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Still learning my way around gimp, so I fooled around with desaturing, posterizing, alpha channels and masks to get these images. The first one is no filter, just taken using my camera and natural light that blew out the exposure a little bit. The second and third are essentially the same, with just a small newsprint filter (that I don’t think works) on the third one.

When I Think of Engineering, I Think of My Mother

When I was six, I asked my father to read me his electrical engineering dissertation. I have no idea why, but I remember him sitting there reading it to me from the little red book it’s bound in. When I was twelve, my parents tried to teach me calculus at dinner, because my fifteen-year-old brother was learning it in school. When our lawn mower broke, my parents spent a meal debating whether it was converting mechanical resistance into electrical resistance.

When I think of engineering, I think of my mother.

My mother was the one who taught me how to use a caliper, when I was eleven or twelve. I learned AutoCAD from her at around the same time, on the third floor of her factory, with the floors covered in 60 years’ worth of dirt and excess thread. I’ve dealt with machines my mother helped build. I think I may have even helped take apart one or two, in between organizing machine parts designed by her grandfather and her father and put into use by her.

I didn’t realize that people didn’t expect girls to go into engineering. It never crossed my mind until I was too old for it to dissuade me. Other things dissuaded me (a teacher once told me I should never build a bridge, which would have been offensive except she was right, and I can do the math but I could never manage the physics), but it was never that I was a girl.

My mother told me a story about how, when she was applying to college, a science teacher she asked for a recommendation letter asked her why she was going to college, because she was just going to get married and have kids. She went to Cornell and then got her Masters from Stanford, and then she got married and had kids, and she went into work at the factory she now runs the day before I was born, so fuck that teacher very much.

But here’s my point—my point is that of all of the things society taught me, it never managed to teach me that girls shouldn’t be engineers, or shouldn’t have Masters degrees, or shouldn’t run businesses, or shouldn’t follow in their father’s footsteps instead of their mother’s, but it also never taught me that having a career means you can’t have a happy marriage or can’t have kids if you want.

And that’s because of my mother. It’s because I grew up with a concrete example of all of those things. It’s because instead of having someone telling me “this isn’t possible” I had someone showing me “this is not only possible but reality”.

And that is why representation matters.

A photo of young Anders Breivik. His attire suggests this photo was taken during Breivik’s hip-hop phase which lasted until the age of 16. During this time, Anders sprayed graffiti on the walls of West Oslo. This phase of his life finished after a number of events happened. Jens, Anders’ father, cut contact with his 15 year old son after Anders was arrested for vandalism for the third time. At the same time, other graffiti artists in Oslo’s West heard that Anders had “squealed” to the police, and subsequently wanted nothing to do with him. Anders had also previously graffitied over another artist’s work - the only person allowed to do this was a King in the scene - something Anders was not even close to being.

Soon after these events, hip hop fashion (such as that seen in the photo) fell out of style however Anders continued to wear it, further marking him as uncool. Nobody wanted to be seen with him after he fell out of the graffiti scene - everyone knew the reason this happened. As a result, Anders began to focus on weight training - another thing seen as uncool at this point in time.

I have a horrible feeling that Ryouta is going to be the next victim - but not in the way you think.

Since the murders in DR3 seem to mostly be following the same pattern as in the games (third murder is always a double murder etc), we can assume that if the pattern continues, the next victim won’t be murdered, but will commit suicide.

Now obviously if they commit suicide then they can’t be a victim, as they wouldn’t have been killed by the attacker. But what if it’s the attacker themselves who commits suicide?

If the theories are true, and the attacker indeed alternates each time, then perhaps the next person will sacrifice themselves to avoid killing someone. And Ryouta seems so desperate to be able to save everyone that he might go to extreme lengths to stop his friends from dying.

Of course, this is only speculation and never have I wanted to be more wrong in my life. I hope to god that it doesn’t actually happen, if Ryouta dies I’m fucking rioting outside Spike Chunsoft’s offices)

[16.08.12] B.A.P Put em up jamsil fansign  fan account

It’s been two days since the Jamsil fansign but I only got to write this now lol
It was my first open fansign so I was even more nervous. Although everyone was looking at B.A.P you cant help but to feel like you’re being watched too-

Order: Youngjae(YJ) -> Yongguk (YG) -> Daehyun (DH) -> Himchan (HC) -> Jongup (JU) -> Zelo (JH)

