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Honestly before episode 15 I thought Ed was going to hallucinate Oswald involuntarily like he did himself and Kristen, but the fact he did it voluntarily by taking pills just made it 100x better 


I’m aware there’s flaws in my theory…but I think I’m on to something


When I read back into the history of SPN, and I found out that the role of Ruby was written for Kristen Bell, to be honest the disappointment I had that she didn’t take it was pretty real. I fell in love with Bell when she played Flora on Deadwood and as a matter of fact, Flora would have been an interesting model for Ruby, given her turn on a dime personality. 

So after getting over the disappointment I was glad that they found Katie to be Ruby. Katie Cassidy did a great job with Ruby because she maintained an interesting aloofness that made you really want to figure the character out, while at the same time wish that Dean would have put a bullet in her head the moment he met her. Cassidy brought instant mystery, and instant charisma to our screens, and her introduction to Sam was one of the best introductions of a new character we had see to date. Killing 2 demons with a knife and leaving with a slick one liner was just so great. Katie was amazing in season 3 because as much as you wanted to her dead, you also wanted her to be an ally.

Season 4 brought a new Ruby, and to be honest, not the Ruby I would have wanted to see. I get that Katie wanted more money, and more power to her, women have it tough in Hollywood so I’m proud that she went for it but sad because we lost an amazing character

I found out that Katie didn’t re-sign because after season 3 they weren’t even sure that Ruby would be in the story anymore and the writers strike also brought problems, so she signed on to do something else. 

Genevieve Cortese didn’t bring any of the foundation for Ruby that Katie had laid with her. She brought a heavy air to the character that felt like one part tomboy and one part 80′s hair band groupie that just washed the character out. I’m not going to say that Genevieve didn’t have some moments on the show that were ok, because she did, but her weak acting and lack of chemistry with everyone in the room made a once badass character a footnote character at best. 

I always think about what Ruby’s final scene would have been like in the hands of Bell or Cassidy. I wonder if I would have been sad to have her gone, if I would have mourned for her loss like I did Zachariah ( as much as I hated Zach, Kurt Fuller created a character that just blew me alway. Kurt made you see Zach’s underbelly and real issues and see him for what he really was, a suit that was just worried about his job, a solider that just wanted an end, a guy who wanted to retire to Paradise someday) 

However Ruby’s death on the show will always be my favorite. I don’t think I have ever felt more happy for Dean when he could finally knife her, and put out the garbage that had been collecting for too many years. To finally do what should have been done. 


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