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@ImmortalHD: loving these positive mentions in my notifications lately b o y s. thanks for that

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Hello, what psd do you use for your gifsets because it's truly stunning. Also your blog is super pretty and amazing. <3

wow thank you so much lovely anon, this is so sweet and it truly means a lot ♥♥

i make my own psds, but here’s the psd i used for my last shadowhunters set:



“Hardhome is an unholy place, it’s said. Cursed.”

Happy Birthday neodios and elentarihikari !!! you are amazing people and the best bunnies in the world and i hope you have a great day !!! I wasn’t sure when to post this so in between your birthdays it is @_@ I loved Berthold and Willard when i saw them so i chose them! I hope you like it (´ε` )♡