITELY shove american history down the students’ throats, and have more of a dress code than a uniform. Plus they probably wouldn’t stick a bunch of 11 year old kids in the same school as 17 year old wizarding adults (K-8 schools are bad enough as it is)
So they’d probably have separate schools/campuses for 11-14 year olds and 15-17 year olds because maturity differences. I’d imagine there’d also be AP programs for almost all the classes, because NOT EVERY 15 YEAR OLD HAS THE SAME LEARNING SKILLS YOU FUCKS

Imagine some American witch/wizard decides to do a study abroad during one of their final years, so they transfer over to Hogwarts and find out they have uniforms?? The fuck is this shit??? Why are the girls all wearing skirts???? Why are there 11 year old girls on campus wearing skirts????? Why are there 11 year olds at all???????????????? This is weird and they can’t tell if the skirts are mandatory, because all the girls wear them but nobody seems to be against them wearing pants so?

When they get their class schedule in the mail, they’re like “Why am I just in ‘Potions 6′? Is that advanced or something?? Is it the sixth level of Potions??? I was in AP Potions last year, what does it mean” and then they get to school to find that they’ve already taken this level class, but they definitely haven’t learned this shit in Transfiguration, and didn’t the school get their class records? Why didn’t they put them in the right level Transfiguration???

And then Professor Binns tries to tell the class that the Great Depression was caused by the near extinction of some magic animal, and this student gets in a 40 minute argument because no, haven’t you even heard of the stock market crash of the late 1920s, that was literally the main cause you buffoon, I spent a month learning about it okay we have stock regulations for a fucking reason

Meanwhile some Hogwarts student decides to try an American school, and when their letters of required supplies don’t have any uniforms on them they’re stumped. What do they wear?? Do they just wear whatever they want???? They pack their old uniforms just in case, only to show up and everyone’s wearing the latest in both Muggle and wizarding fashion, with long cloaks and shorts and crop tops and leggings and pointy hats all clashing together while looking like the epitome of fashion.

They’re told to show up a day or two early to take placement tests. Placement tests? they wonder, For what house I’ll be in??? Dont I just do that on my first day with all the first years?????? But no, they’re tested on their knowledge of literally everything. “Why can’t I just take classes with all the other sixth years?” they ask. “Because we don’t want you in a class that’s too high or too low level for you??? Duh?????”

They have a History of the United States class. Who the fuck is Aaron Burr? What do you mean the Great Depression was caused by the stock markets, it was caused by the near extinction of the Jubilee Bird?? Why do you all have the Pledge of Alliegence memorized??? Why is there an American flag in every single classroom?????? What is happening 

Feel free to add more or send in asks about this okay i am on a Roll here

Hey Bartender pt. 1 (Alex Summers x Reader)

I started this a month ago and ended up being really long so i’m splitting it up into two parts just so I can get it out there and still not have it finished so yeah.

The bar was filled with drunk men and scantily clad girls. You sat behind the bar, pouring drinks for men who thought they were gonna get lucky tonight and the women they paid to do it.

The place was a dive and you couldn’t help but wish you were somewhere else every time you came in for work. It’s a living and you’d rather be doing this than dancing on a pole in the strip club nextdoor.

It’s not all bad you thought as you watched the handsome blonde boy at the end of the bar finish off his second glass of whiskey. He raised the glass, silently asking for another. You grabbed the large bottle of golden colored alcohol and brought it to the man, giving him a small smile as you poured.

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[[ Request: imagine where you’re Happy’s old lady &a part of the club,you have to go to a different charter(to pick something up for samcro) with Tig & when you come back tig jokes around about you getting some side action,happy doesn’t find it funny ]] 

“You take care of my girl?” Happy asked, giving Tig a nod. 

Tig glanced over at you and smirked. “Oh, yes, I did.” 

Happy’s jaw tightened at the way Tig was looking you up and down, eyes full of lust. You were Happy’s old lady, but you were also a member of SAMCRO. That meant you had to do all the same shit for the club that Happy had to do, including going on runs. Jax had asked you and Tig to go to the Indian Hills charter to pick up something for the club. Happy didn’t usually mind when you handled that sort of club business. It was safe. It was the dangerous shit that made him worry. He knew you would be fine, especially with Tig tagging along. But now that you and Tig were back, he was questioning his own judgment. The way Tig was looking at you pissed him off in the most irrational ways.

