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On Jessica Jung's Scandal

**Extremely long post ahead**

If you’re too lazy to read the whole goddamn thing, i’ve typed up a tl;dr for you. i know i get lazy too. but instead, if you read the whole thing, then thank you very much~ <3

Now, let’s enjoy the ride~

There’s going to be a lot opinions here so if you are weak-hearted/easily butthurt or simple can’t take into account of other people’s opinions, then saunter off because this post is not for you.

Tl;dr : Jessica was misbehaved and I feel like Jessica could’ve still benefit GG in a way! Do kpop idols always behave a certain way only for the public? Crying and saying certain things for sympathy votes or whatever? Think about it. Are they really playing the victim card or can we trust them? Even our biases can lie.

Since this is still a touchy subject to talk about and a lot of people want to look past this incident as if it never had actually happened, especially sensitive hearted SONEs (SNSD’s official fan club name), let’s start this on a happier note. I can’t wait for SNSD”s upcoming comeback! I really hope it would be better than Mr. Mr. since Mr. Mr. was quite meh. The MV was just aesthetically unpleasing and plain jane and the vocals weren’t exactly doing the song justice. And that awkward dance break sequence? But then again, what is Kpop without awkward dance/rap break sequences? And the meaning of the song alone? I approve. So yeah, score for song meaning. Thought the thought of SNSD continuing to promote as eight is extremely upsetting and just doesn’t seem to sit well inside my mind.

Okay, I digress.

Just like every other SONE out there, my heart broke when I heard the news that Jessica was kicked out of/left or whatever SNSD. The reason to that? We, the public, don’t know and probably never will. So I’ll try my best not to jump into any conclusions.

But of course, I want to know the reason why Jessica was out of the group. I guess she was kicked out since she, herself, said that she had no idea about the subject matter and was really upset about the situation. Definitely this was done against her will. Because if she had left the group with her own self-conscious, she wouldn’t have felt this horrible. (Assuming she does since she probably had mourned about it) Poor Jessica who was just minding her own business for a fan meet in China or whatever only to be informed that morning that she will never be promoting as a GG member anymore. I mean. Double what the fuck?

That is just plain fucked up.

There are sources that say SM had kicked Jessica out of SNSD but not the entertainment itself. If that makes sense. Honestly, what was going through SM’s mind when they did this? I can only imagine.

Maybe it was because Jessica wanted to start her own fashion business or whatever. But can I just say that that is completely unfair? There are other SM artists out there running their own businesses and cafes or whatever and they don’t seem to get flamed for it. What did Jessica do to deserve that kind of treatment? (Talk about a major double standard here.)

Other people had said that it was the SNSD members themselves who have decided to kick Jessica out of the team for ‘side-tracking’. That doesn’t even make sense at all. Every member in SNSD or any music group out there for that matter has the right to be diverse and do their own solo activities, Jessica included. I anything really, the members should cheer her on and hopefully Jessica might give them free sunglasses from her new collection before everybody else could purchase them. Just saying.

Again. SM and the SNSD members need to realize that SNSD is aging and that they can’t sing pop songs in an idol group forever. SNSD has an end to it. Jessica doing her business (this sounds ambiguous, lol) is smart. At the end of the day, Jessica has to do something to be able to put food on the table and have a roof above her head. Not only will the business benefit Jessica financially, but Jessica would also gain international recognition (something that most Korean idol groups yearn for) from the fashion business and it’s people and followers. If she were to stay in GG, she would be famously and professionally known as Jessica Jung from Girls’ Generation by a completely new (read: different and fresh) audience. It will also boost GG’s popularity in a way. But instead, she is known as Jessica Jung, creative director of Blanc and Eclare, who managed her business alone (and was skid away from GG.)

When fellow SNSD member Tiffany said on the last episode of Korean variety/talk show Strong Heart that she wanted SNSD to stay together after decades just like The Spice Girls did, I was happy. I mean, wouldn’t that be cool? They would be able to reminiscent of the old times where they had to act cutesy for the camera. But after Jessica’s incident, I’m starting to think that kpop idols often say those kinds of things just for the sake of saying it.

I’m not saying that Tiffany is fake, per se, and she probably meant what she had said back then. But SNSD as nine has been around for nearly a decade, their sisterhood bond should be almost unbreakable. And I assume nine is like their magic lucky number or something. It was such as shame that all those years they have spent together was thrown away down into the drain. How they could have turned their backs coldly and so fast against Jessica was mind-boggling. SNSD has been together for such a long time; they probably trained together back in the days. It’s unbelievable that their minds could change so easily about each other.

This makes me think that they could easily stab the next person in the group without any hesitation if they were to misbehave even the slightest bit. It is a sad thought indeed.

It also irks me that people say that Jessica is only still relevant because SNSD made her well known. Okay, that’s acceptable. But, I’m just going to put it out there that there a buckload of Gorjess Spazzers (Jessica’s official individual fan club name) who will support Jessica no matter what group she is in or whatever activities she might be doing. PREACH. Okay. Jessica is also one of the members that are slightly more popular. I dare say even that Jessica had also boosted SNSD’S popularity in a sense. SM made the wrong move to kick Jessica out. What is SNSD without our gorjess (JESSICA’S FLAMMIN’-JAMMIN’ WORDPLAY) ice princess? Incomplete. Jessica might not be the prettiest looking one like Yoona or the most talented in terms of singing and dancing like Taeyeon and Hyoyeon respectively, but that’s okay. Jessica is Jessica and we love her for she truly is. She adds color and depth to SNSD.

The situation really is vague that is saddens me to my core that the only thing I am able to do is speculate. In a recent interview, Jessica mentioned that she had no intentions on meeting Yuri when the both of them were in Hong Kong. Friendship over? That is just sad. Jessica even looked uncomfortable at the slight mention of GG. But then again, kpop has never really been the best at sisterhood/brotherhood relationships. Leave that to real people with real bonds!

There are so many other things I want to point out but these are all the things I can’t think off at the top of my head right now. Again, this is solely my opinion about the whole situation and I hope you respect that. My opinions shouldn’t change what you think about it and remember, other people’s opinions matter! You can have your own and I am entitled to mine. The same ol’ same ol’ agree to disagree. I will always support Jessica even if she has to stand alone on stage or a platform or whatever she has to stand on to be on a higher level than everybody else. I will also continue being a SONE even if SNSD will continue to promote as 8. I’m pretty sure the girls don’t feel too great about the situation as well. Everybody’s trying to maintain a tough exterior! Anyways, I would love to hear what you have to say about the situation also!

s/b: I don’t need butthurt SONEs telling me to fuck off and jump off a cliff. I have other shit to attend to. Thank you.