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The Avesnes Aristocracy - 29

Ferdinand loved his little brother and sisters. He had been super ready to go to school, but a Snow Day happened so he was stuck home another day. He decided to spend his free time helping his parents out with the four toddlers. Because he had trouble knowing where to start -basically all of his siblings were in dire need of care and attention-, he decided he might as well focus on only one of them. Since Celeste was wrecking their mom’s bedroom with her whining and both the parents were busy potty training Vincent and Madelyn, Ferdinand decided to take care of the only one who was still left waiting: Annabelle. She definitely adored him and was super happy to get his attention. He made sure she wasn’t hungry before he decided to spend some time playing with her. Annabelle loved playing peek-a-boo and wouldn’t have enough of it! Even after a whole hour she was still as excited as ever to see Ferdinand hide his face behind his hands, and she tried to imitate him several times.

‘You definitely are the most adorable little sister so far, Annabelle,’ Ferdinand said after he’d finally managed to stop playing peek-a-boo without upsetting her. He helped her on her feet since she didn’t know how to walk yet and gave her a tight hug. He was happy Annabelle liked him so much and that she seemed happy with little things like a silly game, unlike Celeste. Ferdinand didn’t like Celeste very much. She was spoiled and very demanding. He hadn’t had the opportunity to interact with Vincent and Madelyn yet, but he sure as hell hoped they were as easy to handle as this little girl. He was dreading Celeste’s birthday which was coming up tomorrow. He didn’t want her to turn into a talking and thinking semi-independent child. He wanted to be the only older child in the family so he could be the responsible older brother and most of all the wise and calm one that showed his parents how independent he was. Celeste was just going to wreck the house, he was sure of it…

100 Years Later *Part 2*

Mikaelson Siblings X Reader

Word Count: 668

Requested: @thegingerthatwaited

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*Part 1*

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You found that you were now in a lot more danger but you had been opened up to the fact that you could still use your magic which was apparently not a thing that was supposed to happen, Klaus and Elijah had decided that they should probably keep you out of the light for a while at least until they found out what who had brought you back, over 1000 years ago. You were getting bored though being stuck in the house with nothing to do, Klaus was working on getting one of the witches to help them, you soon found out that most witches didn’t like your family very much. Then Celeste turned up with the answer that you wanted or more needed.

You were back at the house while everyone else was out looking for Klaus and Rebekah, you were literally pacing because they wouldn’t let you help them find them. “Here you are…” The witch that had been helping your brothers walked into the courtyard of the Abattoir.
“Who are you?” You asked sensing that she wasn’t the same as before.
“Celeste.” She answered smiled.
“Oh.” You nodded. “Do you maybe want to give back my brother and sister?”
“I don’t have them.” She smiled. “But I thought I could tell you why you are here because no one else is going to.”
“What are you talking about?” You asked.
“Well I’ve been body jumping for a long time and I’ve been here for a while, you were a plan for the elders, magic is temperamental though so 1000 years ago the elders of the coven in New Orleans tried to resurrect you, they wanted to put you in a body that they had prepared but it didn’t work that.” She started but you frowned.
“How do I know that you telling me the truth?” You asked.
“I have nothing against you,” Celeste answered with a casual shrug. “Anyway back then they thought that it hadn’t worked but it seems that they transferred the power from the body that they had to yours because from what I can hear you can still use magic.”
“Yeah so?” You asked. “Even if this was true what were they doing it for?”
“They were hoping that there would be some assurance that your father wouldn’t try come back to kill any of them for answers,” Celeste answered.
“What?” You asked.
“Your father came here looking for Klaus, to kill him,” Celeste explained.
“Mmhm” You hummed, they had told you about your father hunting them down but they never told you what he had done to them.
“He burned down a theatre that they were in and that made the coven here realise that they were in danger so they needed someone or something that would provide them protection and their plan was you,” Celeste answered you didn’t say anything after that and she left, that night none of your siblings came home but in the morning Elijah and Klaus came back.

