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Can you gif some other times where Kelley/Alex were there for each other when they got injured during a game?

well that’s oddly specific, but YA fam here you go! (in no particular order):

(usa v can)

(sbfc v por)

(usa v nzl)

(usa v tri)


DeForest Kelley + MIlkshake in A Time To Kill

ravenhull  asked:

As that McCoy appears to have been your favorite Star Trek character (something I can get behind), what did you think of Karl Urban's performance?

I think it’s brilliant. There are moments when he channels De Kelley SO PERFECTLY that it’s positively uncanny. …It also touches me that he insists on wearing the same ring that Kelley insisted on wearing all through shooting (a gift from his mother, IIRC).

Anyway. He’s terrific. I pray daily that another Kelvin-period movie is written that gives him something to really stretch himself in the part. Troublesome, in that it’s an ensemble situation at best… but oh well.

Meanwhile: I don’t know about McCoy being my favorite Trek character. Certainly it was always a serious pleasure to have a chance to write him as a medical professional instead of just some crotchety foil to Kirk or Spock. But then, to the best of my knowledge I remain the only professional Trek writer (either on the canonical or noncanonical side) to have certification and work experience in one of the caring professions. (I could be wrong on this, but I doubt it.) And it was a pleasure to be able to bring that expertise to the table.

My problem has always been that in a show where the dramatic cathexis is spread so evenly among the Big Three, it’s impossible (for me) not to love them more or less equally. Don’t get me started on Kirk (my second Great Love in the fandom). And seriously, don’t get me started on Spock. (My first.)

So I pretty much avoided talking about this ever since I saw it myself but I guess I have to address it at some point and luckily some blog decided to help me address it today.

I write a long post about this because I’ve been on Tumblr for just about 8 years now and seen enough drama in the wrestling world of this website (never mind Twitter and other sites) to where it’s gotten harmful. There are various ages of people on here who are wrestling fans, so targeting a specific age group is useless. Any and everyone can act like this, and if it was simple curiosity, I get it. We’re all curious about things. But going from “Hmm I wonder” to “Look at this photo let’s study it for hours to find clues” to “I CAN’T BE YOUR FAN ANYMORE BECAUSE I FOUND ALL THIS STUFF YOU DIDN’T INTEND TO GET OUT” is scary. If it was related to a social issue and from the past but on a public platform and delivered by the subject themselves, of course you can witch hunt and declare them a castoff, whatever you feel is best to call them out and ignore them. But for something like this? Someone living their life? It needs to stop.

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