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Bandstand Things 8/26

•Corey Cott shaking and crying in “Right This Way”
•Mrs. Adams being the biggest Donny+Julia shipper.
•Donny trying to tell a joke and Julia doesn’t get it so he just like shakes his head and mumbles “Nevermind.”
•Donny and Julia dancing at the end and Donny’s happy face was just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
•The hecking ensemble dancing the whole time was just so beautiful.
•Corey Cott in a tank top during “Donny Novitski.”
•Julia’s costumes
•"I don’t suffer from alcoholism. I ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF IT!“
•Bayer f-ing Aspirin
•The band played all of their instruments so beautifully.
•The kiss of the century.
•Corey Cott in suspenders.

Also, when I was at the stagedoor, someone’s container of protein powder fell out of the window and hit someone at the stagedoor. The security person told Corey and Corey was just like, "REALLY! ” I still want to know who’s it is.

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That gif when the interviewer talks about Harry and Dunkirk.... he instantly smiles and lights up, but then he quickly schools in face into something more neutral... did you notice that? Like the way his face goes back to neutral is not normal, it's too sudden, which means it wasnt natural. His first reaction of smiling was natural, but he then the rest is like he reminded himself he couldnt react like that...

logbook entry 4285624: louis fonded over harry, quickly schooling his features afterwards (refer back to entries 246-4174822)


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries 5 Year Anniversary - My Sisters: Problematic to Practically Perfect - Ep: 2 (April 12th 2012)

Lydia. We’re all very proud she’s now too old to be on any reality shows about having babies in high school.

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I'm wondering if Louis did this for Harry. I have a feeling Harry is not happy about this either, I'm sure it brings up a lot of bad memories from the harsh closeting of their past that they both probably never thought they'd relive so...I just wonder if Louis did this for him. Not for us but him. I think because Harry is so hidden lately we often forget how it might be for him in the background hurting right along with Louis. I just have this feeling in my gut this declaration was for him❤

you and me both 💚💙

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