same michel. same


3x10 // 3x11

listen….,.,. mj being the jughead jones to peter’s betty cooper and not planning to make her feelings known but unwittingly growing closer to peter until it reaches a point where she just feels like she needs to let him know how she feels (although with a slower burn pls and thanks) and from that point holding onto her aloof broody sardonic nature around everybody but peter who knows her well enough to know she actually really gives a damn about the people close to her, and her just m e l t i n g whenever the sunshine boy blatantly tells her how much she means to him im…,,.,.., what A Concept

do you ever watch those lifestyle youtubers who show you healthy snacks and diy things to do for your room and you feel really motivated for a while like “omg yes i’m going to be so healthy and organised” but what you actually do is continue to lie in bed and watch youtube videos

The Signs as Quotes from Season 9 of Drag Race
  • Capricorn : "I was whispering that I wanted Blac Chyna and I'm VERY upset"
  • Aries : The whole "Valentina, your smile is beautiful!" speech
  • Taurus : "Can I take a smoke break?"
  • Gemini : "This year's Miss Congeniality is.... Valentina!"
  • Cancer : "You don't love me"
  • Pisces : "*Farrah Moan crying noise*"
  • Leo : "Farrah Moan, shut up"
  • Virgo : "*Sasha Velour screaming*"
  • Libra : "I'm sorry I insinuated that you were a prostitute"
  • Scorpio : "WHY ARE Y'ALL ACTING NEW"
  • Sagittarius : "Pillsbury called, they want their rolls back"
  • Aquarius : "*Any time Nina Bonina Brown says the other queens were plotting against her*"

Mulan and her fellow male soliders were the first disney characters to do drag. I demand that Mulan be a guest judge and her fellow soliders be contestants in season 10 of Rupaul’s drag race.

“Chien Po, sweetie, you need to push your aesthetic further”