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hello! i’ve written my first spideychelle fic that is not in the same universe as my headcanons! unfortunately, i’m waiting on an invite to create an AO3 account so it’s not posted there yet, but I will update this post the second it is!! without further ado…

The four times Michelle caught Peter staring at her, and the one time it was the other way around.

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To celebrate the beginning of Pride Month, I want to talk about one of the things that I love and that’s BOOKS. And not just books, but books that feature LGBTQIA+ characters and story lines. 

You have no idea how excited I get when I find out a book includes a queer character. (Especially when it is done in a new and exciting way without stereotyping)

This post will feature some of my favorite queer books that I have read. I will include a brief description of why it is on this list and I will also link it to a Goodreads page where you can read all about it. 

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz - First of all, it is beautiful. It’s about two boys, who are best friends that fall in love. You get to follow Dante as he explores and dicovers his sexuality, Ari as he defends Dante and pretends he’s not totally in love. They both have amazing accepting parents. Did I also mention, they are Mexican. What more could you want?!?!

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell - A fantacy spin-off baced on a fanfiction from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Baz is a hella gay magic vampire who just wants to get good grades, make his family happy and kiss Simon before they have to kill each other. Simon Snow is the oblivious chosen one who is convinced that Baz is up to something and just wants to live up to everyones expectaion of him. Correct me if I am wrong but I’m pretty sure he is BI. Adorable, must read!

Fan Art by Sarah Tregay - Jamie is in love with his best friend Mason. All the fangirls in art class ship it. After being tasked with publishing a cute queer comic in the schools magasine, things get out of hand for Jamie as he tries to keep his sexuality and crush a secret. Another lighthearted cute story about crushes and missing some obvious signs. 

How They Met by David Levithan - A collection of stories about love. Including a lot of same sex relationships. Both cute and angsty stories, a good variety and very well written with a great story behind how the collection came to be. 

Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith - Follows a possiably bisexual character as he sorts through his feelings regarding both his girlfriend, and his best friend Robby. At the same time, the world is coming to the end at the hands of some very large praying mantises. Unbelievably unique and disturbing in the BEST way.

Cherry by Lindsey Rosin - A completely honest account of losing your virginity, exploring sex and realtionships and sustaining friendship throughout your teens. Follows 4 girls, one of which discovers her sexuality while attempting to complete a “sex pact” set by one of the other girls. Real, funny, intelegent. highly recomend. 

I intend to add to this list as the month goes on (I have a pretty good book collection). Feel free to add more of your own and also I would appreciate any recommendations of books to read <3

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What's your take on the Outlander cast/production's SM? IMO, it's pretty disappointing. Sorry, but their SM really isn't for them anymore. Most celebrities get this, but not Sam or Cait. Whether they like it or not, their SM represents their show, yet we hear nothing about it. I think they resent what they should be grateful for. Want to talk to your friends? Text or setup a private account. So it's all charities/retweets/political opinions now. Or a way to passive aggressively shade some fans.

Heya Anon! Just wanna say I’m fasting so I’mma try and be as nice as I can ;)

What’s my take on prod/cast SM… Well, it’s no secret that I’ve had issues for a while now with their approach to promo and engagement with fans. And I totally agree it’s so disappointing.

Perception is everything. And at first glance, what do you see?

The Official Outlander account is terrible to an incredibly laughable degree. Just getting a simple tweet/pic out can be an arduous ordeal for them, let alone promoting the show to a new audience. They’ve relied heavily on fans to do that for them. When a new fan (let alone battle worn hardies) goes to their SM and sees they haven’t tweeted anything of substance in ages but superficial dribble or birds, landscapes and boats on a producer’s SM, what’s that new fan to think?

Which brings me to Sam… I haven’t followed him for a good long while now, and have no desire to (zero zero done). But I went to his twitter today and did a bit of scrolling. Wow. If I didn’t know who he was, I’d think he was just some generic whiskey loving, health guru type account that plugs friends businesses. Nothing to tell me he is an actor, let alone one at all interested all that much in OL, other than engaging only with the people that will and have parted with their money for him, the rest get shade thrown at them. It would be nice if his show related activity didn’t seem like a vain, afterthought/obligation or dare I say, an FU (Same goes for Cait).