Everything that happened afterwards left you to work through all of your own problems, you family was trying to pull itself apart and while that was a huge problem there was something wrong, you had done some research on the spell that they would have used to resurrect you meant that you were going start attracting the attention of anything that wanted power but that became a problem when you were left alone all the time. “(Y/N) what are you doing?” Hayley asked as she walked passed your room.
“Looking for a way to cloak the magic that literally spews from my body.” You answered chewing on your nail as you looked through your books.
“Why not ask you brothers?” Hayley asked and you looked at her and she nodded. “Maybe we can ask some of the pack elders if they know anything.”
“That would be great.” You smiled as you continued looking through the books hoping that you could find something before someone came looking.

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agents (part iv, au isaac lahey one-shot)

Prompt: Isaac and Saga are introduced to their neighbours. Tensions arise as the neighbours flirt the “fake” couple.

Requested: @isaaclahoes 😚

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Saga

Warnings: cursing, jealous Isaac, cliff-hanger

A/N: Hello! Here is part IV of this miniseries! I think I’m gonna end it at five parts, just so I have more time to write other fics. I do hope you guys are enjoying this! Thank you for your support, loves xoxox


“W-what? Hold on, I’m sorry, what?” Isaac looks at me incredulously as I lead us towards Damon’s place.

“Do you want me to repeat myself?” I chuckle and hold onto him as we grow closer to the mansion.

“Well, not in front of that demon, love, but I’d like to hear it again. Yes,” he smirks and rests his cheek against the top of my head. He rubs his arm up and down my side, smiling as the neighbours wave us over.”Let’s do this, baby.”

“Hey, here they are!” Damon smiles and pulls us over to them. “Our little lovebirds.”

“Hello,” I blush and smile up at Isaac before looking back at all of our oddly attractive neighbours. “I do hope we’re not interrupting anything!”

“Oh, no! Certainly not,” a beautiful olive-toned woman walks over to Isaac and I. “We’re happy to have you over.”

“Thank you,” I smile and reach a hand out for her to shake. She smiles and grabs my hand firmly, I do the same. “I’m Celeste.”

“And I’m her husband, Daniel,” Isaac smiles as the woman reaches for him and shakes his hand, holding him a little too close for my liking.

“I’m Elena,” she bats her lashes at him and an odd feeling settles in the pit of my stomach. I clench my fists at my side, not wanting to ruin our mission..

“My beautiful wife,” Damon smirks and walks over to us. Elena slithers away from Isaac and kisses Damon.

“It’s great to meet you two,” I smile, hiding my anger as Isaac wraps an arm around me.

“Here, let me introduce you to the others,” Damon smiles and grabs my arm. “We’ll be back.”

“But, Daniel–”

“It’s okay,” Elena smirks and latches on to Isaac. “I’ll take care of your husband. I don’t bite.”

Isaac’s eyes meet mine as my jaws clench. I tear my gaze from his and let Damon drag me away to the other neighbours. I smile and begrudgingly hang onto the odd brunette as he introduces me to everyone. I shake all their hands and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

About twenty minutes later, I’m back right where we started as Isaac and Elena make their way over to us. Elena is laughing, her arm hooked onto Isaac’s as he tells her a joke of some sort. An ugly feeling makes its way into my stomach and I bite my lip, looking away and catch Damon watching me.

“Yes, Damon?” I chuckle and brush some hair out of my face.

“Nothing, darling,” he smirks and shakes his head, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I momentarily stiffen under his touch before smiling up at him.

“Hm, are you sure?” I nudge him softly and he smiles down at me.

“You’re just beautiful,” he shrugs and I shake my head.

“So’s Elena. She’s like a goddess.” I watch Elena smile and laugh, the feeling in the pit of my stomach growing, Damon watching my every move.

“Hey,” Damon whispers and I look up, our eyes meeting as he brushes some hair out of my face. “Don’t sell yourself short. You’re just as beautiful. If I’m being honest–”

“Hello!” I immediately break away from Damon’s gaze and meet Isaac’s hurt eyes. Elena smiles and walks over to us. “Glad to see you two getting chummy.”

