same for lancelot


AU/Theory/Concept :  Ezekiel is the son of Mordred, but doesn’t know it, and therefore the grandson of Morgana. The magic inherent in the bloodline is the reason he’s so “naturally talented”. [This is implying that Mordred also survived the Battle of Camlann, and is somehow immortal. Whether this is by magical means, like Morgana, or by the same means Lancelot and Galahad are immortal, is up to you.]

One of the things that I love about fanon James-Lancelot is that everyone loves how he’s trigger-happy. Guns, guns, guns, guns. Shoots firsts, asks questions later, grins while doing it. He’s a gun puppy.

What if - Roxy chooses the poodle because it’s a gun dog. It’s a smart choice for a Kingsman-in-training, for an agent. What if the previous Lancelot also chose a poodle?

Something in Percival’s gut would curl up, hearing that his recruit chose the same dog as the previous Lancelot - he knows Roxy is good, is pretty sure she’s going to pass the tests and make the cuts and take up the Lancelot mantle - but there’s something about the fact - the dog - that makes it feel right

(And it still hurts, because James is gone and he’s not coming back; Roxy can’t be a replacement for that. So it’s not right, it’s not okay that James is dead, but maybe it’s better. Maybe it starts to feel better.)

Roxy doesn’t know it, of course, that her choice in dog affects her sponsor so; she doesn’t hear until much later about the relationship between the previous Lancelot and Percival. 

  • merlin: you're late again eggsy
  • eggsy: shut up merlin you're egg-noying
  • merlin: k i'm out
  • roxy: same
  • harry: same
  • arthur: same
  • lancelot: same
  • kate middleton: same
  • prince george: same
  • prince william: same
  • the queen: same
  • america: same
  • asia: same
  • australia: same
  • nz: same:
  • penguins of madagascar: same