same idek

that’s nathan’s car, with a fixed light and a new paint job. (it has the same license plate.)

not sure what that means exactly but it’s definitely worth pointing out.

and the fact that it’s still here means that wherever he went is most likely somewhere within walking distance (or he took the bus i guess but why when he has a perfectly good car)

… wait but his jacket is (maybe) in the dark room??? and chloe & max drove there?? but maybe it’s closer to blackwell than it is to chloe’s house, idk. just brainstorming here.

*teacher asks question*

*looks away absently pretending to think hard about it…*

*teacher gets impatient and answers for me…*

thanks dude

I’m gonna be honest, I took a break from Tumblr and it’s hard to come back. I see sooooo much negativity. So much. I’m trying to go back to posting things and trying to talk but it looks like I’m alone really. I don’t know what to do like? Deleting? Taking another break?
Wow after more than a year of Tumblr I feel tired of seeing people fighting always about the same subjects idek

I love my family

And not just because I should and they aren’t arseholes. I decided earlier that a cardboard cereal box (finished with and flattened) would make a good hat and so put it on my head. Here is where the familial love comes into it, I then wondered round my house for several hours with my spectacular cheerios hat and not once did my family say it was weird or ask me what I was doing. The only comment my mum made was “neat hat chook”. I’ll say it again, sometimes they can be a pain but I love my family

anonymous asked:

Where do you go to uni? Bc my uni starts on the same date as yours so it might be the same one Idek. I'm going to the University of Manchester btw.

well I am from Poland and I am going to the uni here :) congrats on getting into your uni btw