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The Best

pairing: platonic hamilsquad x depressed!reader

genre: angst! modern au

word count: 1700

warning: mentions of depression, death/suicide

summary: you haven’t been at school all week, you haven’t been answering texts. eventually, the boys decided that they’re not going to wait for you to reply anymore, and take matters into their own hands.

a/n: yoo so sorry for the angsty thing, i was planning on putting up some starboy laurens fluff but ive been having a pretty bad day meself so. wrote some angst cuz it made me feel better. if you’re having a bad day i hope it helps and i hope u feel good tomorrow!

You had spent the week in bed. Your work was beginning to pile up – in both a metaphorical and literal sense, you thought as you looked at the pile of papers on your desk – and you probably got more texts in the past five days than you’ve gotten in the past year. Everyone was worried about you. Just today, Alexander had left you 3 voicemails and he sent you 51 messages in the span of 6 minutes; John sent you 2 pictures of Lafayette and Hercules playing checkers, and then one of himself pouting because, as he put it, he ‘wanted to see you’; Lafayette sent you a video of himself singing some French song that was supposed to be a lullaby but it didn’t really help; Hercules sent you a picture of himself in a ridiculous hat. 

Nothing cheered you up. You hadn’t had this bad of a spell in years, but lately things had gotten worse and couldn’t bring yourself to do anything. You just couldn’t.

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We’re all stories in the end...

What will follow is a very long explanation of why I think BBC Sherlock has become fan fiction in every sense of the word, applying a technique called estrangement effect to achieve as well as envision this. It has been happening since S3 - but came into full force in S4 and especially TFP.

Let me state at first: Sherlock Holmes is dead. He died after jumping off Bart’s. That’s the one thing Mofftisson did that no other adaption has dared to do. Not even ACD did describe Holmes dying. But Mofftisson showed us: Sherlock jumped and hit the pavement. We saw it, and it was never explained how he survived. Because he didn’t. What we watch in TEH is altered footage, like in the beginning of TST. Alienated ficitional reality.

But still Sherlock came back. How is this possible? Because Sherlock Holmes never lived, and so could never die; because Sherlock Holmes as a fictional character has long ago crossed the line between ficiton and reality. He exists in both worlds, the ficitonal and ours. Schödinger’s Sherlock, so to speak.

Mofftiss (and Steve Thompson) have adapted Holmes for the 21st century - with all its consequences. They are the first who allow Holmes to die - as it should have been, in Watson’s arms. This is truly new - like it or not.

But why could he survive? Because of the fans. Fans brought Holmes back in 1903 - and they brought him back in S3 (or even MHR). Whereas S1 and S2 might still be somehow canon compliant if modernised, with S3/MHR the show left the realm of ACD and became something else. It became our story. We are the narrators. Therefore, we appear, for example, as Anderson or the Empty Hearse Club, before we, in TAB, leave this concrete narrator position behind to ascend onto yet another narrative level.

Many commented (and lamented) the change from S2 to S3. The show became a romcom! The cases didn’t matter anymore! All those new characters! All true - because the BBC adaption had detached itself from ACD and started to become its own work of art, it’s very own pastiche. That might be self-referential; and perhaps wasn’t even always well made (TFP!) - but I think we should stop applying real life structures and standards to this work of art - because it simply doesn’t work. (And, as every writer, Mofftiss have the right to fuck their own story up).

The audience and fandom struggle with a lot of twists after S2 because making the distinction between canon compliant fictional verisimilitude and the realm of associative fan fic is especially hard to mark with a figure like Holmes - who seems real and yet never was. On the other hand, he is the perfect character to undergo such a narrative transformation.

If this interests you, please continue under the cut.

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... Right; Greg Lestrade x Reader

Requested by Anon: Please write Greg and the reader in a secret relationship. One day the reader walks out of Greg’s office after having sex and meets Sherlock and John only to be called after by Greg who yells that the reader forgot their bra in his office, not realising that everyone would be there, including Molly, Anderson and Donovan. They begin to protest about to the relationship because if they break up their dynamic won’t work until Greg declares he loves her for the first time. Sorry this is so long.

