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Peter doesn't realise it, but he has a routine and pre-planned patrol is an integral part of it. The couple hours a night he spends running around Queens, apprehending evildoers is the only time he's not staring at a screen or stressed to all heck about school & money & his day job on top of everything else. He can't sleep if he doesn't do it and this headcanon started out cute but got really sad oh gosh ;-;

but those are the best types of hcs!!!! 

  • and just think about it. peter doesn’t really fit in; he’s way too into science, he’s awkward and uncomfortable around most people, he just doesn’t have a real place in his own world. but spidey is different. when peter is patrolling he feel’s like he’s in his element. he knows what he needs to do, he knows what is expected from him. and he’s good at what he does. he makes a real difference
  • so when he can’t patrol for whatever reason, something akin to homesickness settles in his stomach. it’s like there’s something he’s missing or forgetting and it’s this nagging feeling that won’t leave him alone
  • if it’s late and he’s not patrolling, his anxiety acts up. he knows, rationally, that the world isn’t going to end if he spend one night at home, but that doesn’t stop the worry that something bad is happening somewhere and he’s not doing anything to stop it
  • usually this just results in him being cranky. he’ll talk less and he’ll be all pouty but he’s fine the next time he puts on the suit
  • (sometimes, though, it turns into full-on panic attacks. the first time he stayed late at the tower working with tony, he hadn’t missed a patrol in three months. so when 2am rolled around there was this overwhelming feeling of oh god no that he had been trying to squash all night and the dam finally burst and he hid in the bathroom for 30 minutes while he tried to pull himself together)
  • also, even though he tries not to have a predictable route, peter knows his patrol-area like the back of his hand
  • except when it’s daytime. he’ll think he knows where he’s going but then get lost bc everything looks so different at night
  • he’s usually patrolling from like 12-3am. every day, between those hours, the “peter” part of him takes a break from the stress of school and home and work and he just gets to help people as spidey. so there’s this huge personality change that happens between those times that happens even if he’s not in his suit where he’s more confident and carefree and it’s really confusing to everyone else
  • but his body has learned to crash at 4am. no matter what he’s doing. if it’s 4am EST, peter parker is asleep, and it makes no difference if he’s in his own bed or at an avengers meeting in europe
  • (it’s 3:30am EST. they’re gathered at a diplomatic meeting in germany. peter is literally bouncing in his seat. the avengers are speaking to the group about regulating international missions. forty minutes in, tony turns around to ask peter to give his opinion, and they find him slumped in his seat, his chin on his chest, softly snoring)
Sans Hazard comic

Artists who participate my comic Sans hazard are

me metakakz

@wolf-wrathknight or @wolfwrathknight same person







it’s full

in order

1- me Metakazkz

2- Wolfwrathknight

3- Jakei95

4- hammie-heart

5- metalphoenixx 

6- rahafwabas

7 -youmnamito (next)

8 - Jokublog

rules ( read the rule 4 important )

1 - Let me know if you guys are busy or can’t at the moment.

2 - Remember this isn’t a race. Take all your time you need to concentrate your stuff.

3 - This is improvisation comic.,the point of this comic to be creative. make you guys laugh and feel with emotions moment.

 4 - The limit of how many pages will be five pages, no more. I don’t want you guys overwork yourself. So please take all your time you need. Remember no more than five pages.

What is Sans hazard?

advertisement. This comics is created by artistes not just one artist. Don’t take to much serious of the joke comic. this comic is no canon this is just for the fun.

it about Artistes a.k.a us have art block and wanted the do something new for change. Later, the group heard there is island for artistes who have artblock or don’t have inspiration. a place for vacation. the Artist decide to head to the island it’s exacly what they heard and see the image of the Iphone. the artist having a good time. The next day. they notice something strange is going. 

the story call  Sans hazard  

Objective survive on the island full of Evil sanses that try to kill you or try to turn artist into sanses. the good sanses group will protect the Artistes from them. Kaz and her group of Artist will solve the mystery of the mysterious island.

summary. ( sorry for my grammar error.)

The great artists island is been created by Ink!sans. The purpose of this island is the help the artists get they creativity and passion back. Everything  is perfect and succeed helping the artists get pass through the obstacles. One day  a group of people who are not artist come to steal and destroy the island. No one knows why those group did it. Rumors told that this island is curse for those who disturbed it will be severe punishment, it’s worst than dead.

Kaz and her groups of artist will have to discover what is going on in this island.

here is the beginning of SANS HAZARD

part 1

part 2

part 3

Part 4

part 5

Sans Hazard the 8 survivor Artist

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*Xuezhang = Upperclassman/senpai

**These characters are from ‘Their Story’

Second year Xuezhang meets first year Qin Xiong aahhh!

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Pretty.Odd. lyric references to Arthur Rimbaud

Arthur Rimbaud was an openly gay poet. At sixteen, he lived as a vagabond on the streets until the poet Paul Verlaine noticed him. Verlaine was thoroughly astonished by this boy’s talent after having read Le Bateau ivre (The Drunken Boat), and took him home to live with him and his new wife. Though Rimbaud’s social ineptitude and harsh manners forced him to move out, he and Verlaine became lovers. Shortly after the birth of his son, Verlaine left his family to live with Rimbaud. Their infamous affair was erratic and often hostile. After eighteen months living together in three countries, their relationship ended abruptly, following an incident where a drunk and hysterical Verlaine shot Rimbaud in the hand.[x]

Read Rimbaud: [x] [x]