Cait, I had gotten used to her being MIA on SM and when she did pop up there was a humor I loved and purpose. But recently that purpose seems almost… Disingenuous? Her SM’s all politics, charity, art - which is totally fine - she’s taking a stand for the things she believes in. At least she’s been giving it a try lately (tweeting Lauren and Cesar, posting more on IG), yet at the same time, just seems like she’s felt the backlash from the fandom and is trying to get back in everyone’s good books - again, at least she’s trying. Even her damage control driven q and a, where she played it safe and just stuck to pretty much the same people to answer, didn’t seem to help all that much. But I appreciated the effort. (And that she didn’t throw in a ‘get me to this-much-thousand followers for a q and a!’).

For any new fan looking to have a peek TODAY at the SMs of Outlander related cast/crew/production, they will be sorely disappointed (and pretty confused), because at first glance, there’s nothing anywhere near resembling enthusiasm/genuine love (which I’m sure they have) for a show they’re filming.

Absolute minimum, till obligated otherwise.

I dunno, it’s just all about Timing, and I’ve longed stopped believing in coincidences in this fandom.

Again, Perception is everything.

And only engagement they seem to have with wallets fans, have been limited to those they’ve deemed “true”.

Tired of this happening, so here we go:

- If someone at your parish gives you any object and tells you that it has been blessed by the Virgin Mary and offers you any sort of special power or protection, politely decline and try to warn others as you can. (I’m not referring to devotional articles that have been blessed by a priest.) Examples that I’ve seen include devotional objects or symbols that can allegedly “heal” your physical illnesses if you hold them to the affected area.

- If someone at your parish gives you something that is the size of a photograph and printed in glossy photographic paper, that does not make it a photograph. Right now there is one going around that is very clearly a painting of Mary behind JPII, and the “holy seers” at the local parishes are peddling it around as a miraculous photograph.

- If someone at your parish gives you an illustration of a saint or heavenly being and tells you that that’s what they really look like, again, politely decline. I have been approached by white supremacists handing out holy cards of a blonde-haired Mary, saying that she requested them to educate others so that her “true race” would be known.

- If someone at your parish tries to give you a copy of their latest self-published book described their visions, politely decline. Same goes for if they tell you to follow their social media accounts, etc. 

- If the priest at your parish is supporting any of these activities, find another parish and consider contacting the bishop. 

BTS x Shy Girls Part 3

Long overdue I suppose…….. sorry. I haven’t written in forever.

I hope you enjoy it!

~Admin Kirsten

BTS x Shy Girl Part 3

“So in order to pull this off, to get rid of Jasper and get his money, you have to do exactly what I tell you,” you tell the group.

You couldn’t believe what you had gotten yourself into again. The first time you tried going up against Jasper was basically suicide. You couldn’t believe your luck that you had survived that. Now you were going up against him again.

Thankfully this time not alone but with a team. Or rather a group of singles that needed to become a team.

“All of you have an important role to play in this. I for one am the Mastermind. I know how Jasper works and I know how to con people. Amy is our Hacker. She can hack into Jaspers security and Cameras. Once we get inside his house and get a link to his main hard drive Amy can search for any Accounts, Businesses, or incriminating files,” you pause, “Does everyone understand so far?”

You see Rapmon whisper something to Suga who nods in return and then opens his mouth, “So how do we fit into this?”

“Well we need some Hitters, also at least one Grifter, and a thief. When we usually pull off a con Amy does the hacking on the go with her cell and covers one or two of the other roles. Same goes for me”, you shrug as you explain.

“So you’ve done this a lot? Why don’t you play the Thief or Grifter then?” Jungkook asks.

