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While I have mixed feelings about the finale overall, I thought that scene between Annalise and Connor is one of the best they've ever done, and I keep coming back to what Annalise said about Connor. How she knows he's paranoid and broken and hasn't trusted anyone since he was a little boy. Do you think that's true, and we might finally get some Connor backstory next season? Or do you think Annalise was just psychoanalyzing and maybe even projecting a bit on Connnor?

I definitely 100% think Annalise was projecting. This isn’t to say that she’s wrong. But holy hell, every word that came out of her mouth could have been applied to herself and I fucking love it. Annalise and Connor are so similar, and this was first brought up in S1. I’m hoping they really decide to finally go somewhere with this. 

I love how Annalise sees right through Connor. She understands him, she gets him–and it must be because they’re so similar. But at the same time, Connor throws back as much as he gets. His line, ‘all your sons are dead and you can’t use me to replace them’. Damn that was harsh. But it’s real. And you see it in his face–he knows that he hurt her. 

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually looking forward to S4. After 3x14, I’m sure they’ll be getting into Connor’s backstory, and this is going to tie into it somehow. I’ve been waiting for this for three fucking years. It’s about damn time. 


addicted week // day 4 // favourite platonic relationship
 connor cobalt & loren hale

“Fact,” Lo says, “you’re a conceited prick.”
“Fact,” Connor retorts, “you’re a good looking asshole.”
Lo touches his heart mockingly. “A compliment and an insult. Fuck me now, love.”

I’m still pretty blown away by the parallels and callbacks in that proposal scene.

Same stunned, in-awe Connor look, in the same positioning, on the same bed as the “For once, I was good”/”Lie on your back, I wanna look in your eyes” scene.

Making babies mention: “You love me and wanna have my babies.” - “We can make a million babies.”

Love them so much they’ll do anything the other wants: “I love you, Ollie. So whatever you want, I’ll do it.” - “You’re the most important thing in my life, so whatever you want, I’m here.”

First night hook up references: rimjob and Oliver rambling away while Connor takes his clothes off and kisses him.

I’m actually quite impressed with the effort!

  • it’s not keating 5, it’s keating 4 now.
  • no more wes gibbins
  • no more waurel
  • no more annalise & wes dynamic
  • no more keating 5 solving cases in annalise’s house
  • annalise’s HOUSE
  • they made frank ooc this season & I’ll never forgive him
  • can someone explain to me nate’s storyline?
  • bonnie - loves frank, loves annalise, loves frank and back to loving annalise? What’s the point?
  • annalise & frank should never be on the same team anymore
  • no more connor saying shit on wes, who will he blame now?
  • coliver is destroyed so badly I don’t even know if I want them back together
  • both ollie and connor screwed things up so badly

THE ONLY storyline which keeps me interested is actually Oliver finding out the whole truth and not because Connor told him everything or Annalise did or whatever but because he is trying to figure it out on his own.