same jd

So I just finished watching both movie and musical versions of Heathers and hot damn is JD done differently in the beginning.

Like yeah, they both end up basically the same way but musical JD gave off very few red flags to me at the beginning. He did the whole trench coat and “look at me I’m deep” shit, but that’s high school boy? The draino thing was when I was like “eehhhhhhhhhh that wasn’t a joke like you’re trying to play off but ok”.

But movie JD? Holy shit. He’s one giant ass red flag. Veronica honey. Love yourself. Avoid at all costs please for everyone’s sake. We’re only 15 minutes in and he’s pulled out a real ass gun

au where heathers is told through jd's conversations with his hamster instead of veronica's diary entries
  • jd to his hamster: slushy, i met a girl. and i head-butted a kid. i think she was impressed.
  • jd to his hamster: slushy, her name is veronica and her friends are mean to her. i think i should murder them. what do you think? (yeah, jd i think that's a good idea). i think so too.
  • jd to his hamster: slushy, i had sex and murdered someone on THE SAME NIGHT!!!!!
  • jd to his hamster: slushy, my dad will not be speaking at our wedding.
  • jd to his hamster: slushy, these kids at school started a rumor about veronica. (oh, well, jd you should murder them) RIGHT???
  • jd to his hamster: don't worry slushy, this bomb will get her back.