“Yeah, your husband is a very nice man,” I smile and pull away from him, slowly reaching for Isaac’s stiff hand. I look up at him and he gives me a tight-lipped smile.

“Yeah, yours is just as lovely, darling. Let me know if you’d like to swap any time,” she smirks at me and my grip on Isaac’s hand tightens.

“I don’t share, but thank you for the enticing offer,” I chuckle half-heartedly and rest my head on Isaac’s chest.

“Why thank you,” his hand loosely rests on my waist as I yawn. “Maybe we should head home, we’ve had a long day.”

“Yes, please, baby,” I lift my head and smile softly at him. I lift my head and smile at Damon and Elena.

“Thank you so much for having us, darlings,” I smile and hug Elena. “It’s been great. I look forward to these gatherings.”

“As do I,” she smiles and I pull away to hug Damon while Elena wraps her arms around Isaac.

“Thank you, Damon,” I smile and hug Damon.

“Of course,” he smirks and pulls away. “Oh, and feel free to take Elena up on her offer any time.”

“Hm,” I chuckle and pull away, shaking my head. “Shut it, Damon.”

I walk over to Isaac as Elena walks over to Damon. I wrap an arm around his waist as we wave goodbye to the couple behind us. We turn around and make our way over to our place.

“Well that was certainly interesting,” I chuckle as we walk into our house. Isaac immediately removes his arm from around me and rolls his shoulders. “Is everything okay, Isaac?”

“Yep, it’s all good,” he gives me a tight-lipped smile and I bite my lip. “And my name is Daniel here, don’t forget that.”

“Right, but it’s only us so–”

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“Yeah, but this place may be bugged, did you think of that, huh?” Isaac rolls his eyes and shakes his head. “No, of course not because you never think.”

“Okay, excuse me! All I have done is put up a damn good front as your wife. Hell, I fought for you to be here. Of course I fucking think,” I shake my head, now trying hard not to yell. “I’ve got no time to deal with this, DANIEL. I’m gonna go take a shower. Good night.”

“No, come back here!” Isaac yells after me as I make my way to a restroom. “Saga come back!”

“My name’s Celeste, Daniel,” I look over my shoulder and roll my eyes at him.

“God damn it, Saga,” he punches something and groans, and as much as I want to go tend to him, I don’t.

I grab a towel and a change of clothes and head into the bathroom. I start the shower and step under the warm water, letting the hot water cascade over my shoulder as I think of my last exchange with Isaac. Damn it.

I sigh and relax for a few moments before deciding I was ready to get out and face Isaac. I step out the shower and quickly get dressed in a white shirt and baby blue shorts with matching baby blue lace panties. I let my hair down to air dry and grab the first aid kit, knowing that Isaac probably hurt himself. I finally take a deep breath and step out of the bathroom, determined to make things right or at least less awkward.

I make my way down the hall and spot Isaac standing by the window. I walk right next to him and grab his hand. I pry his fingers open from the fist that he’d clenched them into and shake my head as I see his red knuckles.

“It’s nothing, leave it,” he tries to remove his hand from mine, but I ignore him.

“Shut up and let me patch this up,” I whisper and pull him down onto a couch. I open up the first aid kit and patch up Isaac’s hand as he watches me do so. I try to ignore his burning gaze, biting my lip as I tape up his knuckles. I let out a soft breath and hesitantly bring his knuckles to my lips, placing a gentle kiss over the top.

“Saga,” Isaac whispers my name delicately, almost afraid that he’d ruin the moment.

I look up at him and my breath gets caught in my throat as our eyes meet. Were his eyes always this blue? His accent THIS noticeable?

“Screw this,” his eyes move from my eyes to my lips and back up, and before I know it, his lips are pressed against mine in a bruising sort of kiss.