“Well I would but Jasper and his Monkeys already know who Amy and I are. So if they saw us anywhere near them red flags would go up in an instance and we’d all get caught and then yeah you know”, you motion to Amy as you say this. “The point is to avoid that.”

“The plan is a simple get in and get out. There shouldn’t be much of a problem if you do your jobs right”, Amy says as she pulls out her mini laptop.

“Jasper has Body Guards surrounding his place. Two outside and one inside the house, more on speed dial if any alarm is triggered. So the hitters’ jobs are to get rid of the guards. My Job is to unarm the alarms, to do that I need to get a bug or any device in the house”, Amy tells them.

“How are you planning on doing that?” Jin asks. “From the looks of it his security alarm is one of the latest with Retina Scan. In order to hack that you need to override his software. That model has a few loopholes we can work on.”

Amy and you stare at him and slowly nod. “Okay good, you’ll be working with Amy on that since it seems you know a bit about hacking”, you say and motion him to stand next to Amy.

“Suga and Jimin are our fighters. They can pack a punch pretty good,” V pipes up and points to the two members. “I’m on stealth with Jungkook and Rapmon is our Mastermind.”

You nod and start pairing up the corresponding teams. “Tell each other your strength and weaknesses so that you can come up with the best way to execute your part of the plan”, you tell the teams. “Rapmon and I are going to go over a few details of the plan and I’ll give you details about the next time we meet up in an hour.”

You walk out into a separate room with Rapmon in tow. He shuts the door behind him and sits down comfortably on a chair.

“So the plan is simple,” he raises an eyebrow questionably. “It didn’t sound simple with the mentioning of all those alarms and security.”

“We’ll I’m working on that so be quiet unless you have a plan,” you mutter as you pace the room throwing multiple scenarios around in your head.

The first problem: Getting a bug in the House in order to hack it.

Someone would have to be invited into the house in order to bypass the security and alarms. The only way into the house would be an invitation by Jasper himself. Jasper wouldn’t invite just anyone into his house though. It would have to be someone he either trusted, a business deal, or a lady friend. Since you and Amy were the only women and he already knew both of you the Lady Friend was thrown out of the window. Jasper also had a very little circle of people he trusted, which probably extended only to his family and relatives. Seeing how none of us were any of that, that would leave only the Business deal end.

“V and Jungkook. Are they any good? In order to get a bug into the house they’ll need to seal a business deal with Jasper. It’s the only way to get into the house and near a computer since he’ll do a background check on them while talking to them,” you turn to face Rapmon.

“Yes they’re good. Where were you thinking about planting the bug? That’s going to be difficult to do if Jasper is in the room plus he’s not going to be alone with them. There will most likely be a security guard with him at all times. Jin and Amy can get started on back stories and fake IDs for them though”, Rapmon ponders.

“Plant a small bug with a wireless transmitter in his office. What I’m thinking is that they’re probably going to have to write something down right. So one of your guys accidentally doesn’t write it correctly crumbles the paper up with the bug inside and throws it in the waste basket. Amy can then access it even when our guys leave the office”, you pull out your cell and send some information to Amy. “Now just to finish the rest of the con.”

“Do you have any plan for that?” Rapmon asks.

“Nope but I’m thinking”, you tell him.

i did this anyway because i like social media aus but friendly reminder my character limit is 7 so p l e a s e do me a favor and just request 7 next time

Jean pretty much just posts pictures of his everyday life but his feed is goals? Like he doesn’t even use filters or anything but he always has the right emojis by his captions with the right amount of selfies coexisting with every other picture he takes and everyone just wants to have his ig

Eren doesn’t post that much but he hates the way instagram has the square cropping so he usually just posts his pictures on white backgrounds. He posts pictures with his family and friends, and sometimes he’ll post something he just thinks is pretty.

Armin doesn’t post very often at all, unless he takes group pictures with his friends or family. He doesn’t lock his phone, so a lot of people “hack” his instagram when he leaves it unattended.

