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A random thought just crossed my mind. Remember in season 4 when they first found the Winchester gospels and everyone was freaking out about Sam having sex with Lilith? And the reason for the sex turned out to be that Sam made a deal with her but as a powerful demon that meant sealing the deal needed more than a kiss?? Remember??

Yet now they are constantly making deals with the KING of hell (who surely gets the status of ‘most powerful demon’).

Therefore, taking Deans illusive shorts as a starting point (he NEVER wears shorts after all) and going by the shows own canon, we can conclude that you must ALWAYS have sex with a powerful demon in order to seal the deal.

This means Dean has been banging Crowley since season 8. (And therefore so was Cas in season 6).

100% evidence right there. The shows own CANON says so. So there.

Drowley and um…Crowstiel? BOTH CONFIRMED.

sorry guys I don’t make the rules.



160716 Cakeshop, Itaewon, Seoul


Crush, Jeff Bernat and Dean at Seoul Soul Festival (13th - 14th of August)…I think we all know what that means!

Ps. Also Gallant. What if…and this is only a what if, Dean and Gallant go on stage together and perform that song they’ve been working on!?😏

Pss. We all know Crush is going to freak out over musiq soulchild (also headlining ssf). Not even gonna be there but stoked over robert glasper.

You wanna know what I really love about having a friendship with @thing-you-do-with-that-thing is? It’s the fact that we have only known each other for a little over a month, correct me if I am wrong Kari, and we pretend fight like an old married couple. Seriously, fight over who is the better character! Kari for god sake, I love you, and I love our silly fights and even sillier conversations on the phone and Skype! Remember, I wanna steal the stick, no I’m not going to ‘cause I can’t get it up!? Don’t you ever change human!

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Sam broke the 66th seal. It was one seal of 66, just like Dean, and neither made the informed choice to break that seal, the entire plan was orchestrated by powerful, manipulative forces (who broke 64 themselves). The blame lands on Sam and not those forces, however, because the 66th seal is the last one needed to unlock Lucifer from Hell.

So the question begs: if Sam had unwittingly broken, like, the 35th seal, would people still blame him for the apocalypse?