The Selected Men   Fox Wesley 
 Before Fox was in the Selection, he worked as a lifeguard back in Clermont, the same province as Celeste Newsome. His mother had left him and siblings when his father was ill with cancer. This caused Fox to have resentment for her while his siblings remained hopeful for her return. His father is still functioning pretty well, currently working part-time, although he needs a lot of sleep. Fox and his father have a good relationship, but Fox does enjoy the respite that the Princess Eadlyn’s Selection gives him. At home in Clermont, he also does not have much money and was not getting as much food as he should have been.

Christmas Surprises - Requested (Luke)

Hey this is SIXTEEN!!!! Christmas is litarally next week!!!! And im finaly going home in three day woop! Anyways,t his is two requests combined (Could you write one when you tell luke you’re pregnant on Christmas? Or luke proposes?) and (Hey there! I love reading yalls amazing stories! Could you maybe do a story where you and Luke have been trying to get pregnant and you found out Christmas day your pregnant! Maybe tell him through a gift?!) ENJOY!!!!!

‘Babe you ready?’ Luke calls up the stairs, you look around the room, checking you have everything, ‘Yep’ you call as you switch off the light and jog s]down to meet him, he is waiting at the door with his and your overnight bags, he frowns when he see the wrapped gift in your bag, ‘I thought we took all the presents already?’ he asks and you nod, ‘We did, I just forgot this one’ you shrug, as you walk past him taking your bag and throwing it into the boot as he locks up the house, he puts his bag in the boot and then climb in the driver’s seat. He narrows his eyes when he sees you still have the gift bag with you. ‘Could it not have gone in the boot?’ he raises and eyebrow and you glare at him, ‘Luke just drive’ you whine and he laughs, ‘so it’s mine then’ he chuckles and you roll your eyes. ‘You’re a dick, stop being so noise’ you warn him, he just smiles as he reaches over his hand and takes yours to the gearstick so his fingers are entwined with yours as he drives.


‘Luke, what’s wrong?’ you whisper into his ear as you drop down next to him on the sofa, you have been sitting discussing Christmas traditions with Liz but you hadn’t been able to keep your eyes off Luke, he had been sitting silently and you could tell he was in deep thought so you’d excuse yourself from Liz and cuddle into his side. He wraps his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer and you rest your head on his chest, and you feel his lips against your hair as he sighs. ‘You know I love you right? And you mean the world to me’ you nod, closing your eyes to rest into his warmth. ‘It’s just I that that’ he tells you, his words confuse you for a moment, and when he doesn’t explain them you sit up to look at him, seeing his eyes fixed on Jack bouncing Oscar his son on his knee, you smile at Jack pulling faces. And you realise what’s he is talking about.

‘I know I have everything that I want and need but I just want to be a dad so badly. I want to be young and able to run around with our kids, I’m not saying you’re not enough, that’s not what I’m saying but I just want it you know?’ you explains.

‘Luke we are twenty, there is no rush, so what if we have to wait a little longer it’s not gonna hurt’ you tell him, but he frowns, ‘I thought you wanted this?’ he asks and you nod, ‘No, no, I don’t all I’m saying is that we have been trying for a year Luke, there isn’t much more we can Dothan try and you shouldn’t be getting down about it because it will happen you know, just maybe not right now’ you explain, this time he nods and pecks your lips.

‘I have pizza!’ You look up to see Ben dropping five pizza boxes on the coffee table 'Should I get plates?’ He asks, you bite down the smirk that’s tugging your lips as you look around at the others, their faces priceless.

'I should have known it was too good to be true’ you hear Maisie scoff at her boyfriend.

'Benjamin you said you would cook, not buy pizza’ Liz scolds, you look back to Bens face to see his eyes wide, lips parted as though he was about to speak and his arms out slightly, like he is completely confused and at this you lose it, pressing your face into Luke’s chest as you try to hold back the smirk, Luke clearly amused to as his hand cover your face and you feel his chest shaking a little.

