same goes for her other account

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a bitch @noctaerna on twitter is reposting (your) gifs in edited version and puts her own credit/name on it. She's claming other peoples work as her own for editing over it. its in her my gifs threard just so you know. maybe you'll talk to her so she can stop because she's doing the same to other gifmakers. sorry for my language btw but i have zero tolerance for that shit anymore so yeah thats a bitch move

hello, unless i’m missing it i dont actually see any of my gifs being used (they are all over twitter on other accounts though :-// ) so i dont really feel comfortable approaching them, but thank you for letting me know!

Anonymous said:So the merch for Newark goes on sale at 1 pm on Friday?


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New pic of Margo! From LA, posing with her friend Karolina and a dude. The insta account is wollrab, I'll link in a separate ask. Caption says "makin' plays with friends" and #thefrenchwaitress #johnpatrickshanley +++ The Triptych Group is a theater company, which makes me wonder if she's doing a play. Apparently it's for March 16/17/18 Not a whole lot of info to be found on any on their SoMe though.

[Anon 2] So Margarita goes to the same acting coach as Sebastian (The Liberated Actor) & is staring in some play called French Waitress in LA. They’ll never be rid of each other, even if they’re not in a relationship anymore.

[Anon 3] Okay so Margo is in cali because she is doing a play. God her live acting has to be awful. I mean she can’t even do it right with multiple takes. How could one possibly sit through that?

Mod: Thanks for the heads up, Anon 1!

Anon 2 - well, first, do you really think Margarita sees an acting coach? But if she does, and this guy is it, he sucks at his job. I’d also refuse to believe he’s Sebastian’s acting coach as well, because Sebastian’s actually good at what he does and keeps improving. Margo is not and does not.

Anon 3 - I’ll never forget how her acting got torn to shreds in the reviews for The Retributionists (I think that’s what it was called). From what I’ve been able to find, the actors in this play are all doing it for free. Free is a strong incentive to hire someone. :)

Now, can someone tell me what emotion she thinks she’s conveying in that first rehearsal picture?