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Here’s Shigure in GBA Pegasus Knight getup because I have zero self control


When  I was in Texas and I was in the front row watching Taylor play her greatest hits, I actually had tears in my eyes because right before my very eyes someone who I have idolized for years has grown up into this amazing woman and when she sang songs that she wrote when she younger its like nothing has ever changed. You still see that same country, curly haired girl singing “ its a love story, baby just say yes.” in her adult self. I am so proud of the woman Taylor has become because she has taught me that no matter what age you are, never loose WHO YOU ARE because being true to yourself is the most important lesson we can ever learn.

Act the Part

A LuNyx Fanfic based on #732 prompt posted by @otpisms. But I gave it a slight change.

Kingsglaive AU: Everyone’s Alive and Nyx works as bodyguard for Luna on a daily basis. 

Summary: Nyx meets one of his neighbors while he’s at the convenience store and things happened unexpectedly (lol sorry I suck at summaries, but please read the story)

Nyx was in the middle of putting a bag of chips in his shopping basket when someone called him. He couldn’t help but cringe when he heard the familiar voice. The only thing he that could do was turn around and wear a fake smile.

“Hey, Mrs. Collins.” he greeted.

Mrs. Collins, a neighbor in his apartment building, looked the same as always. White curly hair, short built and wore glasses as thick as the bottom of a beer glass. She always looked at him with some sort of a ‘eurika’ expression and the glaive knew exactly why. The old woman approached with a silent glee while carrying a basket full of her own things she had picked to buy.

“Oh my dear, it’s been a while since I last saw you! How are you? You look a bit haggard! Have you been sleeping?” Mrs. Collins exclaimed rapidly.

At least the motherly questions made him smile genuinely. “I get enough sleep, Mrs. Collins, don’t worry. I’m just assigned to more missions lately, that’s all.” he answered kindly.

“Ah yes! Being the best of the Kingsglaive would make anyone busy.“ she complemented.

Nyx just reacted with a bashful laugh.

“I rarely see you in the morning nowadays.” the old woman continued. “Have you been assigned to an earlier time as a guard in the palace?”

“Yes, I, uh, I’ve been assigned to an earlier time.” Nyx said while he forced the smile to stay. He always felt bad lying to the old lady, but it was better than admitting he had been avoiding her. Still clueless to his discomfort, Mrs. Collins maintained her excitable demeanor. She pushed up her glasses and moved closer with tiny steps. Meanwhile, he mentally braced himself for the upcoming question he knew all too well.

“Have you called Sharon yet?” she asked.

Sharon was first brought up when the old lady found out that the hero of the Kingsglaive didn’t have a girlfriend. And as old ladies would often do, she started mentioning the single granddaughter and almost immediately begged him to go out with her. The old woman had pestered him with it whenever they met and the glaive had always turn the down the offer. Today was no exception.

“I didn’t have time. I’ve been busy.” he excused as he scratched the back of his head.

Mrs. Collins frowned. “You should call her soon! She’s perfect for you!”

He gave a nervous laugh. Maybe the truth would make her stop once and for all.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Collins.” he sighed. “But I’m not interested.”

“Oh don’t be such heart breaker.” She countered. So much for finally telling the truth. It seemed like nothing would never make this old woman falter from ever pushing him. And with a teasing tone she continued. “Don’t tell me you already have someone else.”

Another nervous laugh. There was nothing he could do but to just continue turning her down as always without hurting the grandmother’s heart too much.

“I’m afraid he has.”

Nyx turned to see the woman who made the bold remark. The blonde woman stood at the end of the aisle with a smile he recognized. She tilted her head slightly and looked at him with the confidence that made him pay attention to her next move.

Luna approached the two quickly and wrapped an arm onto Nyx’s before he could ever react. Mrs. Collins looked at her from head to toe with her shaky fingers holding up the thick spectacles. If the blonde before her wore the usual royal garb, she would fall to her knees like anyone recognizing her. However, the Princess Oracle in a casual coat and boots was effectively disguised to the old woman’s eyes. Somehow, nobody seemed to recognize the princess as long as she wore casual clothes. In fact, in the few months of her sneaking out at night with her glaive escort, the disguise has never failed.

The grandmother looked at the glaive and expressed a question with a face. Luna giggled and softly patted the man on his broad chest. Nyx could only observe what was strangely happening before his eyes.

“Oh Nyx, aren’t you going to introduce me?” she uttered demurely.

And so he started to, but with a slight arch on his brow. “Mrs. Collins this is –“

“Stella…” Luna finished as she held out a hand, but then the cover name wasn’t the only thing she made up. “…Nyx’s wife.”

