same curly hair

things i learned from this video:

- dan can curl hair better than i ever will
- phil looks 10/10 with curly hair
- dan and phil look exactly the same with curly hair
- they just really wanted to film a video with dan touching phil’s hair and them aggressively flirting with each other for half an hour

Can I just talk about Anakin’s hair inconsistencies. 

I love how Wookiepedia does even know: “Blond to brown”

I like to think it’s the sun that does it. Like when he was a kid, living under the double suns of Tatooine, his hair was lightened. And the inconsistent color we see in TCW is because he is hoping from planet to planet (and living under Coruscant’s wacky artificial climate). And sunlight would explain why in some episodes it looks like his hair is brown with blond highlights:

Like here he’s obviously gotten some sun:

And before the Kadavo episodes Anakin must have seen no sunlight at all: 


No sunshine:


But it’s also just the lighting (from the same episode):


I don’t know man. Anakin’s hair is just as inconsistent and moody as he is. But I think we can pretend it’s the sun that changes his hair, just to have some rational explanation.  


Here’s Shigure in GBA Pegasus Knight getup because I have zero self control

I love the idea of Gavroche looking a lot like Grantaire. Same dark curly hair, same big nose, same blue eyes. I also love the idea of Grantaire using that to fuck with Enjolras

One day Grantaire shows up to a meeting wearing a green hoodie, ripped jeans, and a grey beanie.

Gavroche is there with him, wearing the same exact outfit, but miniaturized.

When Enjolras sees them, he stops dead in his tracks. A look of horror passes over his face as he whispers “There’s another one,” and has to hold onto a chair to keep from falling over.

Grantaire laughs about it for months and won’t let Enjolras forget about it for years.


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Species, Sense8, and Incomplete Dominance: A Nerdy Post by Me

So i just came across this post from Jenna @ww-n-double-d​ and I started to write up a response, but it kind of got away from me big time and I didn’t want to creat a gigantic wall of text, so I thought I’d split it and post my response separately. Definitely read that post before this one to understand what I’m talking about!

I’ve been thinking about the topic of species in Sense8 since I watched What Is Human in 2015, but I really started to put more work into it when I finished s2 because we were given much more material to work with in. Plus I am a biology nerd who doesn’t know when to stop, so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *wolfie voice* it’s my nature.

First, I think it’s important to understand that the show is using the term “species” very loosely, and we shouldn’t exactly hold their use of the term to its real definition. As Jenna​ said to me a few days ago on PM, we should look at the show’s usage of “species” more like “breeds”, ie. the difference between Sapiens and Sensoriums lies in a few key alleles (different versions of the same gene that yield different traits, like blue vs. brown eyes) instead of a more profound structural difference in their genomes that would be associated with separate species.

Side note: There ARE a few liberties that can be taken with the concept of species that would allow them to stretch it VERY thinly over what they need it to mean. Feel free to drop by my inbox if you want a more detailed explanation on this, but I’m working with the more standard definition of species here.  

These alleles are what Jenna refers to as being dominant or recessive in the post linked above, and while the explanation is spot-on I do differ on one point - if the sensorium trait is recessive and the sapiens trait is dominant, that would mean sensoriums can only be actual-real-life-physically-expelled-from-a-womb born from two sensorium parents, meaning all the parents we know in the show would be sensoriums, which we know they aren’t. Even if their sensate abilities haven’t been “activated” by a cluster birth and they believed themselves to be sapiens, they’d have the ability to visit with their children all the time because they’re sensates too, which they don’t.

We don’t know if the reverse - that sensorium is dominant and sapiens is recessive - can or can’t be true for the same reason. We haven’t seen any two sensates have biological children together, so we can’t know if said hypothetical children could be sapiens.  However, I’d lean more towards “no” on this.

Instead I’d like to propose a different angle on this that we haven’t considered: incomplete dominance. Incomplete dominance happens with only some traits when two allels of the same gene, say, curly vs straight hair, can exert the same, intermediate level of dominance over the expressed trait. Taking hair texture as an example, if a person has two curly-haired parents, they will also have curly hair. Same goes for two straight-haired parents. However, if one parent has curly hair and another has straight, the child will have wavy hair, because both alleles will be expressed in equal measure. Then, if two wavy-haired people have children, said children could potentially have curly, wavy, or straight hair because they’d have the possibility of inheriting two curly alleles, two straight alleles, or one of each.

If we take that same example, with both ends of the spectrum being “sensorium” and “sapiens”, it would explain two very important things simultaneously:

1. Why the pattern of sensorium trait inheritance is so fuzzy; why we can’t clearly identify who will have what kind of child at a simple glance, and why we can’t draw up an “if-then” rule for when a sensorium child will be born so clearly, and:

2. Sapiens’ different degrees of production and/or response to the chemical DMT

This second point takes me to these two posts [x] [x] also by Jenna. I HIGHLY encourage you to read the posts but to summarize, DMT is a real molecule present in all living things, and DMT levels tend to spike during near-death experiences. In the show, DMT is what allows sensates to be sensates; they seem to either produce much more of it than sapiens, or be much more responsive to its presence in their system, which allows them to connect with other sensates with the same ability.