Hope this length is okay!

You were quickly redressing yourself in your boyfriend Greg Lestrade’s office. With your clothes and his littered all over the office, it wasn’t a very speedy process but Sherlock and John were on their way to help with a case and there was no way you could be caught in Greg’s office.

“How much longer till they get here?” you asked Greg, who was retying his tie while you pulled on your heels.

“Any minute.”

“Alright. I’m going to head down and pretend I was waiting for them,” you said as you gave Greg a quick peck on the lips. “I’ll see you… well in a couple of minutes.”

You ran out of his office while fixing your ID before you literally bumped into not only John and Sherlock but Molly also. “Oh, you’re here early…”

“We’re actually right on time,” Sherlock retorted. “What are you doing here already?”

While you racked your brain for an excuse Greg called for you from his office. “Y/N! You forgot your bra!” he yelled before peeking out from his office and seeing the array of people staring at him.

“Wait, you and Lestrade are a thing?” Donovan asked, looking up from her desk.

“… Is that why you’re always here?” Anderson questioned, turning around from the printer.

“Umm… Yeah so, Greg and I might have been in a secret relationship for the past couple of months,” you relayed to the team as Greg came up from behind you, laying his hand on the small of your back.

“That’s a terrible idea Y/N,” Sherlock chastised.

“Sherlock!” John reprimanded.


“I don’t know… won’t it mess up the whole dynamic we all have?” Molly said, finally speaking up.

“She has a good point,” Anderson agreed.

“Okay first off,” you began. “Anderson, you’re not involved in any dynamic that we all have.”

“I agree,” Sherlock said.

“… and secondly, Greg and I like each other is it really such a bad idea for us to at least try it out?”

“We’ve had a blast these last couple of months and you want us to end it because of some weird sentimentality you all have about the five of us?” Greg told them. “And besides… I love Y/N and I won’t end it all because of a problem you have.”

“You love me?” you clarified, looking up at Greg.

“Well of course I do. You’re the best thing that had ever happened to me.”

You smiled at his revelation while Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Sentiment,” he chastised.

“Y/N, if you’re happy then I’m happy for you,” Molly said honestly.

“Same here Y/N,” John agreed.

“I think you’re perfect for each other,” Anderson said, having fetched his copy and now just staring at the entire interaction.

“No one asked for you opinion Anderson,” you reminded him.

“Really Y/N? Gavin?” Sherlock asked, still not understanding the concept.

“It’s Greg,” you sighed, leaning into Greg.

“… Right.”

“I love you,” Greg whispered into your ear while John reprimanded Sherlock about something he had just said that you chose to ignore. 

“I love you too,” you returned before kissing him ever so lightly as for not everyone to see. Just something for the two of you.

A Kidnapper’s Taunt

Originally posted by myfoxesandroses

Pairing: past John x Reader, Dean x Friend!Reader, Sam x friend!Reader
Word count: 1,040

Part 10 of Unwanted

The Winchester men knew that you had a point about that. John felt like he was going to be sick, and he couldn’t tell if that was the alcohol, or the guilt. He’d done his share of drinking after walking out on you. The picture of you looking so heartbroken had been etched in his brain, and he tried to drink it away.

John sat with his back against the door, his feet out in front of him. He could hold his liquor no problem. It was emotions that he had trouble with. A month had passed since what was supposed to be his wedding day. Looking down at his finger, he sighed. He’d put on his old wedding band, and as he stared at it, the worst he felt.

He knew that Mary would have smacked him upside his head, but if she were there to do that, he wouldn’t be drunk in some motel room. Sighing, he let his head fall back. “Shit.” He groaned, knowing that even if he wanted to go back to you and start over, even if he told you that he wanted everything, you’d never in a million years believe him. Not that he would have blamed you.

“Dean and I will stay up first.” Sam started, breaking him from his memories. “We’ll stay up trying to find anything we can. A lead, a clue. Anything.”

John stood up, nodding. “Alright, I’m gonna go crash, then.”

