same carly


Different press conference, same boredom.


So much about this has me crying:

Alyssa and Syd right at the start

Arod’s mini pep talk to herself

Alex calling Abby her big sister

Hope tearing up and the crack in her voice as she talks

Ash crying

Syd crying

The raw emotion in Ali’s eyes and in her voice

How serious Arod is at the end

And for some reason I’m even crying at Pinoe at the end even though she made me laugh

90 will never be the same without you Abby
May I Take Your Order

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr x Reader
Word count: 1,293
Warnings: Fluff
Request: ( anonymous ) I love love love you and your stories. I was wondering if I could request something? I know your requests are temp closed, but you are my favorite author and I have an idea I think you could knock out of the park. How about a Richard x reader and she is his waitress on a date that is going awful and she tries to make it better. Make if fluffy fluffy fluff? I love your fluffy fluffy fluff.

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anonymous asked:

is this epeolatry ??? did u change ur url i'm so confused??

Yeah. I made a post about it. My description is still the same as it was. Brand new url, same old Carly. XD

Title: strawberries and cream

Rating: T

Summary: Erza tasted just like those cakes she so coveted.

Word count: 1,003

Warnings: jerza nerds, jellal being romantic, sexual tension, domesticity, futurefic

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SWEETPEACH immortalpromise!! I can’t make cool edits or anything, and my Jerza is a little rusty, but I hope you enjoy it all the same, Carly! *throws otp at you and runs away* (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞✧

“Jellal, do I look fat?”

In the middle of removing his overcoat, Jellal paused and cast his wife a curious glance. She stood by the full-length mirror, admiring herself in her red, silky, and nearly see-through negligee with a little frown.

It was Jellal’s favorite.

Not because of the way it plumped her generous breasts and lay softly around her curves–though he did like that too–but because it was almost the same shade as her hair. Felt almost as soft.

“I think you look lovely,” he murmured and continued to disrobe.

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the worst part of being a writer and not an artist is that while sometimes there are workarounds for visual gags other times you just have to accept that this hilarious mental image cannot be shared in its purest form