Mikasa is one of those super popular accounts. Everyone sits there commenting on her pictures and tagging their friends like “goals af” and then she has to ask a friend what af means. She’s a fan of posting pictures of her cocoa and coffee, with outfit of the days.

Sasha IS ONE OF THOSE FOODIE INSTAGRAMMERS. She even goes as far to edit and filter her posts to make them all match each other. Her whole account is about food and her daily life, too, and she’s super good with her followers. She interacts with them lots.

Connie just posts memes

Marco gets tagged in Connie’s memes. Sometimes he’ll post sad quotes with no captions and everyone just ????

Annie takes super nice pictures but she doesn’t caption her photos very often because she doesn’t know what to say

Reiner also posts memes along with selfies that all have the same caption: “’Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream”

Bertholdt has an account for his dog that has a lot of followers because his dog is cute af but not himself

Ymir has like two pictures and goes around commenting weird shit on her friends’ posts while laughs at her own jokes

Historia is also one of the super popular ig girls, but she actually knows ig lingo unlike Mikasa

Hanji posts science memes that no one else really understands

Mike’s whole account is him taking selfies with different dogs

Levi doesn’t have an ig because he lost his password and didn’t bother getting a new one

Erwin is still an old man @ social media and still has the default profile picture and no bio

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Hey Red, I'm new to your blog. I've been scrolling through your asks and I've noticed that there have been two accounts claiming to be your Blue, and you seem to accept both of them. I assume that both accounts belong to the same person, but am I wrong?

You are correct.

My girlfriend has two blogs, both icons are of the same character.

Magnificent Blue is her main and Nsfw-Blue is her other for nsfw reblogs.

But to ease your concern, It’s the same person. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, and that goes for the rest of you.

- monkey behind the screen.

My Life as an INTJ

Name: Josephine

Type: INTJ

Enneagram: 5w6

Introverted Intuition (Ni):

I frequently find myself making plans and visualizing goals which often are very idealistic. Not planning or having any goals to work towards makes me feel very anxious or restless. This is especially true for my career goals. When I was younger, I was very uncertain about what I wanted to do with my life but once I had it all figured out in my mind, I started to steadily work towards achieving my goals and I’m still doing so, never losing sight of it ever.

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Your guides on getting an apartment are fabulous. But - how exactly do we pay rent? It's obviously a terrible idea to share bank accounts, and yet the simplest way to me seems to be to open a free checking account and deposit our share of rent in there every month (with a buffer in place). Trusting one person with our 2/3 of the rent every month seems naive, and alternating month by month seems like a hassle and a bad idea. Is there a standard way of doing this? Does it depend on the place?

Honestly, the easiest way to split rent is to just write two checks to the management company. If you’re splitting it evenly, you write a check for your half of the rent (which will come out of your bank account) and your roommate writes a check for their half (which will come out of their account). 

It’s not always that simple, but you certainly don’t need to set up a bank account in both of your names to make this happen. In fact, I would advise against it.

What my last roommate and I worked out was that at the end of every month, we would work out our expenses (using the amazing SplitWise) and whatever she owed me (I always ended up the one owed) she would add onto her half and I would subtract from mine. The management company still got the correct amount in full every month, but I had to pay a little less on rent because I bought the groceries or paper towels or whatever.

You should also check with your management office because they might have options for electronic payments which would automatically withdraw from your account. Each of you would set this up with your personal accounts and half of the rent amount. All other expenses, you’d work out amongst yourselves.

The same goes for having more than one roommate. And again, I point you to SplitWise, because it bears repeating.


Okay, so.

A few things, before I begin (so to speak):

First, that I’ve been meaning to post a massive “let’s draw a shot of Leia from every scene in the movies to show the endless range of emotions she displays” type of thing, except that I tried that, and failed, so I only chose some of the better ones and am posting those, not that that means much.

Second, that for some pathetic, disgusting, and (unfortunately not exactly) unexplained reason - every time I go into the “princess Leia” tag on this here lovely website, all I see is Leia in various over-sexualized postions, either drawn or photoshopped, usually involving that awful slave outfit (man can I rant about that, though maybe not in the way you would think) and ALL of them treating this amazing character as little more than an object.

