same for the third.

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I had a woman complain about me on my stores site under an anonymous name. She complained I was talking to one of my coworkers. I remember the woman clearly, because I was helping a customer know as to where our clearance was while the woman in particular asked the same question for the third time in a row after I answered her twice already. She described me in full detail, however didn't describe the other person I was "chattering" to. Nice.

is spending the 30 diamonds worth it if you’re NOT hooking up w/becca tho? i want my single mc to be w/zig and i don’t rlly wanna fuck it up by hooking up w/becca and i’m not sure i wanna cheat on chris even tho i’m annoyed with him right now. :( 

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( not the same anon ) but can you make another continuation of arme are getting corrupted by sia? Like will mochi tell sia about it and arme will reach the point were he believe that there's no way ishmael will adore him anymore because he let himself get corrupted and slowly fall into despair? then because of that arme hair turn into more darker color? What will mochi and sia do about that? ( so sorry for the long ask but mod ash always wrote something really good i can't help it ;; _ ;; )

Continuations from: One - Two

It’d been a month since Mochi’s confrontation. Though Mochi himself is unable to see, he had a feeling the corruption in Arme’s hands only grew as time passes on. He stares nervously at Arme’s gloved hands. The holy celestial seems to notice this, turning away his body to face away from Mochi and hiding his hands.

“Ah-” Mochi starts out, but Arme cuts him off.

“I’m not ready for battle yet,” Arme lowers his head. “Don’t bother me.”

That isn’t want Mochi wanted to say, but he stops himself from speaking any further once he notices Arme’s trembling stance. Instead, he wraps an arm around Arme, pulling him in for a hug.

“We’re here for you.” he whispers to him.

Arme stays silent, forcing himself to keep a calm expression. Internally, he feels fearful of the corruption slowly maturing inside him. With his mistake repeated, will his goddess even contact him anymore? He finds himself anxious and frightened at the thought of being corrupted.

As if Mochi somehow heard, he mutters to him in comfort. “Goddesses always give second chances.”

Arme hopes so. He has strong doubts but - he really, really hopes so.

Sia stares at Arme and Mochi from afar, a blank expression on his face as he focuses on Arme.

He’s heard about it, how his time spent with Arme caused a… reaction. He avoids Arme now these days, following Mochi’s advice on letting Arme’s vessel recover from the taint.

He’s unconfident on whether it will help or not. After all, the Seeds of Chaos planted inside of Arme feeds off the celestial’s negative thoughts and feelings. And Arme’s mental condition is not improving.

Because of this, Sia decides not point out the strands of gray hairs Arme developed as of recently.

Big Bang is real Satan. At first I watched their all music videos and I was addicted to Bang Bang Bang song (still am). Yesterday I spend three hours watching their interviews and goofy moments and today I’m listening to the same song for the third time. And If I started BB spam it would be such a mess. These five dudes are pure devil lol 

don’t u ever get self conscious about how you sound over the phone? yeah I’m looking at you unknown


i love the third years

Ankh art

-naked black woman
-sometimes has third eye
-always light-skinned 
-hourglass shape (maybe a fatter ass tho. maybe.)
-perky titties no matter what size
-huge afro or long locs
-always doing some ‘spiritual shit’ like meditation or praying or watever
-she not christian tho, cuz christianity is the white man’s religion
-always in some sort of ‘natural environment’ i.e. the woods, the ocean, the sky
-is mystical because??? 
-a picture of africa somewhere in the art, either as jewelry or a tattoo
-something about the woman’s vagina being powerful bc can Procreate 
-in case woman is in a relationship, it is ALWAYS with a man
-the man is darkskinned 
-the man treats the woman like royalty and/or goddess, but not like an actual person 
-some fake deep statement??? that makes no sense whatsoever and actually goes against all logic and common sense 

Just imagine if liberals were able to apply the same kind of energetic animus they reserve for ‘voting third party in a close election’ to like, poverty and homelessness. Capitalism would be dead overnight.


Seriously, it’s been SO many days since my last drawing, so here have a doodle from my Married AU (Still need to come up with a freaking name for this).

Yes, I am now officially keeping this headcanon about Plagg’s aversion to …married human couple things. Why? Because I have updated It’s An Effort with a new chapter and I just used the same running gag a second time..or a third? (I can’t remember)


When you created an account to post the same picture of Keith every day but life decided to throw some shit at you so you haven’t been posting the same picture of Keith everyday.

I’m disappointed in the number of people who think it’s okay to bully people over how they voted.

Especially with people who voted third party, since they could easily turn the argument back on you and point out that the 2 party fuckfest we get stuck with every election cycle is partially the responsibility of people perpetuating that mentality through bullying exactly like this.

The only vote you control is your own. You can disagree with other people’s choices, but you don’t get to tell them to fuck themselves because they stuck to their beliefs and voted accordingly.