Dean shook his head. “Nope.” John raised an eyebrow at him. “You’re staying right here. We all are. We don’t know if they plan to come back. We’ll all be staying in this room. I’ll sit on that bed with Y/N, Sam can sit at the table, and you can sleep on the other bed.” He explained. “Then, if we find anything, we’ll wake you up. If we don’t, we’ll switch in the morning.”

You thought it over. “Fine.” You agreed. “That’s probably the best option we have right now.” Glancing at the clock, you tried to think of what the best time would be to switch. “Wake me up in 6 hours, and then you can crash, Dean.”

“Same here, Sammy.” John agreed.

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September (Composer: john)
朝霧あかね(Asagiri Akane)16 years old
C.V. Fukuhara Kaori

You’re always skillful with your mouth, geez… It’s no good unless you eat your vegetables?

Let’s all do our very best.

A grandmother’s kid, a gentle and cheerful older sister. While taking care of her 2 younger brothers, who’s skillful with their mouths, she’s doing her best to aim to be a goddess!


#SPN 10 countdown challenge  |  day 11 - episode 11, season 6
It’s my life, it’s my soul.

Sherlock (TV series) - 57 and inverted 1895 in webpage

During The Blind Banker, a webpage is on-screen.

You can see one of the lots’s numbers is 57, which is a numbers which frequently appears in relation to Moffat (Timeline of 57′s mentions in Moffat’s work).

Next to the 57 there is a 5681, which, if you rotate the screen by 180°, will become a 1895

1895 is a relevant date:

  • The year in which a poem about Sherlock Holmes, 221b by Vincent Starrett, is set. Which probably is the reason behind all the following easter eggs.
  • A common easter egg in Sherlock:
    • The year in which The Abominable Bride is set.
    • In A Scandal In Belgravia, the counter on John’s blog is stuck at 1895.
    • In His Last Vow, a book costing £18.95.
      Read here.
    • (Not a perfect 1895): In The Blind Banker, the digits on John’s number which could be chosen approach to form an inverted 1895.
      Read here.
    • (Not a perfect 1895): In The Sign of Three, John names a 18 and a 9 close to each other, almost forming a 1895.
      Read here
    • (Not a perfect 1895): In The Sign of Three, the date of the wedding approaches as close as possible a 1895, being it 18/05.
      Read here.
  • An easter egg in Sherlock Holmes (1894):
    • In The Elegible Bachelor, appears in the back of a very visible book.
      Read here.

In this very moment John even says to check the dates:

JOHN: Check for the dates…

Sherlock then starts pointing at the web page (different lot number, same sale number).

SHERLOCK: Here, John.

And then points more specifically in the direction in which the sale number is repeated.

To note that in the vases next to the text there are two identical vases with face-like figures which looks like faces when the picture is rotated by 180°.

This could be a further reference to the inverted shot with which Sherlock is introduced (the haircut is also similar).

And both occurrences could be a reference to homosexuality as invert is also an archaic term for an homosexual man

The identical vases could also represent Sherlock and John together.

This auction is relevant enough that it is also mentioned in the dialogue of the episode.

DIRECTOR: Two Ming vases up for auction, Chenghua. Will you appraise them?

Better Liberal Party leaders than Tony Abbott

A list:

  • Rupert Murdoch (He thinks he leads it already)
  • Lee Lin Chin (A stoic self-made woman, good in a knife-fight)
  • Kevin Rudd (Let’s face it he wouldn’t turn it down if it meant he could be prime minister again)
  • Sia’s wig (Ubiquitous and popular)
  • Sir Duke Prince Phillip (Not Australian but since when has that stopped him with this kind of thing)
  • Taylor Swift (Same here)
  • The ghost of John Hewson (Popular but would need to be dead for the Libs to let him back)
  • An ibis from South Bank in Brisbane (Tenacious, opportunistic, kind of looks like Tony but isn’t Tony, not easily scared by loud noises)

The Empty Hearse & The Sign of Three:

 ↳ Sherlock & hugs (for Scarlett xo)


John Belushi + cats