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DeForest Kelley + MIlkshake in A Time To Kill

Do you ever cry because the next in line for captaincy after Becky and Carli on this roster are Pinoe, Christen and Kelley? Because same.

ravenhull  asked:

As that McCoy appears to have been your favorite Star Trek character (something I can get behind), what did you think of Karl Urban's performance?

I think it’s brilliant. There are moments when he channels De Kelley SO PERFECTLY that it’s positively uncanny. …It also touches me that he insists on wearing the same ring that Kelley insisted on wearing all through shooting (a gift from his mother, IIRC).

Anyway. He’s terrific. I pray daily that another Kelvin-period movie is written that gives him something to really stretch himself in the part. Troublesome, in that it’s an ensemble situation at best… but oh well.

Meanwhile: I don’t know about McCoy being my favorite Trek character. Certainly it was always a serious pleasure to have a chance to write him as a medical professional instead of just some crotchety foil to Kirk or Spock. But then, to the best of my knowledge I remain the only professional Trek writer (either on the canonical or noncanonical side) to have certification and work experience in one of the caring professions. (I could be wrong on this, but I doubt it.) And it was a pleasure to be able to bring that expertise to the table.

My problem has always been that in a show where the dramatic cathexis is spread so evenly among the Big Three, it’s impossible (for me) not to love them more or less equally. Don’t get me started on Kirk (my second Great Love in the fandom). And seriously, don’t get me started on Spock. (My first.)

Why I love Jem and the Holograms IDW

So today is the one year anniversary of IDW’s Jem and the Holograms comics. The series has had many artists with all the specials and things already but the same amazing writer throughout Kelley Thompson ( @1979semifinalist). The starting artist and my personal favorite artist working in the industry Sophie Campbell ( @mooncalfe ) has also put so much into this series to make it the series it is today. Jem is also the first series where I really said, damn this colorist is doing some crazy special things. Victoria ( @shouri ) is just a brilliant colorist who really helped make Jem the special comic it is today. I’m not going to write a review of the series i’ve already featured it in my Shining Comics series ( ) and I got several crazy idea posts about Jem I am making (and here is one about a Jem dating sim game I thought of ). Instead I want to just write in general about what is so special about IDW Jem, why it matters to me, and stuff like that.

Jem and the Holograms is so special in part because the commitment to woman power the series has. Our original line up is obviously is coated with woman talking about perhaps the most iconic 80′s female cartoon series and making it amazingly modern. Even when parts of the art team leave Kelly (and maybe other wonderful IDW people) work very hard to add other amazing female artists to do the art for the series. Inside the series too all the woman feel fleshed out and the diversity adds to their nearly being a character for everyone to look up to. While obviously not everything is represented it isn’t something I think anyone has ever managed to do and maybe not ever will. I do think that diversity is always on Kelly’s mind for the series so I am sure as it keeps going we’ll keep seeing cool new bits of representation. Kimber, Stormer, Blaze all mean so much to me personally and I really do have to thank the series for making them a reality.

The series has a wonderful style thanks to Sophie and I just adore seeing all these body shapes, new outfits, hair cuts, and more get featured in this series. These designs really hold up and it’s amazing that when you’re a great designer you can change hair, outfits, etc so many times but each character always still looks like themselves. It’s so rare to experience that in comics where I’m not looking at a character based on their outfit or hair but their face and body tell enough.

Another thing I adore about IDW Jem is it’s not afraid to get a little crazy. The Valentine’s day special while I guess not really being canon had some magic stuff and Dark Jem is a truly outrageous idea. The specials always got some fun things going on it and I just love the utter amount of creativity that is on display in this series about a band that could have been just that simple. Sometimes like with the examples I mentioned I go “That’s not what I would have done” but I mean I am not the writer and I still really enjoy the issue even if I would have done a few tweaks.

This is a series that is fostering woman creators as well as fostering a new generation of fans. I had no interest in the Jem characters before reading this and now I think about them all the time. This series converted me into a mega fan of it’s universe and I’m so glad that I had given it a chance. It’s crazy how it turned into a series how now I hope one day maybe I’ll be able to sink my teeth in creatively as well.  The series may not be for everyone but it’s for way more then enough amazing people out there. Give Jem and the Holograms a chance you can buy the first trade paperback at a ton of places physically or issues are all up on comixology. No one else is the same as this comic and I hope it lasts for a very long time.

I want to mention it’s still #TransComicsMonth so if you haven’t been looking on here and on twitter tons of trans creators like Sophie Campbell are being highlighted for their amazing works. Thank you so much for reading all this and I hope you keep an eye out for way more content like this in the future.


In William Shatner’s Star Trek Movie Memories, the director of Star Trek V outlined his original plot for the film. This more serious take featured Spock and McCoy following Sybok, leaving Kirk alone to confront “God” and the Vulcan.

Nimoy outright refused to appear in the proposed movie, saying that there was no chance at all that Spock would turn against the man who had sacrificed so much for him in Star Trek III. Shatner tried his best to argue with his co-star and friend, but Nimoy was steadfast: “pain or no pain, brother or no brother, Spock would not betray Captain Kirk.”

The same day, DeForest Kelley came to Shatner and stated that had the same problems with the script: under no circumstances would McCoy turn his back on Kirk.

Citing both actors’ knowledge of their own characters, Shatner began to make changes to the plot outline. While he writes that he doesn’t know whether or not those changes were the best thing for the final product, Shatner admits that if someone else had written a script where McCoy and Spock turn against Kirk, he would have raised the roof over it himself.

ok i have been kind of freaked out about the kind of role Tico sisters (Rose+Paige) might play in the tlj, but instead of worrying about whether or not they gonna be reduced to love interests for some cishet bullshit, I think it’s more effective for me to speculate about what kind of characters they are what kind of their sibling relationship they have. 

What planet were Rose Tico and Paige Tico from?? Were they from the same planet Jessika Pava is from? Maybe that’s one of the spasian (space asian) planets? What motivated them to join the resistance? Paige seems like a new recruit–did she join because of pilot recruitment posters produced after the destruction of starkiller base? Was Rose a new recruit too? Who was she before she joined the resistance? Did Rose have a special interest in machinery growing up? Did she studied mechanical engineering in university? Gathering from the little bit of info we do have of Rose, it seems that she was disillusioned about her role in the resistance cause she feels like she couldn’t help enough as a mechanic. Was she trying to be a pilot, but can only resort to be a mechanic? Was she jealous of her sister when she is informed that Paige get to be pilot? Were paige and Rose close? Paige seems like the more conventionally attractive one, not to mention she’s also taller. As an asian girl, I didn’t grow up with a sibling, but I do know the pressure of looking more like someone like Paige growing up. Does Rose also feel that pressure growing up? Was Paige older than Rose or younger than Rose? Is Rose the older sibling that always cares for her younger sister, and tries to keep her out of trouble, and even though she cares a lot for her sister, she still feels like she’s always living in her sister’s shadow? Or were they both very supportive of each other growing up,  and Rose never felt she’s somehow the less attractive daughter? 

i need to know more about these two characters!!!!