And third, that most of the time, when I’m speaking to the general public, most people seem to view Leia as a weak, needy female character who is only there as a pretty face.

So, you know, me being me, I decided that this was a complete and total atrocity, and so I’m going to make a list of reasons why everyone should be at any given waking moment of his or her life be living a Leia Organa Appreciation Life:

  • She is strong. Tremendously so, especially emotionally (I mean, she’s also tiny, so relatively she’s also physically strong, but like); her planet was blown up in front of her, in a way that probably made her feel as though she was the one responsible; she was tortured, probably extensively, was roughed up and held captive and her father and mother and family and everyone murdered, all at the age of seventeen, and then she finds two people who she ends up caring for more than anything (almost against her good judgment) and what happens then? One goes missing, and consequently ends up losing his hand, again on her account, it seems, to save her, and the other - oh, the other gets ripped away from her when she needs him most, tortured and then frozen and then sent off to what must have seemed to be undoubtedly his death, and all through it she couldn’t do a damn thing. And it’s all by the same guy too, you see, and that guy turns out to, in fact, be related to her, have the same genetics as she does, be her father, Force help her. And mostly, this all happens before she hits the age of twenty five.
  • She’s funny. She’s witty, and clever, can come up with a sharp retort and a snappy rebuttal, can banter back and forth and grin and joke and wink and call people “hotshot” and make sarcastic comments like no tomorrow. 
  • She is brave - so brave, braver than her mother (real mother), even, able to face danger without so much as a blink or a twitch, can insult evil overlords to their faces and stand stoic as her entire world is blasted out from under her twice (once, the green flash of the spacestation’s gun aimed at a peaceful planet, the words “fire” lingering in the air and not registering until a split second later and then she yells; and twice, with the words “we will test its effects on Captain Solo”, uttered from behind that dark mask towards which she feels such immobilizing, consuming hatred), able to push back her shoulders and stand tall and get what needs to be done done even when all she could possibly want to do is curl up into a ball and never move again (because really, the words “I have no time for grief now, admiral” could only mean that the only thing she wants to do is stare blankly at a wall forever but she can’t), and God, she is so brave, and remember when she risked her life to tell her friend that it’s a trap, get out, save yourself, because she had no way of knowing Lando was helping them, no way of knowing that those words wouldn’t cause them to shoot her down right there and then. So. Brave.
  • She kicks ass on a regular basis - fires weapons out of necessity, but does so will skill and accuracy and determination; she is fierce and badass and doesn’t take shit from anyone, whether it is a Grand Moff or her (kind of sort of?) boyfriend. She sneaks into gangster’s palaces and holds ticking bombs out while she has stare-downs with overgrown slugs, rides speeders through tree-ridden forests while shooting at Imps, sneaks a blaster out while everyone is distracted with her burned arm (and saves another life), strangles the piece of garbage who degraded and humiliated her with his own damn chain.  
  • She believes as fiercely as she fights - holds true to her ideals and sees the world partially in black and white, almost, not like Luke but not unlike Luke either; for a long time, she sees people as good guys and bad guys and refuses to admit to anyone (least of all herself) that it’s more complicated than that. She is selfless, too - stays back until the last minute to hold the base while others escape, treats her own hurt worry and insecurity as insignificant as she comforts others, stands tall for others, looks fearless for others. She tries to take on the weight of the whole universe on her own shoulders because she is responsible and that’s what she needs to do, to save others the pain, and that’s both a good and bad thing.
  • She’s emotional - wears her heart on her sleeve most of the time, actually. She’s emotional in a way that makes her human, though, and not in a way (any way) that would make her needy or weak or useless (and really, when do emotions ever do that?). She cries when broken, has a short temper, is frustrated and wound up easily. She blushes when the guy she likes calls her “sweetheart” and goes pale when she hears an explosion and thinks her brother might have been trapped in it. She can love, and she can hate, both equally passionate, and she can be caring and kind and compassionate, and cold and bitter and angry.
  • She’s flawed, too - boy, is Leia flawed. She’s emotional, yeah, in a pretty explosive way, but she also deals with those emotions badly - hides from her feelings, doesn’t like confronting problems that make her upset. She uses sarcasm and frustration and annoyance to cover hurt and fright, and she has huge issues when it comes to allowing herself to show vulnerability to anyone, to let herself be dependent on anyone. She says so aloud - “when will I learn I can’t depend on anyone but myself” - and since she doesn’t know that you can love someone wholly and not be constantly terrified of losing them, she tries to run away from it (and then, she, unlike her father, comes to understand that dynamic, to understand how love and attachment to other people work and how they can be a good thing, except that you can’t let it get in the way of your happiness, because constant fear of loss is not a healthy was of loving someone, and she gets it, at the end)
  • She’s cold and aloof sometimes, but she can also be seriously compassionate and friendly and sweet, and like, make friends with furry little carnivorous teddy bears while her friends get taken captive and nearly cooked.
  • She’s a total cutie and has an adorable smile and seriously I want to hug her close all the time and never let go
  • How can you not see how amazing this character is I mean god, how low do you have to go to reduce her to a sexual object on legs and deliberately draw her baggy clothes as ridiculously tight, and see her as nothing but an outfit that was specifially used to demean and humiliate her, and I swear to god, the next time someone tells me Leia Organa is not a strong, amazing female character that, you know, some of the movie writers today should really take note of, I will set myself on fire.
  • But like, not before chucking my VHS box-set in their face.
Algorithm of the transference

