same miley

So when the media portrays Miley as hyper sexualized but accepts males doing the same thing, Miley can recognize sexism. She can talk about it and complain about it and demand that we accept her owning her sexuality. But when Nicki does the same thing with her sexuality and is passed over as a black woman, Miley thinks Nicki shouldn’t make it “all about her” and “take it too personally”.

Miley wants to talk about sexism but thinks Nicki shouldn’t talk about racism.

Miley wants to own her sexuality but doesn’t think Nicki was right to call out her snub for the Anaconda video in which Nicki owned her sexuality. 

Miley says “she knows whats going on” and has “Seen the statistics” but still wants to silence Nicki Minaj. 

 White feminism has never had a hero so ignorant. 

funny story

one time in sixth grade i got into a fight with my best friend. after some time, we started talking to each other again on msn messenger. we had been chatting for a while until we realized we hadn’t “officially” made up yet so she asked me “will you be my friend again?”. i then simultaneously thought back of the recent hannah montana episode i saw where lilly and miley fought and lilly asked the same question. miley’s answer was “no” “…i’ll be your BEST friend”. thinking that she was so cool saying that i wanted to reply the same way. so i sent her “no” and before i could type out the rest of it my internet decided to disconnect. needless to say, she didn’t talk to me after that.

When she was 15 her first controversy caused her some trouble, lots of celebs (including Madonna) defended that but ppl would prefer being angry
When she was 20 she cut her hair, she even had an interview right after that to explain. Basically no one out of the Smilers fam cared, haters and fake smilers only want to get mad #oldmileyisthemoststupidthingtosay
When she was 21 she got hate 200K times every second. However, her career had a big movement. She still explained it, even a whole documentary on mtv. Maybe that was 2013 when Miley realized that she could never get rid of her haters.
It has been a crazy ride for the last 2 years. People wanted the 2009ley, the 2010ley (but when she released Cant Be Tamed did ppl buy it then? Kidding me?!), the 2011ley, the 2012ley, and the 2013ley. It’s crazy and I even doubt myself when I see that much hatred thrown at her too. Am I doing this right? Why are people so mad ALL THE TIME?
In 2016 Miley became The Voice’s season 10 Key advisor. Basically 10/15 comments on The Voice facebook page is complaning bout stupid shits like how she’s a trainwreck (if she were actually a trainwreck with that voice I would see no problem, after all, it’s a TALENT competition not a I’M THE FAKEST AND MOST ELEGANT ROLE MODEL competition). First episode gathered 11,22M viewers which was The Voice top ratings ever since.
No matter what she does, how she does it, what she wears, what she says, people will always be offended. Like always. But they will use their offended minds to mention her name 24/7, watch her shows, her videos 200K times per minute, and then complaint. I’ve been so hurt the last 2 years with tons of hate but I guess I dont have to feel that anymore its too enough. They will help our Miley become more famous anyway