You pursed your lips and gave Tig a look. He was trying to make Happy angry, make him think that something had happened between the two of you while you were in Indian Hills. Of course, it didn’t. Happy knew that. But his anger usually clouded his judgment and got the best of him. You knew Tig was pushing his luck, and he knew it too. Tig was always looking for ways to entertain himself, and this was just the most recent. You turned back to Happy, hoping to steer the conversation in a different direction in an attempt to make Tig drop it. “I’m just glad that shit’s over,” you sighed. “Longest ride of my life.” 

“Tell me about it,” Tig agreed. He rubbed the insides of his thighs. “I’m feelin’ kind of sore.” He looked you up and down and grinned mischievously. “You sore, Y/N?” 

You smiled and shook your head, trying to brush Tig off. If he kept it up, it wouldn’t be long before Happy had enough and put him in his place. And you didn’t really feel like dealing with a fist fight today. “You guys want a beer?” you asked, turning towards the bar. Tig threw an arm around your shoulders and walked with you to the bar. Happy watched in silence. His mouth hung open slightly, and he had a toothpick between his lips. His eyes were narrowed as he watched you and Tig. You could see the muscles in his jaw twitching. He was pissed. That much was obvious. 

You shrugged Tig’s arm from around your shoulders and walked behind the bar, grabbing three beers and placing one on the bar for Tig. You walked to Happy and handed him a beer. You had to think of something to cool him off before it was too late. Once Happy got going, there was no stopping his rage. He took the beer, but he continued to stare at Tig, his entire body rigid. He looked like he could kill Tig with his bare hands, which truthfully, wasn’t an unlikely possibility. A noticeable scowl was etched on Happy’s face. “You alright, Hap?” 

He tossed the toothpick to the other side of his mouth and wrapped an arm tightly around your waist. “Good trip?” he asked, his eyes still glued to Tig. 

“Yeah. I mean, it was alri - “

Great trip.” Tig smirked. “Y/N here couldn’t help herself. Had to get a little action on the side.” His smirk grew. “Ain’t that right, baby?” 

Happy’s jaw clenched tighter. He knew you would never do that. You were his. Had been for years. But that didn’t mean the thought of you with Tig didn’t piss him off. Tig was just trying to get a reaction for his own entertainment. It would have been funny if it weren’t for the fact that you knew Happy might actually kill him. Tig was playing with fire, and he was about to seriously get burned.

“Your girl’s,” Tig closed his eyes and sighed, “a wild one, Hap.” 

Happy pulled a gun from his belt suddenly and held it up. “You know I’d have to kill you if you touched my woman.” An evil smirk played at his lips. “Right, Trager?” 

Tig grinned. “Huh.” He rubbed at his mustache and glanced down at his boots. “Yeah.” He sniffed. “Pretty aware of that.” 

Happy cocked the gun. “You ever look at her like that again,” he shrugged, then his face hardened again. His eyes narrowed and he stared hard at Tig. “Who knows what crazy shit I’ll do.” 

Tig cleared his throat, a triumphant smile spreading on his face. “My bad, man.” He had accomplished exactly what he was after. He had pissed Happy off in less than five minutes. It had to be a new record. He winked at you and walked away, officially satisfied with himself.

Happy whipped his head around to look at you. He furrowed his eyebrows. “He was joking, right?”

You rolled your eyes and shook your head. “Just take me to your room, Hap.”

He grinned. “Oh, yes, I will.” 

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5 Things You Can Find In My Blog

  1. Ten 
  2. NCT 
  3. Aesthetics  
  4. Seulgi + Chungha (and other girl groups/soloists) 

5 Things You Can Find In My Bedroom

  1. literally anything. i have random stuff that I’ve never used or seen really that are just in my room 
  2. cute/aesthetic cards that i just blutac to my wall for the l o o k 
  3. old artworks that my parents want to throw out but im so attached 
  4. 50 different uni course guides (all from the same 3 unis) 
  5. a shit ton of plushies 

5 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do

  1. skydive 
  2. learn more languages! 
  3. participate in a dance battle 
  4. learn house + waacking 
  5. go on a date (look im a lonely bean) 

5 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Ten :) 
  2. dance 
  3. aesthetics 
  4. listening to switch or heartbreaker 
  5. memes/banter with my friends 

