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↪ the captain and the rookie

My aesthetic: journalist calls Patrick Kane so he can gush about how great Sidney Crosby is.

…“At the beginning of the season, he probably didn’t get off to his best start,” said fellow Hart Trophy nominee Patrick Kane on the phone Tuesday. “He faced adversity and had people questioning him. But the way he answered the bell, that was impressive.”

[…] Mind you, the Chicago Blackhawks star, who shares the same agent as Crosby, was getting a little anxious about the scoring derby as No. 87 kept pouring it on.

“I texted Pat Brisson one time and was like, ‘Tell Sid to slow down here, I’d like to win a [scoring] title here myself.’ He was just on fire,” said Kane, chucking.

Which is why, when Crosby’s lack of offensive productivity was called into question again early in the playoffs during the Penguins’ series with the Washington Capitals, Kane was sure it was only a matter of time until he got going again.

“I thought he was absolutely dominant in Game 7 against Tampa Bay,” Kane said. “And he looked really fast and possessed [in Game 1 of the Cup finals], just controlling the puck and controlling the game. He got an assist, but he probably could have had five or six points with some of the plays he was making out there. As a fan, it’s fun to watch.”

And, Kane added, Crosby is clearly sacrificing personal offense in the playoffs in the name of winning.

“What’s fun to watch about him right now, as an offensive player, as a scorer, you have to have that type of impact on the game where you’re scoring every game and creating chances,” Kane said. “But for the good of his team, he’s playing a complete game. It’s not just offensive and just trying to pick up points.

“He’s still an effective player offensively but it seems like it’s not his main focus right now,” Kane continued.

[ x ], June 1, 2016