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Lie until even you believe it - that’s the real secret of lying.

Me thinking about how in 2x01 lena was surprised by kara at least twice bc first probably no one has ever taken lena seriously whenever shed talk abt how she wanted to clean the luthor name and take the company 2 a new direction up until fucking kara danvers walks into her office and “can you understand that” and “yeah” and THEN when kara went 2 lena to make sure she rly wanted 2 go thru w her plans and showed concerns over her wellbeing and safety bc lmao whom the fuck has ever cared abt lena luthor ,,, really ??:??: andn.., u jus think abt how taken lena mustve been w kara since then bc they were basically strangers and ,,, kara actually cared and understood her since the first moment,,( and then how much theyve grown closer and ,,.,, how,,, it litsraly all started bc kara said she ynderstood lena i am bald its 5am i habent slept imgm never going to love anyoen the same way i lvoe lena luthor and kara danvers


graham is so fucking adorable and talks about getting his clothes at the salvation army in the 80s and then introduces “perfect love” by saying “this is the song about the rabbits and the fish and all other creatures created out of scales and fur at the same time”


this is so fuckkin funny and perfectly sums up leia’s character