5 Things I’m Currently Into

  1. NCT (surprise surprise) 
  2. wjsn 
  3. not doing my assignments 
  4. screaming about australia’s shitty racist politicials/journalists/that one mother whos daughter goes to my school 
  5. IB memes 

5 Things On My To-Do List

  1. have a go at someone (dont ask) 
  2. make more moodboards !! 
  3. shank alan jones and whoever emailed him (actually ill have a go at him) 
  4. do my tutoring work aaaaaah  
  5. find a rich chigga quote for my year book 

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. im a twin (people always get so excited it a bit weird) 
  2. im left-handed 
  3. i have a fear of touching the graphite on lead pencils 
  4. i will never bother someone im not close with if they are busy (like ill hide behind them till theyre done) 
  5. im either very shy or very outgoing 


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val & dylan part 2 (2/6/16)

so if you have followed my blog at all you know that i started talking to dylan on instagram over the summer and that he now recognizes me during warm-ups at every game i’ve been to and today was no different… actually, it was a little different.


i told myself (as i do before every game) that maybe him recognizing me the last 13 games were all coincidences. so when the boys skated on, dylan was on the opposite side of the ice doing some stretches he doesn’t normally do so at that point i told myself maybe he was done interacting with me at warm-up’s but i was way wrong. after he was done stretching he got up and skated around doing drills and when he got to my side of the ice, he slammed himself into me and laughed. this continued multiple times and then when he was over that game he decided to make me scream by shooting the puck at my face or hitting me with his stick… this happened so many times that the 50 year old man next to me turns to me and goes, “I think someone has a crush on you.” and I just smiled and turned away politely and that’s basically how warm-ups ended. same old shit but a different day.

the game:

so for today’s game i managed to get a glass seat directly behind our goalie… when the boys skated out i didn’t realize that dylan was skating towards me while i was dancing to a song by panic at the disco, when i looked up, dylan was smiling the biggest smile at me and he chuckled and gave me a thumbs up. at that point i didn’t want to believe that i had just made my favorite person smile, but then i turned to the girl that i was at the game with and she goes, “yes, that did just happen and yes, i saw the whole thing.” after that, i could not stop smiling. the entire game we kept making subtle eye contact with each other because we knew where each other were and after he got his first assist of the night, he smiled at me and i smiled right back.

i know that this doesn’t mean anything to anyone and that a lot of fans have interactions with their favorite players, but i had to share because it made me the happiest person on the entire planet. he makes me the happiest person ever. watching him go from college hockey a year ago to the NHL now and everything in between has meant the world to me and i wouldn’t trade it for the world. forever&always 71. ❤️

Short Stuff part 3 (Nate Maloley)

Nate’s POV

Y/N looked like she was in heaven when we got in the house. I can tell, it’s been a while since she’s smoked. She’s beautiful, especially when she smiles. Derek pissed me off though. He’s been getting on my nerves lately, and flirting with y/n didn’t make it any better. That’s why I sat on the love seat with her. As soon as she finished her first blunt, I handed her another. She needed it. From what I can tell, she gets tired when she’s high. It’s pretty damn adorable too. She fights it, and forces her eyes to stay open. She scooted towards me, and sat on my lap, her back leaning against the arm of the chair, and my arm resting behind her.

“Dude, when you gon’ release another song?” Swazz asked, and I opened my mouth to say something, when I felt something drop on my shoulder. Glancing over, it’s y/n’s head. I laugh, and shift to make us both comfortable, while she finishes her blunt.

“Bruh I’m still workin’ on it. The beats got lost and we have to re-record everything. Low-key pissed me off.” I hear a yawn, and feel more weight against me. “You tired ma? Go ahead and go to sleep. I got you.” She immediately closes her eyes, her head resting in my neck. Her breathing slows down, and I know she’s already asleep.

“Where did you meet her?” Derek asks.

“I accidentally ran her over on the sidewalk. She’s a feisty lil’ thing. Turned around and started to bitch me out as soon as she could. It was pretty funny, I’ll be honest. I apologized and she said she could kick my ass, after I scared her again by accident. I didn’t believe her-”

“And she knocked him on his ass.” Gilinsky laughed.

“Yeah, pretty much. We talked, or, she yelled some more, and she ended up apologizing to me, and I invited her to get high with us.”