However I can see three instances at least where non-sensate characters have sensate-like experiences over the course of the show. First we have Will’s dad see Will through his visit with Riley. This is due to that spike in DMT that occurs near death, allowing Will’s father to have that sensate-like connection even though he is not a sensate himself. We also get the anecdote from Grace about how she found Amanita when she got lost during a fireworks show through a similar connection. Last but not least, one that most people miss - the profound, nearly violent emotional response Gunnar’s music elicits in Riley and by extension the cluster, causing them to relive their births and eventually Riley to bleed and pass out. How can these things happen, if these characters not actually sensates?

If we take into account our new theory of incomplete dominance, that means that some people are fully sapiens, some are fully sensoriums, and some are somewhere in between, and that people who are not sensoriums can birth ones who are. The people who are in between, while not sensates, are more sensitive to DMT/produce more of it naturally, allowing them brief experiences of the connection. My theory is that these three parents - and it’s not a coincidence that they’re parents - are some of those in-betweeners, hence their ability to a) “create” sensates, and b) to have discrete sensate-like experiences while not being sensates themselves.

Dirty Laundry - Peter Parker x Reader Imagine

Word Count: 2748

Warnings: angst feat. a pinch of fluff (but mostly angst)

Author’s Note: This month’s song (or technically last month… it’s for March) is Dirty Laundry by All Time Low. I’m so sorry this took a bit longer than planned, but I hope yall enjoy! The song is kinda about lying… (*coughs* Y/n? *coughs again*) so yeah, expect an argument about that :)

Lilly’s Imagine

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new york six

summary: plane crash. plane. crash. the plane crashed.

a/n: highkey grey’s reference lolol. i was to excited not to post. please give feedback!!! thabks

warning: descriptive wounds?? plane crash?? 

November 23rd, 2016


“How do you feel?” The counselor asked. Y/N’s face was emotionless before she opened her mouth to speak, not a word came out. “I’m fine.” Y/N shrugged as she began to fiddle with her fingers, picking at the buds that held her nails in place. “Other than the not sleeping, constant feeling of anxiety, the hope that one day I die so I do not have to deal with all of these emotions that have begun to follow me everywhere I go?” She asked and looked at the hospital consular, “Other than that I’m fine.”

He jotted down the words Y/N spoke before asking her next question, “And what about that first night? What about Jasmine and Anthony? What about Lin, Daveed, and Pippa. Most importantly,” there was a pause before he began speaking again.

“What about you?”  Y/N’s breath caught in the back of her throat. She couldn’t speak as the memories came back from those few nights.

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Originally posted by hermionegrangcr

Request: Can you please do a Hermione request were the reader has natural curly hair and looks almost exactly like Hermione. They are often mistaken for the other. They both stand up to bullies together, when people bully them about their hair. Thank love!!! XOXO. ❤️

Notes: So I decided to write in 3rd person for a change, and so you see both sides kind of equally well. And I wasn’t sure if you meant platonic or romantic so I left it platonic. I would have added more in about the bullying but that would have just made it a lot longer - I hope you like it!

Hermione Granger and Y/N Y/L/N had been best friends since they first met on the Hogwarts train before first year. Though their friendship consists of thousands of weird moments, both of them agree that one of, if not the absolute, strangest moments was their introduction.

Y/N arrived at a compartment, seeing a wide-eyed boy and a girl whose face was buried in a book, and had frizzy hair much like Y/N’s own.

“Is anyone sitting there?” Y/N asked the boy, who shook his head.

“No, sit if you want to,” he offered, before turning his attention to the toad in his hand. Y/N took the seat next to the boy, who introduced himself as Neville, and his toad as Trevor. Y/N gave them her name, watching as the girl opposite her set down the book covering her features.

“I’m Hermione Granger.” Y/N met the girl’s eyes, being too shocked to say anything in response. From the looks of it, Hermione was dumbfounded as well, as she and Y/N looked over each other, seeing near mirror images of themselves.

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Your Muse (Gray x Reader)

Requested by anon. Enjoy!

Originally posted by grayground

You always loved music, it was in your blood. Your father was a piano teacher so hearing him or his students play was totally normal for you, it’s actually the first memory you have of your dad was him playing the piano.

At first you thought you would follow his footsteps, but as time flew by you realized that you wanted something more than that. You wanted to impact people, to make them laugh or cry.Your father was the first one to notice, being the eldest of 3 kids and the only girl, he had a soft spot for you.

“Do whatever makes you happy, go out there and fight for the fire that lives within you”

He was very supportive of you, he never wanted you to be miserable. Your first gig was a DJ at a club, you were over the moon when you got it, you worked day an night to make it perfect. When you saw how much people enjoyed it, you could tell that is what you wanted to do, make music from scratch. You saved up and slowly bought the equipment, the owner of the club kept you as a main DJ and even thought you had to work late, your family never complained, cause no matter how many hours of sleep you lost, you could see a big smile under those eye bags.

Then you found another weapon… social media. You started posting stuff there, at first you didn’t have that much of following, but step by step you took over and had a bunch of fans waiting for your next post. It was the final step before getting signed under joombas entertainment, along with Dean.

