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how do each creepypastas decorate their room

Jeff: Keeps it mostly Like it is but added a tv and a small sofa. Has a picture of his girlfriend on his nightstand

BEN: Painted It green and black. Has a bunch of posters on the wall.

Proxies: Kept it the same.

EJ: Painted it completely black and now has a bunch of lamps everywhere.

LJ: Is hardly in his room so it probably has even LESS than it originally came.

Jane: Has a Grey floral wallpaper. Also likes lamps

Sally: Pink, full of toys

Clockwork: Painted Blue has nothing on the walls.

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Jeff x Eyeless Jack hcs?

(Again, same age, both EJ’s age. That applies to every ship I do here.)

  • Jack can’t put his head on Jeff’s shoulder or vice versa because of the tar that drips from his eyes. It gets everywhere.
  • They steal each other’s hoodies at every opportunity. Which is literally every second of the day.
  • Neither of them can cook, so they get takeout most nights. (EJ eats fucking organs and was a college student. He doesn’t know how to cook.)
  • They sleep together surprisingly peacefully, no snoring or anything. However, it’s only like that when they sleep together. Alone, it’s havoc.
  • Jack braids Jeff’s hair sometimes, and he’ll never admit that he likes how it looks.

Mun: Youma-con was a blast! I saw some really good cosplay today and some people ask to take pictures of me. I am planning on going tomorrow I might just go as me or I might go as Eyeless Jack, who knows, but if you see Eyeless Jack it might be me or one of my friends since she will be going as EJ same as me, and since she does help me with his blog! So I hope to see you guys there!

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It had been at least a day after Hary 'died' and came back, the guy had locked himself in his room again. More because of what the duck had happened and less like self loathing.

*EJ and UJ were at the door, a little bit worried and confused at the same time*

EJ: *sighs and knocks on the door* Come on Harp, U is worried about ya.