“How old is she? She looks like she could be twelve, she’s so damn small.” Derek said. I grinned.

“Talking shit about her size is what made her kick my ass man. Be careful. But she’s legal. And she’s different.” It gets quiet.

*cough* “Whipped.” *cough* I heard from Swazz.

“Shut the hell up man.” I tell him. Y/n curls into me, getting as close as she physically can. I wrap my arms around her torso, and gently move her into a more comfortable spot. “I don’t know why, but she’s different. I don’t feel the same way about her as I do about other girls.” I hear her sigh, in content, and smile. She’s beautiful.

This is probably really crappy but I wanted to get another part out. Love you all! Send me in requests, and I’ll also do ships if you give me a brief description of yourself. Also need to know which fandom.

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The Arguments For Jaune Having Less Screen Time Make No Sense

Jaune is a fan favorite, but there is a very vocal minority who don’t like him at all which is their right, but the reasoning they use in arguments make no sense such as:

1- He was harassing Weiss because obviously someone who has been shown to be socially awkward around people in general and doesn’t know how to ask a woman on a date is intentionally harassing other girls.

2- He still sucks now because of the bully arc in volume 1 which is………… really? none of the development that happened after that matters?.

3- He gets too much screen time compared to team RWBY. I refer you to Pyrrha basically being the MC in Vol 3. I don’t remember people complaining about that.

4- Pyrrha’s death lost it’s meaning because it only exists to develop Jaune. It’s not like Ruby awakened silver eyes because of Pyrrha’s death, and she is even dreaming of her all the time. It’s not like volume 4 is setting up development for Ruby as well as Jaune.

It’s the same shit as with SOME vocal bumblebee fans (again, not all) when they saw the new opening freaking out over Sun being with Blake saying that his character is shit where I went into a debate with someone who argued that Sun is a “Shitty leader because he left his team“ but I don’t remember ruby being held to the same standards as Sun after doing jack shit to bring back her old team in those 8 months. In fact, Ruby is “different”. why is she different than Sun? Even if we don’t know what happened to team SSSN, it was not broken up like team RWBY, and we know for sure that Ruby did nothing to bring back her own team.

This way of thinking waters down Blake and Yang into nothing more but Yuri shipping fodder.

What upsets me about this mentality with Jaune and Sun is that it comes from a stigma about RWBY as a show being about "sexy powerful girls who are possibly lesbians because fans want them to be where nothing goes wrong”. A stigma the show is trying to get out of with killing Pyrrha, cutting Yang’s arm off, showing off characters dying and villages destroyed, and like it or not…… adding Sun to Blake’s Journey.

While it is true that Adam was a dick to Yang and Blake, he gets more hate than cinder who burned Pyrrha alive while also enjoying it the same way he did?.

Same goes for Pyrrha being MC. She is a sexy powerful girl = ok to be the MC of volume 3 and no one bitches about it.

But if Jaune’s character development is ONLY TIED to the MC of RWBY = not ok to get more screen time and everyone must bitch about it ignoring the fact that Ruby is also getting a development shared with Jaune.

This hate is even before we saw Blake and Yang? What? Weiss should have gotten more screen time and development this episode? What about the fact that we learned most of the dynamics in her family this episode? What about the fact that we learn what she will be doing this volume? What about the fact that the only reason we get to even see that scene with Jaune this episode is because it will tie to ruby’s development in the future?. This is not even including the Ren and Nora set up development in this episode.

There is a very high chance we will see more of RNJR each episode switching between Weiss, Blake, Yang, and Salem. However RT set up development for EVERYONE in team RNJR including Ruby, Ren, Nora, and Jaune. We will finally see some Ruby development after so many years, but because it is tied to Jaune, you must ignore that development and say only Jaune has development?.

And do you know why Jaune gets development this season tied to Ruby? Because it was only 2 episodes ago that he lost Pyrrha whom Ruby saw killed in front of her. Addressing this is called “good writing“.