'I said I would sort dinner, not cook it, come on its pizza everyone loves pizza’ he whines and you see through Luke’s fingers that Ben is looking around for some support. You feel back for the guy so you shuffle out if Luke’s arms, stand and walk over, you hit Bens back and smile at him 'What did you get?’ You ask opening the top box to see plain pizza and you shrug picking up a slice and taking a bite, you let your eyes slowly move to Liz who is watching you with an amused smirk.

'Come on its pizza’ you laugh, the others take no time jumping up and grabbing there slice while Liz goes to get plates but no one waits for her to come back. When she does wonder back in she freezes seeing Oscar lying on the floor on his baby mat, her eyes wide as she looks up, 'Bloody hell, I nearly stood of my grandson’ she exclaimed making us all chuck throughout stuffed mouths.

'Couple more years and the house will be full of them running around’ Andrew tells her, you notice Luke shuffle a little at the mention of children and you get more excited for tomorrow.


'Can you hear Oscar?’ Luke mumbles into your hair, you hum as you continue watching the movie. 'Yeah, Celeste said that had a rough night with him last night’ you tell him in a mumble. 'Looks like another one’ Luke agrees and you nod. 'You know we could always…’ Luke starts but doesn’t finish, you feel him sit up a little and so you pull your head from his chest and look up to him. His eyes lock with your straight away and you see the sweet smile on his perfect lips and know what he is thinking. You can’t bite back the smile that tugs at your own lips as you nod. He moves again in the bed to get up but you grab his wrist.

It’s Christmas Eve and Liz and Andrew insisted that to keep up tradition you would all be staying at their house in Christmas Eve. Ben and Maisie are in his childhood room. The same as Jack, Celeste and Oscar are in Jacks and you and Luke are in his.

'I’ll go’ you tell him, sliding out of bed yourself, just as you reach out for the door handle Luke clears his throat. 'You have no bottoms on’ he chuckles, you glance down and shrug, you have pants on and a shirt that goes literally to mid-thigh so you go out anyway heading to Jacks old room. You knock gently, but then shake your head, why are you being quite when Oscar is screaming. Celeste opens the door two seconds after with Oscar in her arms, her hair rough and her eyes red from lack of sleep, you guess they fell asleep a couple of hours ago while you and Luke stayed up watching movies.

'I’m sorry (Y/N) did he wake you, I’m trying to get him to calm down. This is what he was like yesterday’ she explains, you shake your head following her in the room. 'No we were already awake, we just wanted to help, and we could have him for the night’ you offer with a small smile. You hear a half sleeping Jack hum as though accepting the offer and you smile a little.

'No, no it’s fine we have it. Honestly he is a hand full, we can’t do that to you’ she disagrees shaking her head as she bounces hers arms. 'We could do with the practice’ the words leave your mouth before you realise what you have said. Celeste raises an eyebrow looking at you, clearly not fully clicking in and you probably could have talk yourself out of it if it wasn’t for the fact that unwillingly you had begun to rub your belly.

'Holy shit! Really? Why haven’t your guys told us?’ She gasps in realisation. You can’t help the beam that hits your face 'Luke doesn’t know yet’ you explain, she nods understanding. 'So it’s a new thing? Couple of weeks?’ She asks and you shake your head.

It’s new yeah but not a couple of weeks, actually I’m three months along but I only found out two weeks ago and I thought it’s been two and a half months already it won’t hurt to keep it from Luke for another two weeks so I’m telling him tomorrow’ you nod, she gives a sort if hushed squeal. 'In a gift? Oh no sorry that’s like movie stuff, I’m just so excited for you guys! I’m gonna be an auntie’ she cheers and you hush her.

Jack abruptly sits up in the bed catching yours and Celeste attention. 'You’re talking about a baby?’ He asks shocked and you laugh at him a little while Celeste rolls her eyes and then you give him a small nod. It’s only seconds later he has crawled out of the bed and wrapped his arms around you 'I’m gonna be a fucking awesome uncle’ he whispers and you laugh shaking your head.

