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Honestly Kylo Rens whole character makes 100% more sense once you understand that he is, above all, hurt and afraid, and he wants not to be, and he has no idea how to make that happen. It’s why his actions are so wild and inconsistent and unpredictable- he really is just throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks, and none of it is working because he’s completely failing to identify or address the source of his pain and fear.


Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤

have you accepted Damon Albarn as your lord and savior?

because Humanz is a revelation.

GB!Week pt. 1

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McGonagall: now class, what is the difference between an animagus and a werewolf?

McGongall: yes, Ms. Black?

Remi: …particularly around the full moon.

McGonagall: …..while I appreciate the compliments, those were not the answers I was looking for.


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They look at each other, their burdens lifted slightly, their pain not gone but mellowing. Words unsaid. - The Prom script | They both smile. Two old soldiers. - The Yoko Factor script | They are both pained and comforted by the powerful bond between them. - Forever script |