OK so I’m the modern AU anon (sorry, I’m shy) and oh my god. What you did with my headcanon was so brilliant I loved it and the response was so great, and I kept thinking and thinking about it and I was gonna go on anon again but I had so much more to add so I just said “fuck it” because:

- back when they were just friends whenever one of them felt sad in the middle of the night they would call then they both would sit by their windows so they were facing each other, because Todd is terrible at sneaking out
- a lot of times Todd just comes over to Viola’s house and chills while she does homework. He just entertains himself any way he can
- Todd finds an old record player in his basement and gives it to Viola on her birthday. She listens to it constantly.
- Viola never really played video games when she was younger so Todd introduced her to some of his favorites and now she’s better than him at all of them
- after her parents die, Viola sleeps over at his house a lot. Nothing physical ever really happens, she just crawls into his bed and they hold each other. Todd tends to have really bad nightmares so he doesn’t mind her presence one bit
- Ben and Cillian LOVE her and bake her a cake on her birthday and invite her to their house for dinner all the time and give her a standing ovation for her valedictorian speech, which is naturally all about the importance of girls’ education. She discusses foreign politics and existentialist literature with them and always compliments their cooking, even when Todd tells her not to touch it because it smells like sulfur
- They volunteer together on weekends washing dogs and cats at the local animal shelter
- Todd’s car is beat-up old piece of shit but he loves it so much and when he finally wrecks it for good, they hold a funeral for it at a junkyard
- they once both had detention at the same time for telling off two different teachers on two separate occasions
- Todd is awesome at catching food in his mouth and Viola is constantly throwing goldfish and things at him from different angles at random times to try and get him to embarrass himself but he catches it every time
- Todd goes to a party and has way too much to drink and leaves Viola 50+ messages saying dumb shit and she has to come pick him up and makes fun of him for it for weeks until Viola accidentally eats a pot brownie and Todd has to take HER home
- the first time Todd tells her he loves her, they’re sitting on the hood of his car in the hospital parking lot at midnight while her parents are inside. She starts crying uncontrollably and pulls away from his touch and he doesn’t know what else to say so he just says the truth: “i love you”

This is so dumb but I love it and this AU is giving me so many feelings so feel free to post stuff from this/add to it because I am just not over them. You’re the greatest.

Oh my god dude yes

  • They’re both way too into chocolate cookies and bring them to each others houses whenever it’s a cold day and they’re a little lonely. Viola called it Cookie Time and though it’s super lame, somehow it stuck
  • Ben, Cillian and Viola planning Todd a surprise birthday party and arguing about what colour the streamers should be for at least half an hour before Todd pokes his head around the corner and suggests that he wouldn’t mind orange
  • Todd saving up all his money from christmas and birthdays and buying a lame ass motorbike when he’s 17 that he loves way too much. 
  • Viola getting the call the night before the graduation assembly and getting told she’s valedictorian. Her principal tells her to say nothing to no one, under no circumstances, but she runs across the street and yells it at Todd as soon as she hangs up the phone. Todd bakes a cake all secret like while she lies on his couch that night, and when she wakes the next morning there it is, on her doorstep with ‘congrats’ written in stupid, uneven icing.
  • Viola eats the whole thing on the way to school.
  • Viola doesn’t say I love you back, not right away, not with her parents barely holding on. But she does tell him, a year later, on the eve of the anniversary of her parents death. They’re listening to a band Todd discovered and she’s just realising, as if she hadn’t known it before, how utterly and completely she’s fallen for him.
  • After Viola’s parents die, her grandmother moves in. She’s worried that her very proper, very strict grandmother wouldn’t let her spend time out of the house, let alone with a ~boy~. But the day after Viola helps her move all her stuff in, Todd arrives at the door in Ben’s best suit, carrying a frozen Lasagne he made himself.
  • Viola’s nightmares are filled with screeching tires and semi-trailers veering off the road. Todd’s are filled with a man’s cruel smirk and fists against bone. Neither dream of anything when they sleep near each other.
  • They don’t go to the same college. Viola studies Liberal Arts somewhere progressive, and Todd majors in engineering. They see each other every weekend.
  • It starts to patter off a bit towards the end of the second semester though. Right up until Viola appears on the doorstep of his dorm, dripping wet one windy Thursday, and tells him that he better get ready to commit, Bucko, because she’s been planning on the long haul.
  • Cillian and Viola really hit it off. Cillian has always been a major supporter of lgbt+ groups, actually meeting Ben at a march. Whenever Viola would come over he’d steal her for a bit with a phrase like ‘you’ll never believe what those asshole 1%ers have done’
  • For a while there, Viola had a dartboard in her room with nothing but Davy Prentiss Jr.’s face on it. She’d hide the well worn photo whenever Todd came over, but the memory of how horrible he’d been to her and her best friend ignited something deep and angry within her. 
  • That one time Todd got drunk (super drunk) and Viola had to get him, he left a heap of cooing voicemails on her phone. Most of them were like ‘Viola, this party’s rockin’ but some were more ‘you smell really good all the time and i think you’re so pretty did you know that you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen?’ Viola shows him a few months after they’d started dating and Todd goes all red.