In a paper delivered on 9 October 1967, Lacan boils down the start of a psychoanalysis into a single formula - the formula above.

The top line shows a subject (S) placing a demand on another subject (Sq).  The other subject is called Sq, because q = quelque chose, which means that from the beginning she is supposed to hold something, some knowledge.  Put crudely, the patient seeks out the analyst because he wants to be happy and he believes she knows something about getting happy and he wants to find out what it is.

Actually, she doesn’t know much at all.  She may know a lot about psychoanalysis, but she knows nothing about him, nothing about his happiness.  He tells her about his pain, but she doesn’t understand it at all, because it is not her pain.  She is without knowledge, and shouldn’t pretend otherwise - and yet she must occupy the position of holding something hidden, because it is this that keeps his desire alive.

The bottom line of the formula is what, having established the transference, the analyst must point the patient towards - a signifier, another signifer, speech, more speech, an infinity of speech.  This is the difficult, stodgy, unmagical terrain of analysis, which we can express via slightly different Lacanian algebra, which amounts to the same thing: it is the movement from S1 (the assumption that the analyst is the master signifier, the oracle from whom enigmatic prophecies flow) to A (the barred Other, or the Other who - like the subject - is fundamentally lacking).

The second picture above is of Sandrine Bonnaire in the film Intimate Strangers - her character, Anna, goes to see an analyst in Paris.  She knocks on his door, walks in, sits down and starts talking about the problems with her marriage.  The man listens, says little, does not confess that she has knocked on the wrong door and that he is, in fact, an accountant. 

Later on, Anna finds out that William is not really an analyst and that the real analyst works next door.  But the next week, she returns to William.  Like it or not, William is her analyst - he has (unwittingly) occupied that symbolic position which gets her talking.  Between them has emerged a transference, and transference is borne out of the very supposition - which was, and always is, based on a fiction, an illusion, a desire - that Anna had when she walked in, sat down and started talking.

[the thoughts that were spinning round my head this afternoon at CFAR whilst listening to Alastair Black talk about the beginning of analytic treatment]

Dexholder Height Comparison

So, @pokeeeeeeee just realized that there’s already a canon height comparison pic of all the dexholder’s up to Hoenn in the E arc. So they went and found it, and….