“Seonghwa we need your opinion”

Kiseok called the handsome producer over where he and Jay. Seonghwa just nodded and sat at the couch in front of them.

“Something wrong?”

“No. We understand that you want to produce your own songs but we were thinking that maybe we could bring another producer for at least one track, do you know the producer (y/n)?”

Seonghwa took pride on producing his own stuff, but he had to admit that it was taking a toll on him. He not only produced his stuff, he produced for others and not only artists that are under the same label. He shook his head positively, he knew your work well, he liked your stuff and you had a very good reputation.

“Could you work with her?”

“Sure, she is very skill full”

Getting the call from Jay park was surprising to say the least. Hearing that an artist that you looked up to wants to work with you was the highlight of the week, when you get to work with him that will be the highlight of the entire year. You couldn’t wait to go to the AOMG building, this moment will be something to remember and brag about for the rest of your career.


You said as you took a step in. Kiseok was the one that saw you first, you quickly took a bow that made him laugh. You looked up puzzled and he just smiled at you.

“No need to bow, we are all artists here I respect you as much as you respect me. Now let me lead you to Seonghwa’s studio”

The aura was very friendly, all you could hear was music and laughter, right of the bat you can recognize that they shared a very tight bond with each other. Which was hard to find in this industry.

“Here we are, have fun”

“Thank you”

You replied and let out a long breath. You readjust your clothes -a habit of yours whenever you got nervous- and lifted your hand to knock the wooden door.

“Come in”

You opened the door and faced the famous man. He got off his chair and walked towards you, you couldn’t help but bow again and he awkwardly did the same.

“(y/n) nice to meet you, i’m Seonghwa”

“The pleasure is all mine”

After that you and Seonghwa became pretty much attached to the hip. You spend much more time than needed with him, you were one of the girls that didn’t find him handsome at first… but look at you now, your heart would melt everytime he did something, you slowly fell for his smooth voice and alluring aroma.

What you did not know was that he felt the exact same. Your fluffy curly hair, your sun kissed skin, your chubby thighs, your small hands and of course that positive but also aggressive personality. It was almost addicting how you could switch from being calm to cussing everybody out, and how sexy but sometimes weird your facial expressions were, but when it came to weird nothing could beat your loud controlling laugh.

“It sounds SO good, we did it Seonghwa”

You said as you high five him. You decided on producing not one but three of his songs. You both said that you it was just too good to pass on, in reality both of you just wanted to spend more time with each other without the other understanding the crush that was developing between you.

“Song three done… now what?”

He sadly asked. At this very moment it hit you, this was it! no more hanging out with him, your work here was done and you ahd to go back on your album.

“I guess I have to go”

He didn’t think he would do it, he thought he would chicken out. Luckily that did not happen, something inside him popped and he reached for your hand. That movement made you stop your action on taking your bag, instead you looked in his eyes.

“Don’t go, You don’t have to go away”

“Why do I have to stay Seonghwa?”

“Not as a producer, I don’t need a producer. I need a woman… a muse”

Truth be told since you came around he had easily written a lot of songs, msot of them very cheesy and romantic, the others would have to be kept hidden since they were too promiscuous to be heard.

“Am I your muse?”

“Only if you want to be”

You smiled. Hearing Seonghwa say this was like a weight got lifted of your shoulders, it was like a big breath of fresh air. You squeezed his hand and pulled him closer, the wheels of his chair sliding through the floor making it much more easier for you.

“Only if you become mine too”

“I’ll be happy to do that for you miss”

anonymous asked:

Writing prompt: People assumed that Megan carried the sword to earn her keep, to defend herself from the monsters of the night and cut out the tongues that scorned her name. But no one knew that it was a blunt sword, one she had never killed with before.

(BTW, I do do prompts! I’ve gotten a lot of them so it may take me a couple of days :) Thanks for sending this one in anon!)

“I never wanted to become a legend,” Megan says gloomily, staring at the sheathed sword on her knees.

Across the campfire, the mountain troll snorts. “Don’t flatter yourself. You’re a horror story, not a legend.”

Megan isn’t sure she wants to be hearing that from a mountain troll, particularly not one who had been trying to sneak up and eat her only twenty minutes before. She doesn’t answer, staring at the way the firelight flickers over the metal scabbard, sending long, deep shadows into the engravings along it.

“If you’re going to kill me,” the mountain troll says, “hurry up and do it. Sun’s coming up and I’d rather go by that sword than a bit of sunlight.” The troll looks anxiously to the horizon, hands twisting in the ropes binding it to the pine tree behind it.

Megan, feeling dangerous, picks her sword up with both hands, one on the scabbard, one on the hilt. The troll’s beady eyes fix on it, the breath seeming to still in their lungs. Slowly, Megan drew her sword just one inch. Then two.

“The Sword of a Thousand Souls,” the mountain troll breathes. The troll stares for another beat and then laughs without humor. “They said you could feel the pressure of your kills from across a field.” It swallows. “They were right.”

So even this one can’t tell a blunt sword from a live one.

Megan sheathes her sword with force, the metal singing a protest, and stands. She doesn’t know what she expected. To be caught? To be freed of this reputation? To be understood?


