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Kiaronna: The Fandom’s Darling

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If I were to name one writer who can take my emotions extremely high or extremely low, I would name kiaronna. Her ideas for stories may not be that intricate, but the way she writes them out effectively evokes emotions in readers.

Kiaronna (@kiaronna) has written ten works for the Yuri on Ice fandom. The most popular one, Just Hold On (We’re Going Home), has garnered over 2,500 kudos as of date. It’s an AU where Yuuri is the one who remembers what happened in the banquet in Sochi while Viktor forgets about it. It’s a simple switch on who remembers and who forgets, but the way kiaronna executes the story–showing the things that happened because of the banquet and how it affected the characters’ mindset and emotions–was all flawlessly done.

And since the story is written in Yuuri’s POV, angst definitely comes with it. Imagine: Yuuri, anxious as he is and remembering doing what he thinks are embarrassing things in front of his long-time idol. It’s one hell of “feels ride,” so you gotta be ready.

But aside from writing heart-wrenching stories, kiaronna, unexpectedly, is also good in writing humor/comedy. She has a fic entitled The Katsudon Diaries, and it’s about Yuuri trying to seduce Viktor off the ice by following everyone’s [terrible] advices.  It’s a WIP with currently four chapters in out of twenty, and has garnered over 400 kudos as of date.

The humor is really really well-written. There was never a chapter where I couldn’t stop laughing at Yuuri’s failed attempts and at Viktor’s text messages with Chris, talking about the things he did with Yuuri but not actually realizing that Yuuri had been trying to seduce him. The Katsudon Diaries is fun and light, but it makes you want to hide your face in your hands whenever Yuuri does something embarrassing. It’s a very enjoyable read, especially after reading kiaronna’s angsty fics–a quick remedy to the ache brought by such fics.

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hat films are my special interest, and this fandom is not dying

I know that this isn’t a huge fandom like Supernatural or whatever. 

There’s so many people leaving, or that have left, that made good content and added to the numbers of us that are still around. Now it seems like the same content is shared over and over in our little bubble on media, which again, is good - we all have the same interests - and there isn’t a lot of variety in the content on tumblr that’s new, or there’s just not loads of it. 

Being a small fandom isn’t a bad thing, at all in fact. We’re still standing, we still have the same liking of those three that keeps us laughing and loving each video. 

The amount of times people have told me (in other fandoms that I’m in) that there really isn’t any point in loving these guys so much when the fandom is “dead” is really too much to put down in figures, and I’ve stopped counting anyway - it just goes over my head. Why? Because Hat films are my special interest. 

It’s a term in the autistic sort of group here on tumblr that I’ve seen it being used- it basically is just something we, as autistic persons, can get very attached to and excited about. We can talk about our s.i’s for hours on end and be very happy to do so! Every autie could have a different one, it could be an animal specie, a person in their lives, a tv show, literally anything. And since about 2012, mine has been Hat Films. 

Today, that means I have loads of ideas on the daily about aus and fic ideas, I love watching them and talking about them - heck, the whole reason I’m on tumblr was because I love the idea that there’s other people like me that also like them as much, maybe more, and won’t be like people outside of fans who don’t know what I’m talking about when I babble on and on about them so much. 

So when someone initially told me not to bother anymore about them or the fandom (since it’s “dead), I was initially upset. I wouldn’t have anything to be excited about- no one to share that with. 

But I realise that now, honestly, it doesn’t matter. Like I said before, the fandom is coming back from where it had a little downturn, and there’s more of us coming back or joining in. 

But personally, I don’t think I’ll be agreeing when people say this fandom is dying or is dead. I have met so many good people here - so many good creators, writers, artists, heck, I met the love of my life through watching three guys on the internet insult each-other and play video games. 

I’m going to try to be a better creator here - more fics and that, more activity. I like talking about and liking Hf in general, and if I can spread that, I’ll try to. 

Thank you to so many creators in this fandom - @threeplusfire, @blithe-bee, @marblellous, @lukadarkwater, and so on. If you read this and you are a creator - whether you write novel-length fanfiction or draw tiny sketches - I owe you so much thanks. You keep us going. 

A small fandom is still a strong one. And we’re a good one. 


So I was bored recently and I was watching videos with tips on how to survive kpop concerts, and they were all missing out on some stuff that I consider crucial. This survival guide will include tips on buying tickets, outfit advice and what you should expect at a kpop concert!

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I really love fic tropes, because sometimes you can see the chronological progression of writers changing the same ideas to fit what they wanted to see and then fanfiction fan-fiction. Between coffee shop AUs becoming family business, everyone is alive, coffee shop AUs and everyone is alive AUs becoming highly detailed retellings of alternate stories that never got told, I will gladly read hundreds of the same tropes. Spotting the slivers of things that authors do differently is just incredible. Or the collection of things that were common but never put together and it just sounds like the perfect example of the trope, even though it wasn’t around when the trope was finding its feet. Or so many other things.

I feel incredibly disappointed to see authors feeling bad about just writing common fandom themes instead of the “new” ideas that haven’t been done as often yet. It’s a mystery how that happened to me, but to know that somehow some fandom author was hesitant to post something just because one of the tags was popular makes me cringe. I don’t know how to leave off on this other than to say: every trope is popular for a reason, and there’s nothing wrong with sticking with something even if it’s well known. You’re all doing great.