YJ: Hello~
Me: Hello!
He signs then looks at my sticky notes and laughs 
As the same 94liner, I always ask him if we can be friends and he always says no because he’s an early 94liner…
Sticky note1: It’s my third time asking.. As the same 94liner lets be friends! Honestly it’s my third time asking and if you reject again i’ll cry.. -> “I’ll reject”
Me: Why ㅠㅠㅠ Why are you rejecting again ㅠㅠ 
YJ: What month were you born?
Me: May.. I also told you last time ㅠㅜ
YJ: Then no, no. I dont want~
Me: No but! You said starting next year you wont count yourself as an early 94!
YJ: Huh?
Me: Um.. you said that.. since you’re half way to 50 next year you wont count yourself as an early 94…!
YJ: Ah~ That? I’m still thinking about it~
Sticky note2: What did you think of Daehyun’s crossdressing?ㅋㅋㅋ… (Apart from things like “I want to hit him”!!) -> “Disgust”
YJ: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Bye!!
Me: Goodbye~

YG: Hello~
Me: Hello~
He signed and moved onto the sticky notes
Sticky note 1: I’m an art major and I’m having my graduation exhibition in Dec. My theme is “Loneliness and I was curious what you thought about loneliness… -> “Empty”
Sticky note 2: From all of B.A.P songs released so far, which ones do you treasure the most? (+Reason) -> “Young wild and free, Feel so good”
I think the reason is, it’s because it’s the songs/albums that all of the members worked on together ;u;
Me: Ah oppa, while waiting some old lady asked who the people in the picture were! Told her that they’re called B.A.P and told all of your names too. She said that you all look really pretty and good looking!
YG: Ah really?? (He smiled really brightly when he said this ㅠㅠ)
Me: Mhm ㅠㅠ
YG: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But I look really bad right now.
Me: Huh?
YG: I look really bad right now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Me: That’s not true!! ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
YG: ㅎㅎㅎ Thank you, have a nice day~
Me: Goodbye~

Me: Hello!
DH: Hello~
He signed and moved onto the sticky notes 
Sticky note 1: Please write me something that’ll make my heartbeat whenever I look at it♡ ->“ I love you♡”
Sticky note 2: How is Daesook unnie doing these days? I miss her!ㅋㅋ -> “Gone!”
DH: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Gone gone!!!!
Me: Oppa! Can you please sign this too..? ㅠㅠ
At the recent concert, I bought the keke phone case and asked him if he could sign on it.. We’re not actually allowed but I still asked just in case ; ;
DH: I have this too!! On top of the picture?
Me: Nono! On top of the letters!!
DH: Huh? Picture?
I was in a hurry bwcause I didnt want the staff to see but Daehyun seemed so calm lol
Me: Nope, On top of the letters ㅠㅠ
DH: Ah okay!!! (He started signing and then kind of whined) The space is too small ㅠㅠ
Me: Thank you so much ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I was going to call you unnie today but.. now that i’m in front of you, I dont think i can…
DH: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m a man, a tough man!!
Me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
DH: How old are you?
Me: I’m 94liner!
DH: 23???
Speaking of age, I rememberd how Youngjae rejected being friends so I told on to Daehyun lol
Me: Youngjae!! He won’t be friend with me ㅠ Rejected me three times alreadyㅠㅠ
DH: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just speak informally to him!!
Me: Wont befriend me ㅠㅠ
DH: Be friends~~ I’ll approve of it!! ㅋㅋㅋ
Me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ okay, goodbye~
DH: goodbye~ ㅋㅋ

Me: Hello!
HC: Hello~
He signed and moved onto the sticky notes
Sticky note 1: How did it feel doing a duet at the concert with Daesook unnie? -> “Strange”
Sticky note 2: What did you miss the most while on the world tour? -> “Korea”
Me: Oppa do you remember me?
HC: I do!
Me: Really? Do you remember where I used to live?
HC: Um.. I dont remember that but I remember you for sure! You came last time too~
Me: I used to live _____!!
HC: OH!!!!! I remember!!!! I’d really like to go there one day!
Me: You should, it’s really good!
HC: It’d be nice to have a concert there too~
Me: Maybe one day..? ㅎㅎㅎ
HC: ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you for coming today~
Me: I’m also really thankful to you too oppa ㅠㅠ
HC: Thank you so so much, goodbye~
Me: Goodbye~

JU: Hello
Me: Hello ㅎㅎ
He signed and moved onto the sticky notes 
Sticky note 1: Please make a phrase using my name! -> He thought for a really long time here but in the end he couldnt think of anything.. ㅠㅠ
Sticky note 2: Is there a matoki that you wish was yours? (+Reason) -> “Mine is the best”
With Jongup.. he used so much time trying to think of something for my name phrase thing (which he couldnt do in the end) that I had no time to talk to him..
Me: Thank you ㅠㅜ Goodbyeㅠㅠ
JU: Goodbye ㅎㅎ