When I die im taking this au with me

  • #ftm #lesbian
  • #ftm #cosplay
  • truscum making people with existing dysphoria feel like they should not only feel dysphoria but also FEEL ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES FOR BEIN SUCH a FreAK. 
  • “u are not trans if u like penetration”
  • “u can’t be gay if ur a trans man that makes u straight??”
  • people who think pre-surgery bodies are disgusting, pornographic, and should not be in the ftm tag
  • people who think top surgery scars shouldn’t be seen in case it outs other trans guys. people who get top surgery not being allowed to be topless?????
  • stealth shaming????
  • white-passing male-passing trans fuckboys having an opinion on literally everything, especially feminism, sexism, transwomen, and SUPER ESPECIALLY RACISM????
  • actual females who are like 14 in full make up with long pretty hair and dresses LIKE “jennifer. 14. elf prince. he/him” or some shit in the ftm tag like tHIS IS NOT A GAME.
I am a 15-year-old girl and recently directed for the first time

On shooting day everyone was mucking around.  I started to get mad and was told to, “chill out.”

A male friend of mine stepped in to help film (the actual Camera Operator was sick of me telling him what to do).  My friend then told the crew the exact same thing I had said earlier (and in the same way I had said it). Everyone shut up and listened to him.  

I’m 15 and already being told that I should be directing differently (or not at all) just cause I’m girl.

I hate when ppl say that no girl groups are original or interesting and they all do the same thing and blah blah blah but they the same ppl who be losing their shit over the same old “we’re so different theres no one like us” sad ass dougie/nae nae/whip choreography having “my swag is on another level” hip hop facade ass boy groups like… whos really not being original here? 

anonymous asked:

I like to make wallpapers for my desktop and before Crystal aired I made one from the old anime. I just took a random fighting scene and freezed it and took a screencap, I did the same for the transformation scenes and got some beautiful material to use. Well animated. I tried doing the same thing to Crystal and tried the Moon Pride opening where the girls start blasting near the end. I can't even desribe what I saw. Seriously, go to the part where we see Sailor V with her chain and freeze it.

Naaaah, how bad can it possibly-



Okay. I’m trying to catch my breath.

There is a post going around showing the rainbow Bears on the night rbb was dressed as batman beside the covers of attitude.


Is this just an elaborate form of their pr looking to confirm the astroturfing that has been going on for weeks? Because this is what I’m seeing.

*Liam on the cover of a prominent LGBTQIA+ magazine that should have 12 pages focused on him

*some of the article is focused on him, but he also specifically mentions Louis and Harry as a pairing several times

*yes, he denies Larry hard core and brings Brianna and the baby into the spotlight again by supposedly legitimizing it, but LOOK PEOPLE. If there are people who regularly read this magazine and don’t already know about Larry, they sure as hell do now. That might make them question the baby and get them to go digging more about that, and we all know how shit that narrative is put together.

*who is Louis taken with? He’s taken? But he’s not dating Brianna according to all those articles. In fact he apparently has about four girls on standby so he can call them and casually date whenever he pleases. So again, who is he taken by?


Just. This is more of the same old shit on a different day, but the question is why now, why like this? Let’s all ponder that a bit and analyze it as much as possible since we missed out on opportunities to analyze the Bears the last two nights.

Oh, and welcome to the cult. Again. Tin hats worn with pride!

anonymous asked:

I've been following you for a long time and I've Always loved your post but after saying you don't like 5 seconds of summer! I'm sorry but your unfollowed

You know that’s really pathetic to unfollow someone just because they don’t like the same band as you. Not everyone has the same music taste. Some people like heavy rock other people like country but that’s why there’s so many different types of genre’s

If you actually read the ‘band rate thing’ I said I just have actually listened to any of their songs so therefore I can’t judge them- it’s not like I was saying omg they are so shit!!!

Because you said this it makes you seen like one of them annoying 12 year old fan girls who are obsessed with their 'babies’