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Church bells on a Sunday afternoon. Salzburg, Austria

All of this is North Africa don’t let them get you by talking about some Middle East… Middle East of what should be your question to them!

Geography is important because it lets us know that the Egyptians and Hebrew are of the same family or that the Phoenicians and Hebrew are of the same people and language.

See geometry is important for brothers that be trying to figure out if we are Hebrews are Egyptians.

See this is why it’s so hard and can be confusing because it’s one of the same people… see they never ask that question because they are trying to get at it from the pink man’s point of view and his religious Dogma. The only way to get this is to study geography from etymology.

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So many people who surround louis speak for him & how he feels, he has to watch them pretend to care about him yet say such awful things. The language of that pap is probably the same manipulative language he's heard for years by his rotten team. "You can't be yourself, let's throw el at you and wash out your individuality maybe that'll work. JK here's a fake baby! You can't come out you'll be the lying weak gay who lied, everyone will hate you, you need to stay closeted to protect your family"

And Louis is still fighting and proud of who he is. What a angel, I’m so lucky to be a louie and support such an amazing guy 

You know what I want more of? Variety in aliens. No, I don’t mean more designs for alien species. I mean variety within a species. They always seem to have the same government, the same culture, the same religion, the same language. Come on, humans don’t work that way! 

“Say, there’s a Qualar over there. What are they saying?”

“No idea.”


“That’s a Kinzian Qualar. I’m a Surolian Qualar. You’d have just as much luck understanding them as I would. You’re lucky I even speak Human.”

“Human isn’t a language.”


"This Generation is too Sensitive"

Things baby-boomers find and/or found offensive.

1) Someone sitting down during a song

2) Interracial couples

3) People asking police not to execute innocent unarmed people

4) Same-sex couples

5) A black president

6) Black people sitting at the front of the bus

7) People saying “Hey if you could say ‘he’ instead of ‘she’ that’d be super"

8) Black people sitting in the same diner as them

9) People not speaking the same language as them at all times

10) Women’s breasts

11) People having a different religion than them

12) Women working

13) People saying “Happy Holidays”

14) Not being allowed to beat and/or rape their wives

15) Corporations not pandering to their religion

16) Black people attending the same school as them

17) Governments not pandering to their religion

18) Indigenous people having rights

19) People calling racists “racists”

20) People having AIDS

21) People calling homophobes “homophobes”

22) Single mothers

23) Schools teaching science instead of their religion’s dogma

24) Atheists

25) Being told they can’t hit their children

26) The mentally ill not being locked up and tortured

But suuuuuuure this generation is the easily offended one.

Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English

Mansplaining: an illustration
  • My male coworker, a lifelong busboy who flunked out of college: Hey, you're a linguistics major. Do you know why villa and villain come from the same root?
  • Me: Yeah, there was what's known as a semantic shift-
  • Male coworker: No, it wasn't a semantic shift. You see, back in the Roman empire, a villa was a large home out in the countryside.
  • Me: I know what a villa is.
  • Male coworker: And people from villas were known as villains...
  • Me: Like I said, I know the history of the word villain.
  • Him: *no acknowledgement* ...and people from the city thought that people who lived out in the countryside were strange, so over time...
  • Me: semantic shift
  • Him: The word villain came to mean someone who was suspicious or dangerous.
  • Me: Yeah, I know.
  • Him: Huh, I guess it was kind of a semantic shift. Anyway, now you know!
  • Me: Yep. Like. I. Said.

I’m going through a language crisis and my mind keeps switching between three different moods. Like…

  1. The “overachiever”: Only focus on French and make this the year where I completely immerse myself in the language and try to get to an approximately C1/2 level by the end of 2017.
  2. The “stick to the plan”: Keep focusing on French (it’s really bae #1 tbh) and then work on Chinese and Russian at a slower pace like I said I would.
  3. The “lol sod it mate”: Do I really want Chinese? Do I really want Russian? Naw lets learn Japanese instead cos yolo. And maybe German while I’m at it. But oh yeah hold up I really do want Chinese and Russian just catch ‘em all. PS don’t forget le français ya language ho.

And really I’ve been stuck in mood 3 for the past week and I don’t know what to do with myself.


Honestly this is what sells me on the fact that Janna has a crush on Star.

Look at her face when she discovers that Star has a crush on Oscar. She’s initially dissapointed, even saddened by it. It’s nearly the same expression, same body language that Star has when she realizes Marco’s in love with Jackie in Bon Bon.

Every subsequent time Star shows affection towards boys?


  • popular myth: because of shared roots, users of various slavic languages are able to understand each other perfectly and the language barrier is minimal
  • slavic people: *look at each other nervously*
  • slavic people: actually
  • slavic people: when we're drunk

The ‘ban’ is coded legislation for the white nationalists agenda. The goal is to create an 'out group’ as scapegoat, then use that out group as reason to deny rights and dehumanize.

Ex: if we get rid of the 'out group’, we can restore national pride. #NaziPlaybook

It’s the same coded language that call people 'illegals’. People are not illegal. What they do may not follow laws, but the person is not illegal. That is the language of fascist regimes.

Humans are weird

I suppose that by the time aliens have contact with humans, we will have almost completely destroyed the language barrier. Almost, but not quite.

Aliens are surprised that not every human can understand each other. After all, aliens have had a single common language for hundreds of thousands of years.

And besides that, humans that speak the same language oftentimes have very different accents, sometimes even to the point where two people, while speaking the same language, can’t understand each other! And, when they do understand, aliens watch their conversation in awe, because to them the two accents are two different languages.

Then there are the humans that have learned many languages. Imagine the shock when the humans casually switch languages during a conversation to make more sense.

But that’s not all! There are also mute and deaf humans, who speak with their hands. And wouldn’t you know it, there are different languages for ‘hand-speak’, too! Imagine aliens seeing their crewmate’s hands flying around in different patterns and their friend translating for them.

As if that weren’t enough, many humans have learned how to speak and write in fake languages. They’ll oftentimes use Elvish, Klingon, Na'vi and others if both humans understand it.

So many different languages! So many different ways to communicate! How are the humans able to keep track of them all?