same old pics


1964 / 1968 / 2016

he wore that jacket not only at the “a hard day’s night” premiere but also at “here we go round the mulberry bush” premiere (?)

The source of ahdn photo: beatlesphotovault

ok but akiteru is totally the type to have several pics of tsukki on his mobile and he’s always talking about how adorable his baby brother is and all of his classmates and colleagues are like dying to meet this adorable child that is akiteru’s younger brother and when they tell him this, akiteru says, “oh, i have pics of him with me” and they’re all excited to see a small kid with rounded, pink cheeks, big eyes and baby fat everywhere, but what they see is a lanky 188cm tall teenage boy with a deadpan expression


I remember when i first looked for cullen references and only had a pixel pic of his armor xD
Before the game was even out… ah good old times.
And best pic to make comparison in art development x)

anonymous asked:

3, 41 and 86 <3

3. what color are your eyes?

it’s this super weird light gray greenish blue. Like grayish turquoise idk

41. top 10 favorite songs

ok gET READY. They’re not in any particular order:

Panda Bear - Boys Latin

Hooray for Earth - True Loves ( absolute fav for many years)

twenty one pilots - Holding On To You

Tokyo Police Club - Bambi

Apothek - Waiting For The Thunder

FEiN - #Grownupz (heck Yeah)

BØRNS - American Money

Two Door Cinema Club - Sun (another absolute fav)

Studio Killers - Jenny (and another)

Stromae - Papaoutai

86. what is your phone background?

it’s these same old pics bc i love <3