'Just keep it to yourselves for a few hours’ you remind them, nothing nodding like little children, you move closer to take Oscar and Celeste hands him over with an appreciative smile. And you return back to Luke’s room, as soon as he sees you he flies from the bed taking Oscar in his arms and pecking your lips. You watch him for a minute strolling around the room rocking Oscar soothingly in his arms. He is gonna be an amazing dad.


'I can’t get over how cute these are, his first pair if prober shoes, thank you so much guys’ Celeste gushes over the mini timberland blue boots you and Luke got Oscar.

'He does look really cute in them’ you coo, as he pulls on your finger making you laugh.

'Can someone open me this please’ Maisie asks walking right past Ben, he looks shocked 'Hey babe, right here’ he calls after her making. Her giggle. 'Ben you can’t take your own pants off without hurting something’ she teases which in his excitable mood is all bed needs to chase her out if the room.

'So now all the presents are done, who wants breakfast?’ Andrew asks, everyone nods as Ben and Maisie head back into the room and you tummy drops in nerves as your heart best quicken with excitement. 'Actually I have one more present’ you tell them, jumping up and heading to the back of the sofa, pulling out the present for Luke. He gives you a frown as you give him a nervous smile handing him the package.

'What’s this?’ He asks and you laugh 'just open it’ you tell him, standing to the side so everyone could see, Luke takes no time at all ripping the paper of, he freezes, only him being able to see what it is. He looks up to you his lips parted and you notice his eyes glazing over with tears, you give him a small smile and he jumps up from his seat grabbing your? He holds you tight against him and he kinda laughs into you. 'Happy?’ You ask and he laughs pulling away and taking your face in his hands. 'So fucking happy’ he laughs.

'What is it?’ Ben asks as you notice Liz coming over to see, she slows her actions as she see it and slowly picks it up holding it for everyone to see. 'My Daddy’s Punk Rock’

From Chelsea


All right, well, there is a plethora of reason why I love the critically acclaimed YA dystopian novels. So here are my top 5 reasons.

1. Princes and princesses
Maybe it’s the stereotypical little girl in me, but I love princesses. It’s the reason a twelve-year-old me picked up The Selection in the first place, in the public library one day, and decided to read it, even though no one else knew about it (yes, I’m that person). I love the refined glamor and etiquette, the ball gowns, their way of life so unlike my own. Which brings me to number 2.

2. Romance
This brings out the average teenage girl in me. I love a good romance and Kiera writes it well. America’s life with romance is so far from my own. Every moment is so swoon worthy, and I could only dream of living in that world where Maxon exists. This brings me to number 3.

3. The characters
Yes, America is frustrating as hell because she is indecisive. The thing is, it’s not exactly unrealistic. If I had two gorgeous boys vying for my love, both with horrible pasts, one who’s been the default my whole life but who offers a rougher life than my current one, and the other completely new and surreal because it might be too good to be true WHO MIGHT BREAK MY HEART, then yes. My heart too would be confused. I, personally, would have run away or something. (Actually I’d pick Maxon, but that’s not the point. America was basically the entire fandom currently; Team Maxon or Team Aspen. There’s also Team Celeste, I guess, BUT ANYWAY. I digress.) Maxon is lovely and he’ll forever be in my heart. Aspen is coarse but gentle at the same time. Marlee and Celeste are the best friends we all want at some point in life. I could list more, but bottom line, there is just such a good group of pretty well-rounded characters.

4. The setting
It’s pretty interesting. A democratic America that suddenly becomes monarchical, because the very man who granted its “freedom” in a future World War decides he wants to be king.
And the country lets him.
And so now the prince has to choose from a group of women to be his queen.

5. The writing
“Love is beautiful fear.”
“All the best people have some kind of scar.”
“You are not the world, but you are everything that makes the world good.”
Kiera has this thing and it’s simply profound ingenuity, and I don’t even know if that makes sense, but I hope it does.

So these are the main reasons, but God, I could go on. I’ll really miss the series and waiting for a new book to come out, but I’m excited for The Crown, and am forever thankful this exists in my life.