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What creepypastas do when they can’t sleep

Jeff the Killer: lay down, look at the ceiling

BEN drowned: he never sleeps, so he is bored too often for his taste, so he walk around locations in his game. He sometimes try to fall asleep but it’s more like hybernation.

Laughing Jack: he doesn’t need to sleep but when he want to and is not able to fall asleep he talks to himself.

Slenderman: when he hybernates nothing can disturb him. When he is not sleeping, he just wander through the woods.

Eyeless Jack: walk around the room or house

Bloody Painter: same as EJ, but he also sit on the window sill and look at the sky.

Ticci Toby: change his position fast, huffing and growling

Masky: sits on the bed while thinking about everything, smoke cigarette

Hoodie: read or listen to music

Sally: she never sleeps

Homicidal Liu: internal monologue directed to God

Eternal Jane: walk around the room, caressing the skin on her arms

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how do each creepypastas decorate their room

Jeff: Keeps it mostly Like it is but added a tv and a small sofa. Has a picture of his girlfriend on his nightstand

BEN: Painted It green and black. Has a bunch of posters on the wall.

Proxies: Kept it the same.

EJ: Painted it completely black and now has a bunch of lamps everywhere.

LJ: Is hardly in his room so it probably has even LESS than it originally came.

Jane: Has a Grey floral wallpaper. Also likes lamps

Sally: Pink, full of toys

Clockwork: Painted Blue has nothing on the walls.

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What are your eyelesspainter headcanons? Asking for science.

alright so I hope these are good and make sense- 

  • They are both very into the arts: EJ is into music while BP is into painting and drawing (obviously). So sometimes they’ll work in the same room, EJ humming and practicing different notes while Helen makes a new masterpiece. 
  • One morning after “getting down” they were still kind of tired and accidentally took the other’s mask in the morning. That’s how everyone found out about them 
  • If this is the version of EJ who can’t see (there’s different ideas floating around so) Helen will describe his pictures for EJ or make them slightly pop out like braille so EJ could still “see” them
    • Also the reason he likes playing music is because it is not sight based, he can still make music by feeling and hearing 
    • Same goes with cooking, his smell is enhanced. Helen will make two different versions of the meal, a regular one and one with organs. 
  • They constantly serve up looks because they can both dress well. Jeff and BEN (aka mismatched everything couple) are Shaking in their mismatched socks. 
  • They eat classy, look classy, and behave classy, but, when they sleep, they do not stay still. Both of them turn in their sleep a lot, and sometimes they kick each other. 
  • Helen always wears slightly healed leathers boots, even with those he’s not up to EJ’s height. (EJ in my mind is 6′4 and Helen is 5′7)
  • If it’s normal AU, they met in college. EJ was part of some garage band and one of them members liked Helen’s art style and wanted it for their album cover. 
    • After that they kinda just didn’t loose touch. They would go out to eat cheap (and sometimes) shitty food.

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It had been at least a day after Hary 'died' and came back, the guy had locked himself in his room again. More because of what the duck had happened and less like self loathing.

*EJ and UJ were at the door, a little bit worried and confused at the same time*

EJ: *sighs and knocks on the door* Come on Harp, U is worried about ya.