She can’t look down at the troll, the troll being taller than her even while sitting, but she tries. “You’re a disappointment,” she says coldly. “Maybe the sun will think differently.” She turns sharply on her heel and clicks her fingers. With a hiss, the fire goes out.

“Wait,” the troll says with alarm. “Wait! You can’t leave me here! Behead me, stab me, take my heart, anything. I don’t want to burn!”

Megan scoops up her bag, purses her lips, and keeps walking.

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Act the Part

A LuNyx Fanfic based on this prompt posted by @otpisms. But I gave it a slight change.

Kingsglaive AU: Everyone’s Alive and Nyx works as bodyguard for Luna on a daily basis. 

Summary: Nyx meets one of his neighbors while he’s at the convenience store and things happened unexpectedly (lol sorry I suck at summaries, but please read the story)

Nyx was in the middle of putting a bag of chips in his shopping basket when someone called him. He couldn’t help but cringe when he heard the familiar voice. The only thing he that could do was turn around and wear a fake smile.

“Hey, Mrs. Collins.” he greeted.

Mrs. Collins, a neighbor in his apartment building, looked the same as always. White curly hair, short built and wore glasses as thick as the bottom of a beer glass. She always looked at him with some sort of a ‘eurika’ expression and the glaive knew exactly why. The old woman approached with a silent glee while carrying a basket full of her own things she had picked to buy.

“Oh my dear, it’s been a while since I last saw you! How are you? You look a bit haggard! Have you been sleeping?” Mrs. Collins exclaimed rapidly.

At least the motherly questions made him smile genuinely. “I get enough sleep, Mrs. Collins, don’t worry. I’m just assigned to more missions lately, that’s all.” he answered kindly.

“Ah yes! Being the best of the Kingsglaive would make anyone busy.“ she complemented.

Nyx just reacted with a bashful laugh.

“I rarely see you in the morning nowadays.” the old woman continued. “Have you been assigned to an earlier time as a guard in the palace?”

“Yes, I, uh, I’ve been assigned to an earlier time.” Nyx said while he forced the smile to stay. He always felt bad lying to the old lady, but it was better than admitting he had been avoiding her. Still clueless to his discomfort, Mrs. Collins maintained her excitable demeanor. She pushed up her glasses and moved closer with tiny steps. Meanwhile, he mentally braced himself for the upcoming question he knew all too well.

“Have you called Sharon yet?” she asked.

Sharon was first brought up when the old lady found out that the hero of the Kingsglaive didn’t have a girlfriend. And as old ladies would often do, she started mentioning the single granddaughter and almost immediately begged him to go out with her. The old woman had pestered him with it whenever they met and the glaive had always turn the down the offer. Today was no exception.

“I didn’t have time. I’ve been busy.” he excused as he scratched the back of his head.

Mrs. Collins frowned. “You should call her soon! She’s perfect for you!”

He gave a nervous laugh. Maybe the truth would make her stop once and for all.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Collins.” he sighed. “But I’m not interested.”

“Oh don’t be such heart breaker.” She countered. So much for finally telling the truth. It seemed like nothing would never make this old woman falter from ever pushing him. And with a teasing tone she continued. “Don’t tell me you already have someone else.”

Another nervous laugh. There was nothing he could do but to just continue turning her down as always without hurting the grandmother’s heart too much.

“I’m afraid he has.”

Nyx turned to see the woman who made the bold remark. The blonde woman stood at the end of the aisle with a smile he recognized. She tilted her head slightly and looked at him with the confidence that made him pay attention to her next move.

Luna approached the two quickly and wrapped an arm onto Nyx’s before he could ever react. Mrs. Collins looked at her from head to toe with her shaky fingers holding up the thick spectacles. If the blonde before her wore the usual royal garb, she would fall to her knees like anyone recognizing her. However, the Princess Oracle in a casual coat and boots was effectively disguised to the old woman’s eyes. Somehow, nobody seemed to recognize the princess as long as she wore casual clothes. In fact, in the few months of her sneaking out at night with her glaive escort, the disguise has never failed.

The grandmother looked at the glaive and expressed a question with a face. Luna giggled and softly patted the man on his broad chest. Nyx could only observe what was strangely happening before his eyes.

“Oh Nyx, aren’t you going to introduce me?” she uttered demurely.

And so he started to, but with a slight arch on his brow. “Mrs. Collins this is –“

“Stella…” Luna finished as she held out a hand, but then the cover name wasn’t the only thing she made up. “…Nyx’s wife.”

Nyx remained composed as he tried to hold back a chuckle. “Yes.. my wife.” he introduced. He felt warm saying the last two words. “And honey, this is Mrs. Collins - one of my neighbors at the apartment bulding.”

Mrs. Collins took Luna’s hand and shook it as expected, but the old lady’s eyes widened. “Wife?” she uttered, like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing or seeing.There was a hint of disappointment on her face.

Luna smiled kindly. “Yes. We got married just last month.”

Finally having caught on with the cover, Nyx nodded before copying the princess’ smile. He put an arm around his pretend wife to add effect.

