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i finished my book. it’s a story about my sestras. i call it orphan black. my story is an embroidery with many beginnings and no end. but i will start with the thread of my sestra, sarah, who stepped off a train one day and met herself.

hey how about this, instead of asking me what it’s like to have a personality disorder, just ask me what it’s like to be fully willing to kill myself to get someone’s attention

Felix was so nervous he couldn’t even process what YG was saying lol poor baby. “Where are you from?” “What?” “How old are you?” “What?”

Youtubers. Are. People. Too.

This shouldn’t need to be said, but I really feel like I have to say something. People seem to forget that YouTubers are human. They seem to forget that they have feelings and that they have lives and that YouTube isn’t necessarily the only thing they ever worry about.
People seem to forget that YouTubers are not objects or toys that are designed to entertain us. People get selfish an don’t want to share them, they don’t want to see them move on to other things.
At the end of the day, they’re just people. They have lives. They have friends and significant others who they put before their careers (and rightfully so) and, most importantly, they have emotions.
They have emotions that can be shattered by harsh things people spew at them. They may not show these emotions in every video they make (or in any of them) but they’re still there. Depression can be so easily masked by a big smile and a loud laugh. It’s so easy to hide for some people.
The best way to get out your feelings is to talk about them. YouTubers are no different. If talking helps them, then they are going to turn to their biggest support group. You. They want your support. They want their voice to be heard by people who care because in that moment, that’s what they need.
When you mock them or make jokes about that, it’s going to hurt. They may never even see those jokes, but what if they did.
Instead of idolizing YouTubers and putting them on these pedestals, think of them as an adult or parent or just someone you know in your everyday life. Would you force those people into relationships (with yourself or others) because you believe that they belong with that person and no one else? Would you ruin their current relationship to do that? Would you purposefully be mean/hurtful to them after they spoke their feelings to you? Would you stop talking to them altogether and hate them because they said/did one thing wrong?
Probably not. You’d likely work things out, and you know what? It’s not that different in these fandoms. Sure, you may not be able to directly affect things like this when it comes to a YouTuber/community relationship, but you can sure as hell try. If you be nice, then maybe you can convince someone else to be nice.

Agrestes and Cat Tendendcies
  • Adrien will happily sit in boxes. Especially if he’s alone with no one sees him. And then, they never see him. 
  • Felix is more than happy to just stand in the box. He may sit if it’s a really nice box. But it has to be a nice box! 
  • Over all, Adrien is fine being touched. Being held, one it has to depend on the people, two he likes being on the move so he doesn’t want to be held for too long. 
  • Only certain people are allowed to touch Felix. 
  • Felix has no tolerance for Chloe, and the feeling is mutual. 
  • Felix has a bad habit of hissing. 
  • Adrien has a bad habit of abusing his kitten eyes. And begging. 
  • Both have a bad habit of knocking stuff over when frustrated or bored. 
  • Adrien usually does it when he’s bored. 
  • Felix does it when he’s frustrated and/or annoyed. He usually does it more than Adrien. 
  • Adrien doesn’t like being left alone.
  • Felix is fine being left alone and out of sight. 
  • Adrien leans on people he likes. 
  • When Felix is in the mood to be sociable, he’ll usually stand close, maaaaybe lean on the people he likes. 
  • When Adrien wants attention, he’ll be annoying menace on purpose till he gets it. 
  • Felix isn’t so patient. He just flops and climbs onto who he wants attention from. 
  • Adrien will happily serenade to his Lady. 
  • Felix is the growler of the two. 
  • Neither like water very much. 
  • Both will react to anything that goes past fast. 
  • Adrien is more inclined to chase after it. 
  • Felix will resist more, but only for so long. 
  • Both love being petted and scratched. 
  • Adrien is the real cuddler of the two. 
  • Felix is fine being cuddled to and held when sleeping. 
  • Both are easily jealous they have no chill. 
  • Neither are allowed near Marinette’s yarn balls. 
  • Both love sushi. 
  • Both purr when happy, Adrien winds up purring more often than Felix.

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I officially reached the end of your twins AU tag and I'm on the edge of tears I need MORE OF THEM PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING! ANYTHING JOSIE!

oh wow, well done! you definitely deserve something more if you got that far! :0

have possibly the first time i’ve ever drawn both twins switching it up as chat noir! felix is very practical and just likes to get the job done and leave, while adrien is much showier and will flirt with just about anything that moves (including felix).

adrien’s also a lot better at being the damsel in distress. felix just tries to backseat-hero and tell chat noir how to do his job.


Delphine Cormier Appreciation Week | Day 3: Favourite Friendship

CHANGBIN: Hey, how are you?


CHANGBIN: what’s up?



FELIX: honestly, you confuse me, are you cute or are you hot, how can one be such an amazing caring person, so good at rapping and have an adorable face at the same time, you’re part of my life and simultaneously such a big inspiration and idol and i cant believe you’re even talking to me right now i love you


FELIX: … I’m fine thanks, how are you?

In loving memory of an amazing and inspirational person, Felix The Judge.

I don’t know if Felix considered me a good friend of his, we didn’t talk a lot because I’m an anxious avoidant mess who’s afraid to message people, but I always thought of him as my dear friend. He was always so kind and encouraging, always ready to help, supporting everyone, and I loved chatting with him, even if we didn’t talk often. He was pretty much my only link to the Off community due to my disconnected and anxious nature, I felt like I was part of the fandom because of him, because he noticed me and talked to me, now I feel lost and alone… I miss him already. The community just won’t be the same without him… He was truly the heart of the fandom, to me.

Rest in peace, dear friend. Thank you for everything.


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Important twins AU question to distract from negativity: do they have any catlike instincts, and if so, does one try to stop the other before they make a complete fool of theirselves?

try is the operative word

felix is more into grooming himself unnecessarily and sleeping in weird places. adrien chases anything that moves, which is a problem since he’s very allergic to pigeons and in a place like paris those are usually the moving things

what u get when u’re on board a van with the boys