JH: Hello!
Me: Hello~
He started signing then looked up at me. Much like last time, he decided that i looked younger than him and just wrote my name. So I kindly told him (again lol) that i’m his noona and he fixed it.
JH: I wasn’t so sure, I was very hesitant even while writing your name!
Me: ㅋㅋ You always forget the noona! Even last time!!
JH: Right! You came last time too right?? I remember! 
Me: You remember me???
JH: Yup! You cut your hair right??
Me: How did you know? ㅠㅠ I did cut my hair! ㅠㅠ
JH: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I remember~~
Sticky note 1: At the last concert, I cried a lot while listening to your solo song.. Will you ever release it? (pleaseㅠㅠ) -> “I’ll release a more better and energetic song next time. Since it’s a solo ㅋㅋ" 
The second sticky note was for my friend~
Me: Thank you~ Have a nice day!
JH: You too~

Since it was an open fansign they didnt have Q&A time.. and they didnt talk for a long time..
But they all looked really good ; ;

Thank you for reading~

  • Takao:Oh my GOD!
  • Midorima:What is it this time?
  • Takao:We're doing that thing that couples do and wearing the same clothes!!
  • Midorima:For the third time this week Takao, we wear uniforms!

It was lunch, and like most days the patrons of the small coffee shop could find in the artist corner, apron thrown across a seat guitar in hand, singing away. It was the same today, after her third cup of coffee that day she was just jittery enough to be able to sing one of her originals. She was half way through her song when her eyes darted up to see a familiar face, swallowing hard she stumbled a couple of cords before finishing. Smiling at the applause she started to put her guitar away.

anonymous asked:

how was your first day of uni?

oh! Thanks for asking, it was actually pretty good, my brother went with me to the school, to teach me which busses to take (i have to take 2 and then walk a little to the school). The classes were ok, we are starting with the induction courses, so it was some basic maths, Oh we also went to see the animation presentation of the students from third semester, college is the same as high school, except everyone is so nice and supportive!!! I even was talking to people without feeling nervous!! omg it was really nice~

Tho when i was going back, alone this time, i didn’t got the wrong bus, but i got the wrong direction the bus was going, so i waited ALL the route, it was 2 hours in that bus, i’m so tireeeed #seto answers

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You know the twelfth Doctor and Peter Capaldi are the same, so there is no reason when you doing your post to separate your titles.

My Dear Anon

I must disagree with your statement that I can interchange Peter Capaldi and the 12th Doctor in my posts.  It is said that it is important when you are an actor to separate yourself  from the characters you play.  It keeps fantasy and reality separate from each other. Why do you think most actors always talk about the parts they play in third person. 

It is the same when it comes to my posts.  The 12th Doctor is a character in a show which is fantasy so my admiration for the 12th Doctor and his handsome good looks and my desires for him is essentially a fantasy, for a fantasy character. It is the same with the other Capaldi characters, the Cardinal, Malcolm Tucker..ect.

In contrast, Peter Capaldi is a real individual. Granted he has dashing good looks that I can’t help but appreciate and a heart of gold that many can’t match.  When I see public shots or appearances of him, I will be the first to swoon in admiration from a distance.   

However, Peter Capaldi is a man with a family and a life outside the spotlight and I feel that I need to respect that by separating my posts just as he separates himself  from his characters. 

 If I’m posting about Malcolm Tucker, I will write Malcolm Tucker instead of Peter Capaldi.  The same goes with the Cardinal and the 12th Doctor.

Though if I ever meet the man  I will ask nicely and respectfully for a hug. Thank you for your comment Anon


High School AU - iDubbbz Imagine

You’ve always loved being a library aide all throughout high school. It’s a nice break from your classes, and walking amongst the rows of books shelving and retrieving various novels is almost sort of therapeutic in a way. Everything is always quiet, even at the front desk, and the people you deal with are usually cooperative and friendly. No stress, no chaos, no fuss- it’s practically paradise, in your opinion.

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“It’s not that Rey’s a woman that bothers me, it’s just that she has no reason to be spontaneously good at everything like Luke and Anakin were!”

“I’m fine with black superheroes but if Johnny Storm’s black and Sue isn’t then it doesn’t make any sense and it’ll pull me right out of the movie!”

“Look, female comedies are all fine and good but Ghostbusters just doesn’t work if it’s not about men!”

“This isn’t about messing up Mary Jane’s race, it’s about ruining her personality which I can totally tell is all wrong based on the wardrobe in a few photos!”

Third verse, same as the first: a little bit louder and a little bit worse.