Nyx remained composed as he tried to hold back a chuckle. “Yes.. my wife.” he introduced. He felt warm saying the last two words. “And honey, this is Mrs. Collins - one of my neighbors at the apartment bulding.”

Mrs. Collins took Luna’s hand and shook it as expected, but the old lady’s eyes widened. “Wife?” she uttered, like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing or seeing.There was a hint of disappointment on her face.

Luna smiled kindly. “Yes. We got married just last month.”

Finally having caught on with the cover, Nyx nodded before copying the princess’ smile. He put an arm around his pretend wife to add effect.

Mrs. Collins looked at Luna and then at Nyx. She gasped as if she was just realizing it the first time. “Why didn’t you tell me you were married?“she croaked. “Oh you didn’t even invite me to the wedding!”

“I apologize for that, Mrs. Collins. It was just a small wedding and it happened so quick. We just couldn’t invite everybody.” the glaive stated. He couldn’t believe he was saying it all so smoothly.

Nevertheless, the old woman formed a warm grin. “Oh don’t be sorry! You found yourself a beautiful wife. And I can tell, you are very much in love.”

The faux couple gave an “aww” look before a cheery smile appeared on their lips. Nyx couldn’t help but hold Luna closer. And she reciprocated by giving him a peck on the cheek. He felt her hand tremble slightly while she did so. But the nervousness was mutual.

At the sight of them, The old woman placed her frail hand to her chest. “Even though you missed a chance with my Sharon, I am so glad to see you finally in love.” she commented, even sounded genuinely.“I’ll leave you two then. I hope to meet you again.”

“You too, Mrs. Collins.” Nyx replied while he still held luna.

“It was nice to meet you, Mrs. Collins.” Luna said warmly.

Mrs. Collins finally gave the princess a soft pat on her arm. “Such a beautiful lady you have here, Nyx. You are both so lucky.” she gushed.

Then finally the old woman moved on to the cashier with those tiny steps of hers. The supposedly married couple waved good bye at her. Only when her tiny frame disappeared from their sight did they drop the act. He finally let go of her and she took a step back from the intimate proximity.

The first thing that Nyx did was laugh. Luna looked at him curiously. “What?” she asked.

“Nothing. I just can’t believe we were able to pull that off.” he replied discreetly.

The princess shook her head. “Maybe old ladies are easy to fool.” she stated with an equally hushed tone.

“I guess so.” he muttered. “But I owe you one, your highness. It would take an hour or so before I get rid of her, if you hadn’t come in.”

She hummed a note as she began to look for the snacks she preferred among the ones display. “You don’t have to owe me. You have saved me countless times from danger.”

“But that’s because it’s my job to save you from danger.” he commented while he put another bag of chips on the basket. 

Then something came to his mind. “I guess I’ll have to think of excuses for my wife being always out.” he said. “She’s my neighbor after all. She’s gonna wonder why Stella isn’t always at home.”

“Then I suggest you find another apartment.” she lightly suggested. 

He gave a soft laugh. “Well, it’s better than finding a girl that looks exactly like you and is named Stella.”

The comment made her grin. 

They went silent for a while as they looked for more snacks to buy. Luna picked a small bag of biscuits and placed them in the basket he held. She gazed at him with much of her notorious curiosity.

“I wonder.” she started. “Why don’t you go out with Sharon? As Mrs. Collins had put it, she’s perfect for you. Well, she might be right.” Her teasing tone didn’t escape him.

“No can do, princess.” he answered with a smirk. “Too busy with the job.”

The princess laughed as she tugged his arm to drag him onto the next aisle. The glaive could only let her. Somehow, he could never think about her soft touch the same way again since the act they did together. It would always remind him of the moment he held her close as he would if she was indeed his wife…

… And how her lips felt on his cheek… And how they might feel when touched by his own.

He suddenly stopped his stride.  

“What’s the matter?” the Luna asked.

Nyx cleared his throat and avoided looking into her blue eyes. “Nothing… Uh, Let’s just get those sodas.”

Again, he had to pretend. But this time, he wasn’t so sure if he can still pull off another flawless act.



Update: Sorry guys apparently Patrick doesn’t want pictures of Declan online. I don’t have an actual source and at this point this post is on like everyones blog so it’s not like me deleting it will do anything. But ALSO YEAH I KNOW NOW SO STOP SENDING ME ANONS ABOUT IT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE POSTED IT TOO JESUS CHRIST.
Update on coffee date:

Was ok. Spent an hour at Starbucks chit chatting and the topic of education came up. I told him that one of these days I’d like to get back into school and forward my degree in dentistry towards a forensic approach and he scrunched his nose.

