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Do you think that when Hiccup spoke on the Morning Show, that in Astrid’s hut, a semi-sleepy Heather said to Astrid “Your boyfriend’s talking” and Astrid’s response was a sleepy, “Shut up.” 

Jack: If you have to worry about anyone freaking out, worry about Hiccup.

Hiccup: Damn straight *high fives Jack*

Hiccup: …

Hiccup: Wait, why did I high five you for that?

Jack: Cause you’re a sucker for a high five *raises hand again*

Hiccup: Damn straight I am *high fives Jack again*

  • Snotlout: You know... My dad used to say something that would fire me up when I was behind.
  • Hiccup: Yeah? What?
  • Snotlout: (pointing in Hiccup's face) LOSER! YOU'RE A LOSER! Are you feeling sorry for yourself?! WELL YOU SHOULD BE 'CAUSE YOU ARE DIRT! You make me SICK you big baby! Baby want a bottle? A BIG DIRT BOTTLE?!
  • Hiccup, crying: Why are you yelling at me?!
  • Snotlout: ... Uhh...
  • Tuffnut: Maybe too obvious. Hiccup! It’s a trap! Unless Viggo wants us to think it’s a trap. See, if he knows we know it’s a trap, he must think we won’t fall for it. So, so if we do fall for it, he’ll be the one caught off guard!
  • Hiccup: In a weird way, that sort of makes sense.
The Awesome Timing of Hijack Week

So it’s hijack week currently (June 21 - 27) and I’m utterly gobsmacked by the amount of feelings I’m having not just for my gay OTP, Hiccup and Jack, but by the amazing timing of real world events. HIJACKERS, America just legalized same-sex marriage across the nation. I am so happy! 

(I expect celebratory marriage fics. Hehe.)

Congrats, America for deciding to finally grant LGBT people this important human right.

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Here’s to a brighter tomorrow for the freedom to love!


About Rapunzel in Housemates!AU
Most of her life Punz was locked up and lived with adoptive mother Gothel, suffering from her hyperprotection . Only thanks to the invitation from the university in another city, she was able to move and begin to live by herself. But sometimes she misses home.
Rapunzel is very kind and sweet person, optimist and always friendly. She cooks well and does it with pleasure, and she can help with cleaning or something else.
Most of the time.
Punz studying at the Faculty of Arts, and when exams on painting starts, she becomes a bit… nervous. But she`s still a very good neighbour :3

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“A friendship that transcends lifetimes?”

It was a good thing to think about. The nations didn’t overly know about
the dragons on the island mainly because it was a hugely kept secret.
But the Fire Prince himself came here seeking refuge. So it was only
natural he found out about the creatures being protected here. 

Thinking on the matter the small firebender could only think of one
that has done so. 

“I do…but not with people…rather dragons.”

It was the only thing he could think about. The two ancestors he had
who bore the same name as he did had such incredible bonds with
dragons. It was only natural for it to happen with him as well. It may
have not been a good example but it was better than nothing. 

“People can be reborn…time and time again as someone else
but sometimes the ties they had with people can transfer to another.
I don’t know how it works but I know its possible.”

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if you want to do hiccstrid you should do a chb au... maybe son of hephaestus and daughter of ares? festus-is-toothless type of thing?

Henry Haddock III has always been an odd sort of demigod, and that was long before his dragon came into the picture.  

He’s the skinny, scrawny son of a legendary legacy of Ares and the goddess Athena, and his messy bronze hair makes him stick out like a sore thumb at any gathering with all his platinum and golden haired siblings. Mr. D calls him Hiccup by mistake at his first campfire, and it ends up being so fitting for him, most of the campers forget that it’s not actually his real name.

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