Mrs. Collins looked at Luna and then at Nyx. She gasped as if she was just realizing it the first time. “Why didn’t you tell me you were married?“she croaked. “Oh you didn’t even invite me to the wedding!”

“I apologize for that, Mrs. Collins. It was just a small wedding and it happened so quick. We just couldn’t invite everybody.” the glaive stated. He couldn’t believe he was saying it all so smoothly.

Nevertheless, the old woman formed a warm grin. “Oh don’t be sorry! You found yourself a beautiful wife. And I can tell, you are very much in love.”

The faux couple gave an “aww” look before a cheery smile appeared on their lips. Nyx couldn’t help but hold Luna closer. And she reciprocated by giving him a peck on the cheek. He felt her hand tremble slightly while she did so. But the nervousness was mutual.

At the sight of them, The old woman placed her frail hand to her chest. “Even though you missed a chance with my Sharon, I am so glad to see you finally in love.” she commented, even sounded genuinely.“I’ll leave you two then. I hope to meet you again.”

“You too, Mrs. Collins.” Nyx replied while he still held luna.

“It was nice to meet you, Mrs. Collins.” Luna said warmly.

Mrs. Collins finally gave the princess a soft pat on her arm. “Such a beautiful lady you have here, Nyx. You are both so lucky.” she gushed.

Then finally the old woman moved on to the cashier with those tiny steps of hers. The supposedly married couple waved good bye at her. Only when her tiny frame disappeared from their sight did they drop the act. He finally let go of her and she took a step back from the intimate proximity.

The first thing that Nyx did was laugh. Luna looked at him curiously. “What?” she asked.

“Nothing. I just can’t believe we were able to pull that off.” he replied discreetly.

The princess shook her head. “Maybe old ladies are easy to fool.” she stated with an equally hushed tone.

“I guess so.” he muttered. “But I owe you one, your highness. It would take an hour or so before I get rid of her, if you hadn’t come in.”

She hummed a note as she began to look for the snacks she preferred among the ones display. “You don’t have to owe me. You have saved me countless times from danger.”

“But that’s because it’s my job to save you from danger.” he commented while he put another bag of chips on the basket. 

Then something came to his mind. “I guess I’ll have to think of excuses for my wife being always out.” he said. “She’s my neighbor after all. She’s gonna wonder why Stella isn’t always at home.”

“Then I suggest you find another apartment.” she lightly suggested. 

He gave a soft laugh. “Well, it’s better than finding a girl that looks exactly like you and is named Stella.”

The comment made her grin. 

They went silent for a while as they looked for more snacks to buy. Luna picked a small bag of biscuits and placed them in the basket he held. She gazed at him with much of her notorious curiosity.

“I wonder.” she started. “Why don’t you go out with Sharon? As Mrs. Collins had put it, she’s perfect for you. Well, she might be right.” Her teasing tone didn’t escape him.

“No can do, princess.” he answered with a smirk. “Too busy with the job.”

The princess laughed as she tugged his arm to drag him onto the next aisle. The glaive could only let her. Somehow, he could never think about her soft touch the same way again since the act they did together. It would always remind him of the moment he held her close as he would if she was indeed his wife…

… And how her lips felt on his cheek… And how they might feel when touched by his own.

He suddenly stopped his stride.  

“What’s the matter?” the Luna asked.

Nyx cleared his throat and avoided looking into her blue eyes. “Nothing… Uh, Let’s just get those sodas.”

Again, he had to pretend. But this time, he wasn’t so sure if he can still pull off another flawless act.


Summary: Braun Strowman is out with some friends when he sees his ex-girlfriend with another guy. He realizes she looks happier. He finds her walking alone in the rain later that night and takes her home. Angst. Smut. Fluff.

This one is long and an emotional roller coaster. The beginning will probably break your heart but the end is so fluffy, and I threw in some smut because why not?

This is based off Ed Sheeran’s song “Happier” from his latest album, Divide.

Final note: I wrote this for my best friend who I introduced to professional wrestling. Since then she has fallen in love with the man that is Braun Strowman. And because there is not nearly enough Braun fics out there I thought I would write one of my own to give to her. So to my best friend (you know who you are) I hope you enjoy this, love!

*          *          *           *

**Braun’s P.O.V**

A couple of the guys and myself were in New York City walking down 29th and Park on our way to check out some of the bars in the area. I was talking and having a good time until I froze. And the feelings didn’t hit me at two a.m. They didn’t hit me during my sixth beer of the night. They hit me at seven o’clock, in the middle of a laugh, when I was completely sober.

There she was. Her hair down, her lips curved up in a smile, and someone else’s arms around her. The girl that stole my heart and never gave it back. And now she was in another’s arms. It had only been a month since we broke up. How could she be moving on so fast? But seeing his arms around her wasn’t the hardest part. The hardest part was realizing that she looked happier.

“You okay?” One of the guys asked as he glanced up at me.

“Yeah. It’s nothing. Just got something in my eye.” I said brushing it off.

I hoped I could get on with my night and forget about seeing her. She was happier. I couldn’t change what happened in the past. I still loved her with all my heart, but if she was happier with him, then I couldn’t be upset. All I want is for her to be happy. Even if it’s not with me.

