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Summary: In which the others find out about Riko’s Kabedon fetish.
Words: 2,227
A/N: already posted a teaser but here’s the whole thing lmao. Crack. Implied kanadiamari, rikochikayou but also crack ships, don’t take it seriously;  First Years not included; they’re too pure for such debauchery -rolls- 

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彼らは大体同じ年齢です。 - They are about the same age.

彼らは大体同じ年齢です。 (Karera wa daitai onaji nenrei desu) - They are about the same age.

彼 (Kare) - Third person male singular pronoun (he/his)

ら (Ra) - Plural suffix for pronouns (same as たち, tachi)

は (Wa) - Topic marker

大体 (Daitai) - Generally, approximately

同じ (Onaji) - Same

年齢 (Nenrei) - Age (as a concept)

です (Desu) - Polite copula

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So the final teaser video featuring Adam was streamed a few minutes ago and this one featured new audio and another snippet of the second song we got to hear. The first one featured Davey and the “O-” track. Second one featured Jade, the same audio and the “A+” track (released today on Spotify) The third video featuring Hunter (once again) featured new audio and another sneak peek of the second new song.

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Well, we will get an Aqua game, so a Kairi game doesn't seem that implausible. Although, I don't believe that it will have the emotional depth that you are expecting.

Well, I have two problems with that.

Number one, Aqua’s really only kind of getting her own game. 0.2 looks fucking fantastic, but it’s still just one-third of a package, the same way Aqua’s story in Birth by Sleep was still just one-third of a game. We still haven’t gotten a full game that’s actually headlined by a woman.

Number two, I just don’t think that kind of logic works. You could have said the exact same thing in 2010. “Aqua got her own story mode! This is great! Hey, maybe Kairi’s next!” Now we’re six years older, and we’re still no closer.

In fact, after Birth by Sleep came Dream Drop Distance, the game that ignores Kairi and the rest of the female cast even more than any of the others.

- Mod A.


i love the third years
Californian becomes second US citizen granted 'non-binary' gender status
California resident Sara Kelly Keenan has become the second U.S. citizen to legally change gender from female to "non-binary."

Then on August 5, emboldened by Jamie Shupe’s Oregon court victory, Keenan applied for a gender change.

“I identify as intersex, both as my medical reality and as my gender identification,” Keenan said. “It never occurred to me that this was an option, because I thought the gender change laws were strictly for transgender people. I decided to try and use the same framework to have a third gender.”