So, by the end of the Emerald arc, the order of tallest to shortest goes like this; Green, Red, Gold, Blue, Crys, Silver, Ruby/Sapphire, Yellow, Emerald. 
Although, in this picture we can’t tell how tall Sapph and Rald as compared to the others.

For Sapph, the other picture doesn’t count since her feet aren’t touching the ground. So, compare her to Roob. Unsurprisingly, they’re around the same height (If you account for the fact that Ruby’s hat gives him a bit more height, whereas Sapph’s is pretty tight)
And now for Rald.

Here he is next to Sapph without his gadgets, but with his hair still in the croissant. MAN IS HE SHORT. Sapph and Roob are already pretty short, and you can see their heights in comparison to Gold and Crys here, and then there’s Rald next to Sapph. Also, his hair is big. 

Here he is when his hair is first down. That lump right there is his head. LOOK AT HIM COMPARED TO ROOB AND SAPPH. I MEAN, THOSE TWO ARE SHORT, BUT BRO. HE’S BELOW THEIR SHOULDERS BY A GOOD BIT.

LoOk At ThIS sHoRtY

In conclusion, the Hoenn trio are TEENY! And the Kanto kids are huge! So, this’ll hopefully clear things up, because even if we don’t have official heights, we can still compare them!

Also, by the time we reach HGSS, Silver has caught up to Crys :D (Accounting for the marshmallow hat, of coz)

(Gold’s still the tallest in Johto, though)

Jamie and Claire at the Stones: And the two shall become one

Several of us have already written about the deeply moving “dance” that Jamie led Claire to in their final scene together at the Stones, as he gently guided her to THE stone.  I keep thinking about the difference between ep 111, i.e. the first time Jamie tried to send Claire back, and ep 213.  You recall that in 111, he led her to Craigh na Dun, she started to touch the stone, he pulled her away, they spoke briefly, he started walking away, said “Good-bye Sassenach,” and then she called out to him, “Jamie, good-bye.”  Then he went down the hill to the campfire, where he said he would wait out the night to make sure that she was safe, but he left her alone at the stones.  We do not know why - I have often thought that he could be not bear the pain of watching her go.    

In ep 213, when they reach the stones, and as the gravity of the situation comes crashing around them, he does not break down or let on that his heart is also rupturing, and he seems to be in total control.  He seems to dance her to the stones and even places his hand over hers when she touches THE stone, having already determined that he could not time travel because he could not hear the buzzing.

What accounts for the difference in these two scenes that have the same intended outcome, i.e. sending Claire back to the 1940s?   

I see this exquisitely beautiful portrayal as the embodiment of these words:  AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH; consequently they are no longer two, but one flesh (Mark 10:8)  They have become one, having truly set each other as a seal on their hearts, knowing that wherever one goes, the other also goes, because they are one, even when they are separated.  Thus in their movement together to that place of final separation, they move as one.  We were privileged to be able to watch this lovingly tender, soul-filled, achingly raw moment portrayed by Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, two people who are incomparable in their craft.  For them and for their work, I am most grateful.

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Dear Philosophy Bro, this bro of mine read some Jeremy Bentham, and now he says that from a Utilitarian perspective he is in the right to cheat on his girl as long as she never finds out. He claims it won't harm her and he gets more pleasure, so it's more total pleasure for the world. How can I convince him that he's still being a douche?

Okay, see, this is the kind of question that gets me out of bed in the morning, so definitely thanks for sending it in!

Your bro’s first mistake is taking Jeremy Bentham’s moral theory that seriously. I mean, really. Dude is kind of important to the history of philosophy, since he invented Utilitarianism and all, but even then we’re usually like “And he really liked bowling, for some reason? Anyway, then John Stuart Mill took over and came up with a WAY THE FUCK BETTER version, so, we’re going to read that.” No one reads Bentham anymore, unless they either 1) need to read him for some historical reason, or 2) want to be able to say “nyeh, look at me, I’ve read Jeremy Bentham, now I can cheat on my giiiiirlfriend!”

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