An hour later we were sitting in the back of a bar, laughing and having a great night off. I saw the door open and didn’t think anything of it until I saw her for the second time that night. He still had his arms around her. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear. She threw her head back laughing at whatever he had said. I couldn’t help but notice the smiles they both had were twice as wide as ours ever were.

It was true. Nobody hurt that girl like I did. I put her through absolute torture. But it was also true that nobody loved her like I do. I just wasn’t always the best at showing it.

She wanted to hear how I was feeling. She wanted to hear me say I love you. She wanted to hear what she meant to me. But I was scared to let my feelings show. I let my pride get in the way, and I never told her exactly what she meant to me, and I lost her because of it.

If I was honest with myself, she was the definition of a perfect woman. She was a badass with a good heart. Strong enough to stand alone, but kind enough to let others in. She was unapologetically honest. She didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear. She told you what you needed to hear. She wasn’t made of sugar and spice and everything nice. She was made up of a soul for adventure and a heart with a love of music. She had a good head on her shoulders, and she was the most genuine person I ever met. She was the type of woman you go to war beside. The type of woman you marry. They type of woman I should have married. But I was stupid. I didn’t appreciate her. And she was strong enough to walk away, and I was stupid enough to let her go.

I still love her. With every bone in my body. I just never could show her how much she meant to me.

I knew one day this would happen. That she would move on and find someone new. I promised myself I wouldn’t take it personally. But keeping that promise was a hell of a lot harder than it sounded at the time.

But I knew I had to. I couldn’t take it personally. She looked happier. He makes her happier, and I can’t take it personally that she’s moving on with someone new.

“You okay big guy?” One of the guys asked as he noticed me staring down the glass at my almost empty glass.

“Yeah,” I said.

“It’s her, isn’t it?” He asked.

“What? No-“

“It’s okay, Braun. I get it. You loved her. You probably still do. Feelings don’t just turn off overnight. It’s hard when you see someone you used to love with someone new. I’ve been there. But trust me, one day you’ll feel it too. You’ll find someone new, and she’s going to make you so happy. She’ll make you smile again. She’ll make you laugh again. You’ll be happier too.”

I took a drink and forced myself to smile to hide the truth.

I wanted to believe him. I wanted to believe that someday I would find another girl who would make me smile. And maybe he was right. Maybe someday another girl would come along who could put a smile on my face. But it wouldn’t be a smile that went all the way to my heart like the smile Y/n put on my face. No matter how great the next girl would be, she would never be Y/n. And I knew that I might be happy with another girl, but I would never be as happy as I was with Y/n.

Two hours later and I was still in the corner of the room. She had left an hour ago, and yet everything was reminding me of her.

The girl behind the bar shaking a cocktail that had the same crazy curly hair as Y/n. She hated that hair. Always complained about how poofy it got when it was humid and how it had a mind of its own. Seemed to take her an hour just to brush it and she would mumble to herself, but it was adorable. I loved her crazy hair. It made her, her.

Then I noticed the shorter girl dancing with the tall guy in the middle of the dance floor. He was built like me. He had a beard like mine. He looked just as out of place on a dance floor as I did. But just like me, he would do anything to make his girl happy. And I couldn’t help but notice the way the girl looked up at him. Full of love and adoration. The way Y/n used to look at me.

Then I noticed the band that was playing on the speakers. It was one of the bands she loved, but I hated.  It was too pop-ish for me. I remember when she went to their concert and that was all I heard about for a month. She had every album and knew every word. I didn’t get it. They weren’t a band I could get into. But she loved them, so I guess in a way I loved them too. I let her play their songs in the car because it made her happy. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me smile listening to her sing every word.

I looked down at the empty glass in front of me. It had to be my sixth or seventh one of the night. I probably looked pathetic from an outsider’s perspective. A 6’8” 385lb man in the corner of a bar nursing an empty bottle and telling himself he’s happier.

“C’mon big guy, let’s go back to the hotel.” One of the guys said pulling me out of my trance. I headed to the bar to pay my tab before we all headed to the car.

I was in the backseat of the car staring out the window when I saw her for the third time that night. Walking in her high heels in the middle of the night in the pouring rain. She was completely soaked. Why was she walking alone in the middle of the dark? Why was she walking in the rain? Where was her new boyfriend?

“Hey, pull over! That’s Y/n!” I said.

“What? That’s not her, Braun.”

“Yes, it is. Please, just pull over.” I said.

“Braun even if it is her she probably doesn’t-“

“Pull the car over!”

He sighed but pulled over on the side of the road. I opened the door and ran over to her.


She looked up, and her eyes widened when she saw me. She looked shocked to see me there. Her hair was soaking wet, and there was some makeup running down her face. Her tight dress was clinging to her body. And she looked like she was freezing.

“What are you doing out here?” I asked.

“Walking home.” She said.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” I asked.

“He left me. We broke up.” She said.

“Let me take you home. You shouldn’t walk home in the rain.” I said.


“Y/n, come on. You can’t walk home in those shoes. Let me get you home.” I said.

“I’m fine, Braun.” She said.

“Y/n, just get in the car,” I said.

