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since you're not feeling super inspired, how about just some headcanons? on first kisses with sakamaki and mukami (or just sakamaki is fine if you don't want to do both)

//lmao first kisses are gr8
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💎S a k a m a k i 💎

🎧 Shuu 🎧
-the first kiss would not be initiated by him
-but if he thought they/you pulled away too quickly yeah that one he sure as hell will initiate.
-be prepared to be called a bold and lewd woman, with the lewd woman being even more than usual

🍵 Reiji 🍵

-He’d initiate it. It wouldn’t be any sort of accident either, at least, not to him
-The megane planned incidents to happen so he could get that kiss tbh
-No blame will be placed on you for once, and no punishment, you’ll be getting a reward this time actually, since you handled him kissing you so well and acted like a proper lady

💦 Laito 💦

-s h a m e l e s s
-he used the you have (insert food item here) on your face trick, he is not sorry
-kissing went to make out, make out lead to the bedroom, things may or may not have happened
-it’s Laito he will take any chance he’s got for some sexy times.

🍬 Kanato 🍬

-also used the same trick as Laito, but they/you actually had something. It was chocolate syrup
-FYI he put it there that’s why he had you working on that chocolate fudge cake
-also a shameless bastard
-He doesn’t take it to the bedroom but instead just peppers them/you in kisses
-He will bite them/you after, pleasure before pain right?

🏀 Ayato 🏀

-it was an a c c i d e n t
-they/you *cough he cough* tripped and your lips smashed together
-collision of teeth and lips and noses a little was painful
-but he didn’t really care he used the actual accident and just went with it
-he’ll totally say he planned the whole incident later, because “Yours Truly doesn’t trip”

🗡 Subaru 🗡

-he didn’t initiate it, they/you did
-he was red faced as all hell because dammit he’s supposed to be the one who initiates kisses and crap
-second kiss happens right after because after fuming he yanks you over and kisses them/you this time

🔮M u k a m i 🔮

📚 Ruki 📚

-he initiated the kiss with them/you
-he’s very slow and kinda gentle and passionate with it
-he wants Livestock to like it alright
-also considered a reward for being good

🎤 Kou 🎤

-hah kiss? Did you mean Make out session? Cause that’s what happened
-both sort of leaned in tbh, there is no clear true initiator.
-M Neko-chan tastes good
-10/10 would do again so he does-like right up till Ruki catches them/you both

🍎 Yuma 🍎

-very clearly Yuma is the initiator
-his kiss is kind of rough but don’t blame him he doesn’t know how to do gentle very well
-the next few were to the neck and collarbone
-he’s a rougher version of Laito only he does it in his garden
-Ruki very much disapproves

⚔ Asuza ⚔

-They/You initiate the kiss
-Asuza does not understand why it feels nice because it’s not pain so why does it feel good??
-the kiss is very tender and uncertain because Asuza isn’t sure about what he needs to quite do like should he bite your mouth or just go with the flow and kiss back
-he ends up doing a little of both
-he asks them/you to do it again because he must figure out why it feels good,eventually he gets it


like ???? I was okay with commercials on the tv bc it had some sort of variety but I see the same ones EVERY TIME and it’s getting me pissed off bc they aren’t even iconic

It’s either the Trojan condom ones where it’s just a bunch of straight white couples kissing and even ends with this lady who has a condom box STICKING OUT OF HER PURSE like??? THAT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF THE DISCREET PACKAGING IM Y E L L I NG

AND TH E N THERE ARE THE TWO SH/AME/LE/SS ADS which I have nothing against the show bc I haven’t even watched it ngl BUT THE EDITING IS SO?? ANNOYING LIKE idk man the repeating of the same word thing is just…………. I’m so annoyed

And when there are finally different commercials rolling in it’s becoming just as annoying. Like the iPad one. Could be significantly less annoying if it weren’t for that last line. “What’s a computer??”


It wouldn’t be so bad if they mixed it up but holy fucking shit

nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen
but they know the sound 
of their own damn scream

-nico vega, “million years”

first time I drew margolotta I was half way through a study of “madame x” so in my mind, margo has the same nose as madme pierre gautreau. that painting is also what started my love for drawing interesting noses!

also that song just s c r e a m s margolotta to me - badass and creeeepy

c r i m s o n  &  c l o v e r // 8tracks

a rock mix for queer ladies

01.joan jett - crimson and clover / 02. pj harvey - down by the water / 03. the bellrays - the same way / 04. melissa etheridge - come to my window / 05. hunter valentine - she only loves me when she’s wasted / 06. the runaways - you drive me wild / 07.  ida maria - stella / 08. melissa ferrick - drive / 09. the organ - sinking heart/ 10. dance yourself to death - only love / 11. vanity theft - bit by bit

Okay so an all-women Avengers movie

I’ve had some thoughts about this so just bear with me a moment

The general plot inciting Thing would be info getting out somehow that S.H.I.E.L.D encountered and subsequently hid away the Time Gem some 40 years ago, and that the only agent involved who’s still alive is Peggy Carter, which brings down the wrath of like everyone from Hydra to Thanos.

And then from there as many women possible get involved like

  • Sharon was visiting her great-aunt Peggy when the first goons came to try and abduct her, and Sharon beats them all senseless, takes Aunt Peg, and runs
  • Nat hears about this and starts investigating with Wanda’s help
  • Nebula gets sent to find the Time Gem by whoever you want, Thanos or someone else or whatever I just like Nebula
  • Gamora is chasing her and trying to beat her to the Gem so she can get it to the Nova Corps
    • Maybe she has Captain Marvel with her? Played by Charlize Theron? PLEASE
  • Sharon hides herself and Peggy underground with May, Skye, Bobbi, and World’s Biggest Peggy Carter Fangirl Jemma Simmons
  • Sif gets dispatched by Loki!Odin to protect Peggy’s info and retrieve the Time Gem if possible
  • Hope shows up with her shiny new Wasp suit because fuck off, if people are getting punched in the face Hope van Dyne wants in
    • “Eat a dick Scott I handled it”
  • Eventually all the ladies team up because they’re all on the same side 
  • Hill is running mission control as usual, maybe with help from her bff Pepper
  • Bonus points if Pepper has to suit up (don’t tell me Tony doesn’t still have suits synced to protect her) during an attack and saves everyone’s asses with a well-placed repulsor blast
    • (Double points if someone is like “Hey, thanks for the rescue”)
    • G I V E  M E   R E S C U E  I N  T H E  M C U
  • And then during the final battle at the end Peggy manages to get hold of the Time Gem (don’t ask me why they brought the 94 year old lady to a fire fight, maybe they need her finger print to get the Gem or some shit work with me) and de-ages herself so we get aNOTHER CENTURY OF PEGGY CARTER
  • Inevitably someone’s gonna get hurt, so bring in Dr. Cho
  • There’s Asgardians and space and shit, Jane could do stuff
  • Also there’s totally room here to introduce Courtney Eaton as Kate Bishop and Stephanie Beatriz as Jessica Drew, amiright?
  • Instead of an unnecessary heterosexual romance there’s an unnecessary queer romance and Nat and Gamora kiss at the end. And any other ladies you want. Gays for days.
  • The end credit is just like 15+ badass brilliant women sitting around eating pizza having a good time
  • It makes a bajillion dollars and I die happy