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addicted week // day 4 // favourite platonic relationship
 connor cobalt & loren hale

“Fact,” Lo says, “you’re a conceited prick.”
“Fact,” Connor retorts, “you’re a good looking asshole.”
Lo touches his heart mockingly. “A compliment and an insult. Fuck me now, love.”

  • Me: *relates to something* Same.
  • Me: *doesn't relate to something* Same.
  • Me: *sees picture of a lamp* Same.
  • I am...
  • accidentallydan
  • I am Project

I got this idea while listening to a sermon in church today about love… then I spent over six hours downloading audio and editing and messing things around and forgetting people and almost quitting… also a lot of crying as this is from someone mostly in the closet. All of these ‘coming out’ videos from Connor, Troye, Joey, Evan and Shane (I added Chris and Dodie too) made me feel better and I hope this is satisfactory for all the work put into it….



I went to a diner in a tiny little off-the-map sort of town over the weekend and tbh all I could think of was the end of Unwholly lol Lev and Connor’s friendship is one of my favs