I took a step closer to her, and that’s when I realized that she was crying. I hadn’t noticed at first because of the rain. But there were tears mixed in with the raindrops.

“Are you okay? Did he…did he hurt you?” I asked.

“No. He didn’t hurt me. I’m fine.” She said.

She reached up and rubbed her hands up and down her arms, trying to get some warmth into them. She was wearing a short dress with skinny straps. She had to be freezing.

I shrugged my jacket off and wrapped it around her shoulders. It was big on her, but I swore I saw her sigh into the warmth of it out of the corner of my eye.

“Thank you, Braun.” She said as she looked up at me.

“C’mon. Let me take you home and get you warm.” I said as I wrapped my arm around her to give her some added warmth.

She hesitated, but sighed and gave in and let me lead her to the car.

I opened the car door, and she slid into the middle. I slid in next to her. I felt bad that she was squished in between me and one of the guys who was also in the back seat.

She scooted over closer to me, and I was shocked when she laid her head on my arm. Maybe it was the alcohol in her system. Maybe it was a way of saying thank you for picking her up. Whatever it was, I wasn’t going to complain about it. I moved my arm so that it was around her shoulders as I held her close for the first time in a month.

The car pulled up in front of her apartment building, and I stepped out so that she could get out.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to walk her up,” I said to the guys before I turned to her.

I walked beside her as she made her way up to her apartment. The elevator ride to her floor was silent. But it was comfortable. I didn’t want to push her to talk. I knew this wouldn’t lead to us getting back together. This was me still caring about her and making sure she got home safe when some other jerk didn’t.

She stopped when we arrived at her door and turned to face me. She looked up into my eyes for several seconds before she said anything.

“Thank you for doing this. You didn’t have to.” She said.

“I did. I couldn’t let you walk all the way home in those shoes in the rain. You’d catch pneumonia.” I said.

“Most guys wouldn’t stop to help their ex-girlfriend.” She pointed out.

“I’m not most guys,” I said.

“No, you aren’t. You know they call you the monster among men, but you were always a teddy bear to me.” She said.

My lips curved into a smile as I looked at her.

“You were the only one who could get away with calling me a teddy bear,” I said.

I saw her reach up and wipe some tears from her eyes. Why was she crying? Had I said something to upset her?

“Did…did I say something?” I asked.

“No. I’m just a mess.” She said.

“You’re not a mess,” I said.

“I am. I’ve been a mess ever since I left you.” She admitted.

I wasn’t sure what to say to that. I don’t know what I expected her to say, but it definitely wasn’t that. I expected her to say that she was happy and that she had moved on. It looked like she was happier with him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” She said.

“I’ve been a mess too. I uh…I miss you.” I admitted

“I miss you too Braun. I know we weren’t perfect. We had our problems. But we were so good together? Why did we even break up? I can’t even remember anymore.” She said as she looked up at me.

Where were all these tears coming from? She had always been an emotionally strong person during our relationship. Why was she crying so much? Was it the alcohol? Where was this coming from?

She took a step towards me and wrapped her arms around me and laid her head against my chest and began to cry harder. I wrapped my arms around her and laid my cheek against the top of her head.

“It’s okay,” I said as I rubbed her back.

“I miss you, Braun.” She said.

“I miss you too, Y/n,” I said.

“Will you stay with me?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’ll stay with you,” I said.

She opened the door to her apartment, and we walked in. I texted the guys to let them know I would be staying and to not wait for me out in the car.

“I’m going to go change.” She said before she turned and walked down the hall to her bedroom.

I sat down on the couch in the living room and looked around her apartment. It looked pretty much the same except the pictures of me and her had been replaced by pictures of her and the new guy.

I was looking one particular picture on the end table next to the couch when Y/n came back into the room.

“Sorry about that. This probably looks bad.” She said as she took a seat next to me and motioned to the picture I was looking at.

“It’s fine,” I said.

“I thought he was really great. But I found out tonight that he just wanted me for one thing.” She 


“Guys are dicks,” I said.

“Not all guys.” She said as she looked over at me.

“Most of us are. And even the good guys have their moments.” I said.

**Y/n’s P.O.V.**

Braun and I had been sitting on the couch drinking beer for a couple of hours. It felt just like it used to when he used to come over on Saturday nights. Part of me wanted to lean in and kiss him. I wanted to feel his lips on mine and his hands on my body again. But I knew I couldn’t. This was just for tonight. I would go to bed, he’d sleep on the couch and in the morning when I woke up he’d probably be gone. He was happier now. He was happier without me.

“I really want to kiss you.” He admitted before he covered his mouth quickly with his hand. I knew that he hadn’t mean to say it out loud. But I heard it. And those six words had my heart racing.

“Then do it.” I said before I pulled my bottom lip in between my teeth.

He looked surprised at my answer before he leaned in and gently pressed his lips to mine. His lips were soft and warm, just like I remembered them. It wasn’t a passionate kiss like his usually were, it was soft and gentle, like he was testing the waters.

“I can make you feel so good,” he whispered as he pulled away, his breath hitting my parted lips. “Better than that jerk ever could…if you let me.”

I felt his hand slid up my thigh to the edge of my pajama shorts. This isn’t right. We can’t do this. We’ve both been drinking. We shouldn’t do this.

