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I'm a new person to the doctor who fandom (and show) (I'm on Smith and Jones where you meet Martha?) but I was wondering (if you don't mind, I just can't find an answer anywhere) why do people ship rose with other doctors other than the ones she interacted with.

hi there! i hope you’re enjoying DW (and i hope you love martha. i love martha ♥)

okay the short answer here is a “because we can”

the longer answer is that we see rose interact with two doctors in canon and the chemistry is palpable in both pairings. so it’s easy to extend that same sense of chemistry to other doctors if you’re inclined to do so. it’s a feeling of oh these two are soulmates and therefore we want to ship them in all possible iterations. there’s just a lot of stuff showing how important rose was in the doctor’s life (not all of which you’ve gotten to yet) so it’s easy to expand on that. not everyone does though. just like some people only ship nine/rose or only ship ten/rose, some people only ship rose with the doctors she canonically met. it’s just a personal preference :) (and boils down to the “because we can and it’s fun” answer)

i’m afraid this was probably not an informative answer. i was literally about to turn out the lights to go to sleep when i saw this message pop in and got my laptop back out to answer it! enjoy watching DW! Please feel free to ask me any other questions you may have :)

“Haise had feelings for Touka but Kaneki doesn’t”

But, hey!!!


The title of the chapter where Haise first met Touka (and the one he instantly fell for her) is called:

The feelings Haise felt for Touka were inherited from Kaneki. It just happens that, since Haise didn’t have any memories of his past, he also didn’t have any issues that would make him lock is feelings deep down on his heart.

While Kaneki had a lot to deal, Haise was just Haise, which made his feelings for her more obvious and transparent.

Kaneki and Haise may be “““diferent”””, but the heart is the same.


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"You're a murderer, how are you working at a hospital?" mirafreed feat. a confused/upset nurse!mira and new doc!freed?

Mira drops her files the second she steps into the office, and the new doctor chokes when he looks up from a box and sees her.

“What are you doing here?” Mira hisses, closing the door behind her and locking it.  She steps over the scattered files, careful not to leave behind a shoe print on any of the papers, and pulls the blinds shut next.  Mirajane Strauss is an intelligent woman, top in her field, and she knows damn well how rookie mistakes like letting herself get spotted can cost her her life.  She’s been in the game too long, and so has he.

“I work here,” he replies.  “I’m a surgeon.  What are you doing here?”

“I’m the head nurse! You’re a murderer, how are you working at a hospital?” Mira asks.  Just like every meeting before today (God, she can’t even remember how many times they’ve met), he’s in an expensive suit and his green hair is pulled back in a long, thick braid.  His cufflinks are little emeralds, the only difference she can see - normally (she laughs inside because their meetings are anything but normal), they’re rubies.

“I could ask you the same question,” he says smoothly.  “What’s an assassin doing as the head nurse?”

Mira scowls and crosses her arms under her chest.  “I like saving lives.”

“Kill for your agency by night, perform CPR by day,” the doctor says, a teasing lilt to his tone.  “Poetic.”

“What’s your excuse?” she asks.  Her eyes scan the room for anything she can use to take him down.  One more infuriating comment out of his pretty little mouth, and he’ll find his fountain pen in his neck.  Messy, but Mira’s cleaned up worse messes.

“You’ll find I like the thrill of an OR almost as much as the thrill of a kill,” he replies.  “As for why I kill…” he brushes a loose curl behind her ear and leans down to softly say, “If you’re allowed your secrets, so am I.”

Mira loops her hands up, wrapping them around his shoulders loosely.  To anyone else, it would have been oddly romantic, this sort of embrace.  But Mira’s fingers are digging into his spine, poised to break the bone beneath like it’s straw.  It’s only fair, she thinks, considering the good doctor has his hands resting against her neck at an angle that would allow him to snap it.

They’re seasoned veterans of their fields; it would be remiss to not take precautions.

“Just keep in mind, doctor,” she whispers into the sharp angles of his jaw.  “We shouldn’t mix business with pleasure.  Stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours.” The doctor drops his hands to her waist for a brief second before pulling back and nodding, the very picture of professionalism.

With that, Mira draws back and moves to collect her files, exiting the room with a bright smile plastered on her face and an assignment in her pocket.

The next day, Mira finds a memo on her desk notifying her that she’s been transferred to work in the OR, at the glowing recommendation of one Dr Freed Justine.

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