“Like… working in the morgue?”

“I have limited experience with it, but yes - I would like to try my hand on it.”

“What do you mean ‘limited experience’?”

“I was asked to assist with alginate molds for some John and Jane Does who were needing to be identified. Sometimes dental records are found on them.”

“… so they’re dead… already….?”

“In the field of forensics - yes. Their bodies are already somewhat opened because the need to drain bodily fluids, so the smell is quite pungent, but while that is happening, the assistant is able to place the block under their neck and help with keeping their mouth open since rigor mortis has set in and - oh. Are you ok?”

*looks like he is about to barf* “I need to use the restroom. Be right back.”

Needless to say, that won’t happen again.

“Stay on your lane, DongHyuck.” The brunette waggled her finger at the boy “Respect your elders.”

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry, Noona.” DongHyuck leaned on the counter, ignoring the angry look on Melina’s face “You’re just sooooo short for your age.”

“We have the same height!”

The curly haired girl almost ripped her hair off her head, making Hyuck smirk.

“You know what? I don’t care.” She poked his shoulder “There’s a girl waiting at table 4. Go!”

The brunette rolled his eyes, taking a pen and a notepad, walking to the famous table 4 (That thing had a lot of history).

“Good morning!” He chirped, unusually happy “How can I help you?”

The customer looked up, mumbling a “Morning” and DongHyuck’s breath hitched.

“Uhm, I want a… Caramel Macchiato, please.”

She cast her eyes down, making the barista sigh.

“It will take just a minute.” He paused “What’s your name?”

The girl looked at him again, making his cheeks burn.


He nodded.

“I’ll be right back.”

The brunette went behind the counter, grabbing a mug and the things he needed to make the macchiato.

“It looks like she’s having a bad day.” Melina said, nodding at the customer.

“Yeah, it seems so.” Hyuck mumbled, cheeks burning “Can you bring a cupcake? Chocolate icing, please.”

The girl nodded, smiling.

A few minutes later, the mug was set on the table accompanied by a chocolate cupcake.
DongHyuck sat across from Anouk, making her look at him curiously.

“The cupcake is on the house.” He smiled “I know you don’t know me or anything, but do you need to talk?”

“I… It’s just… Things, you know?” The girl told the brunette everything that happened lately, between sips of her caramel macchiato.

“Hm.” The barista nodded “Look, I can’t tell you I know how you feel, because I don’t. But I can tell you that things always get worse before they get better.” He blushed “And I can tell you that you are one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen, so you don’t have to worry about feeling gross when you eat.”

Anouk’s eyes pooled with tears, making DongHyuck panic.

“Shit, did I say something wrong?”

“On the contrary.” She smiled, wiping the tears “Thank you very much…”


“Thank you, DongHyuck.” She looked at her phone “Ah, shit. I have to go.”

Putting some money on the table, Anouk grabbed the cupcake and stood up.

“Thank you, again.”

Hyuck smiled, grabbing her unnocupied hand.

“No problem. Have a good day!”

He slipped his hand out of hers, watching the girl run out of the cafe.
The brunette went behind the counter again, seeing the smug look on Melina’s face.

“What was that hand-grabbing?”

He blushed furiously, shooing the girl.

“Shut up.”


Later, while still running to her school, Anouk looked at the paper that DongHyuck slipped onto her hand.

If you need anything, hmu. - DongHyuck

She tripped.


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Another important PSA from the Kanekis (and Sasaki). Please stop it.

We need a Scheherazade no Bouken!

Is that little girl on the bottom left the child of Scheherazade and her king? *Shipper mode activades*🚢🚢🚢
She has the same ultra long curly hair as Scheherazade! But then again, her hair colour is the same as that leaf crown guy! Oh and I suppose the purple haired people with the black hoods are sibling magicians? I want to know about all of them!

Ohtaka, you can’t kill Scheherazade and leave us with just this picture. GRRR. Scheherazade no Bouken please!

It’s annoying as fuck how they downplay Olivia Scriven’s looks for Degrassi when we all know that she’s drop dead gorgeous off set. I mean Maya’s had the same dry ass curly hair and plain style for how many season’s now and Ricardo Hoyos (Zig) looks like 20-something dating a 15 year old and Tristan (Lyle) lost weight, went through like three hair colours AND got a wardrobe change? Can she please have her moment senior year?