His hands sent waves of electricity down my leg. It felt like for a moment everything stopped, and all I could do was look up at him as I bit my lip.

“Braun, w-we shouldn’t-“ I breathed out.

“We should, baby. If you didn’t want me, you wouldn’t have invited me inside.” He said quietly before leaning in and placing little pecks to my jaw as his lips moved across my jaw to the spot under my ear.

I gasped as he reached over and pulled me onto his lap. He rested his hands on my hips as he began to lightly suck on my soft spot.

“Stop me if you don’t want me to go any further. But just know if you don’t, I will take you in every single way possible tonight.” He muttered, placing a kiss underneath my ear before pulling away to allow me to give my answer.

My eyes flickered to his lips, and I knew my answer without even thinking about it. I leaned down and connected my lips with his. He reached up and tangled his hands in my hair, molding my lips with his, feeling the way the plumpness of his bottom lip felt against mine as the kiss got rougher.

“Could he make you feel this way, love?” Braun mumbled before grinding his hips up against my core with his hard on, earning an almost silent moan from me.

I wanted him more than anything. I had been longing a month to feel his body on mine, which didn’t seem like that long, but felt like forever to me.

I finally gave in, throwing the last little bit of common sense still in me telling me to stop out the window, letting my hands go to his shirt as I began to unbutton the top few buttons, allowing my hands to yank the fabric off his broad shoulders so I could run my hands over them.

“Braun,” I moaned out, grinding down onto his covered shaft, causing small grunts to come from his lips.

“Yeah baby,”

“Touch me.” I begged.

“Where? Where do you want me to touch you at, love?”

“Everywhere.” That was all he needed to hear before his hands began running everywhere, a pile of clothes quickly forming on the floor as both our shirts were pulled off.

I climbed off his lap to pull my pajama shorts and panties off while Braun took the opportunity to kick off his shoes and pull off his jeans and underwear.

“You have no idea what you do to me,” he moaned as his eyes ran over me standing naked in front of him.

I felt a surge of confidence go through me as I climbed back onto his lap and straddled him, and ground my hips down onto his slowly. I leaned in and kissed him again, our moans mixing together.

Braun broke the kiss with a smirk and sat up. He grabbed me and pulled me so that were flipped and I was now underneath him. His hands trailed down my body before making their way up to massage my breasts.

“Could your boy toy make you wet from just looking at you?” He asked as he reached down and ran his finger down my folds before bringing his finger to his lips and sucking.

He leaned down and wrapped his lips around my left nipple as his fingers twisted the other one.

“You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled. “I don’t care what anyone else says. You’re perfect to me, baby.”

He pulled away from my breasts and grabbed his cock and positioned it at my entrance. His eyes looked into mine as he paused, almost as if asking if it was okay for him to continue.

I nodded and he slid his entire length into me. We both let out a groan of pleasure, and I was so turned on from the way he was stretching me. Braun leaned down and began to lightly suck on the spot below my ear again, sucking hard enough to leave a mark as he thrust in and out of me. His thrusts were slow, but hard, and he hit that spot every time.


He reached down and circled my clit with his thumb, adding to the pleasure I was already feeling as the rough pad of his thumb worked its magic.

He squeezed my hips and slowly pulled out before flipping me over onto my stomach. He reached down and pulled my hips up, putting me in doggy positon before he slid back into me, pumping in and out hard. You were a moaning mess underneath him as he pulled my hair into a makeshift pony and lightly yanked

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “could he make you feel this way baby?”

“N-no, Braun.” You breathed out, trying not to cum.

“My name sounds so perfect coming from those pretty little lips, love.” He whispered before 

kissing my neck. He gently bit down and a loud moan left my throat, making my eyes roll back.

“You like that, baby?” Braun grunted. I nodded and gasped when I felt him push me back down into the couch cushion. He began to speed up the pace of his thrusts and I could feel the knot in my stomach tightening.

“Come on baby, cum for me.” He said as he thrust quickly into me. That was all it take for the knot to burst as an animalistic moan left my mouth as I came. He thrust a couple more times before I felt him shoot his release inside of me.

He pulled out and sat down on the couch, engulfing me into his giant arms as we sat there catching our breathes.

“You’re mine now.” He mumbled quietly into my ear.

“But what about-“

“Mine. No buts.”

“Yours.” I said with a smile.

He leaned his head against mine.

“Braun?” I said.

“Yeah?” He said.

“Just so you know, I’m always happier with you.”

Ok first of all, THANK YOU veryveryvery much, you made me soooo happy with this!!! I love this ship sooooo much and I just try to contribute to this fandom like how I can, which is making silly doodles and comics but the fact that they are liked just makes me so happy that I could scream! So, again, thank you!

About your request, the moment that I read it an outrageous idea came to my mind and so I did this (I don’t know if I’ve gone too far with what you actually wanted, but here we go):

I headcanon that their daugther (because they will have a daughter, I’m betting on it) will be a papa’s girl, with the same unkempt curly hair as her daddy (but of a chestnut color as Ochako) but just as pretty and cute like her mama!


Hope you’ll like it! @theblackmitsurugi