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Exposure to difference, talking about difference, and applauding difference — the hallmarks of liberal democracy — are the surest ways to aggravate those who are innately intolerant, and to guarantee the increased expression of their predispositions in manifestly intolerant attitudes and behaviors. Paradoxically, then, it would seem that we can best limit intolerance of difference by parading, talking about, and applauding our sameness.

Karen Stenner, The Authoritarian Dynamic, cited by Thomas Edsall in The End of the Left and the Right as We Knew Them

Or, as Peter Beinart says, 

it means celebrating America’s diversity less, and its unity more.

Me: All these Klance reach posts are pretty funny but they also, quite frankly, give the writers way too much credit and only set the fandom up for further disappointment :/

Keith: (goes out of his way to describe how he’ll be sleeping tonight to Lance approximately 21 minutes and 50 seconds into Season 1, Episode 2 “Some Assembly Required” (© 2017 DreamWorks Animation LLC))


Hey so listen at one point in the comics Matt Murdock tells Karen Page that Daredevil is his identical twin brother Mike Murdock and she believes him and I think about that at least once a day

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  • [During a training exercise]
  • Cassie Sandsmark: Sorry you got stuck with me. I bet you wanted to be with Karen.
  • Mal Duncan: Have you ever been on the same team as Karen?
  • Cassie Sandsmark: No.
  • Mal Duncan: Have you ever gone into a steel cage with a wolverine?

Possible unpopular opinion: I’d honestly be fine if Karen Page leaves Daredevil to become a series regular on The Punisher. I’d rather watch a whole season with Matt and Elektra anyways. 

This isn’t Karen hate, she’s just a better fit with Frank. Same with Matt and Elektra. 

The Scars That Don’t Heal

A/N: Hey guys! Still not off of my hiatus, sorry (tbh I’m kind of liking not being on tumblr a lot. I’m getting a lot done, for once). BUT I didn’t forget about Nalu Angst Week and BOY ARE YOU IN FOR A SHOW PHEW!! I can’t wait to unveil my entire story and yes, you heard right. For the rest of the week, I will be writing chapters that all take place in the same storyline and universe. It’s like a really small multi-chap. Figured I’d get my feet wet some more before continuing with Cataclysm (and I can’t WAIT to pick that up again!!). AAANYway…here is part one: The Scars That Don’t Heal

rating: T

words: 3216

pairings: nalu, duh

summary: He had given in, and she was too late. There was nothing she could do besides beg and plead for him to come back to her. She knew it was in vain, that the words would never reach him. But there was still a sliver of her that hoped he was still in there. In the end, her kindness gave her scars that would never let her forget when her happiness had slipped through her fingers.

There was a time where she was looked on with admiration and envy. She couldn’t walk down the street without getting catcalled or hear a woman scoff under her breath just because she wore something that made her feel confident, albeit a bit more immodest than some would like. .  She’d be able to walk up to vendors and, if she played her cards right, she could land a pretty decent discount. It didn’t exactly work half the time, but that was beside the point. She even managed to land a pretty big following when she had posed for Sorcerer Weekly way back when and she hadn’t even tried for that one.

That seemed like years ago now

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