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Mega Man X: The Novel Chapter 1

Aaaaaallllright, it’s been a while, but the first chapter is finally done!! Many thanks to my translator @melonjaywalk and my editors moidang, Lambency and tjerrian! If you’d like to follow the group’s progress on the novel, check out this Google Doc! Without further ado, here’s Chapter 1: Day of Sigma!


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“      You 



                                                                         L E G A C Y.     ”

                    Mission Requirements || Contact Zero || Contact X

I love @mywaay ’s hp au with all my heart but I realized I headcanon some of the characters’ houses to be different so I thought I’d share my own opinions before I go to bed, hah

Buster Moon: Slytherin
He’s cunning, has broken laws for his own interests, he’s ambitious. Need I say more?

Eddie: Hufflepuff
I know puffs are supposed to be hardworking but he is also a very loyal friend and is so dang patient with buster lmao

Rosita: Ravenclaw
She has built a complex machine from scratch. She was head of the “renovation” of the theater. Gunter literally said that she thinks too much with her head

Mike: Slytherin
Same reasons as buster tbh

Johnny: Gryffindor
He’s brave and has a heart of gold I dont need to explain myself
Also I loved the hc that he’s the first gryffindor in a family is slytherins om g

Gunter: Hufflepuff
He’s passionate and works hard on what he loves to do aka dancing

Meena: Hufflepuff
Like gunter she’s very loyal and hard working and passionate about music

Lance: Slytherin
He’s not afraid to shove his gf to the side so he can be the main singer, he’s ambitious and manipulative

Ash: Gryffindor
unlike lance she never showed ambition, just a lot of passion and nerve and was brave enough to face her feelings and write them in a song and sing them in front of a crowd alone for the first time

I dont know enough about the other characters to have a clear idea of their houses so I’m gonna agree with mywaay on those!
Also this is in no way meant to diss on their headcanons, everyone has their own interpretation of the characters, I just wanted to share mine ^^

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I'm sorry if this is a silly question, I've only played FFXIV for couple of months, but what exactly is a tank buster?

Haha no need to apologize for a simple question!

Basically, a tank buster is a single target attack or invisible cleave that will strike your tank for a massive amount of damage compared to the boss’s other attacks. It’s important for tanks and healers to know what tank busters are between different bosses so a) the tank can use a CD to mitigate the damage and b) the healer can be ready to heal that HP back. In a lot of high end fights, tank busters will result in a dead tank if the damage isn’t mitigated or they aren’t immediately healed afterwards due to being vulnerable to an auto attack.

Now tank busters come in many different flavors but the most popular one is a choreographed tank buster indicated by a cast bar on the boss. Example: Stormsplitter in both Susano HM and Susano EX. Other flavors include:

  • The “Voice queue only” tank buster: This tank buster will be indicated by the boss speaking before unleashing it. There is no cast bar but there may or may not be a pause in the boss’s auto attack. Example: Final Boss of Ala Mhigo when he says “kill” he is about to unleash a massive combo attack on the tank.
  • The “it’s not really a tank buster until you get hit by it” tank buster: This tank buster is the most annoying because while it’s scripted, it will hit unexpectedly. No cast bar. No pause in auto attack. It’s a high damaging strike that will occur between auto attacks. Example: Every 8 or so auto attacks in Susano Extreme, he will suddenly slap your tank for 70% of their HP because he’s an asshole.
  • The “debuff” tank buster: Also known as “The Tank Swap”, this is a choreographed tank buster in most Extreme level primals and raids in which the tank buster can be heavily mitigated but it leaves behind a stacking debuff which will cause the tank to take increased damage. With these, after a certain number of stacks, the tank will die or take way too much damage if they get hit by the same tank buster again so they must switch with the off tank until the stacks wear off. Example: Titan Extreme (Mountain Buster), Susano Extreme (Stormsplitter), several tiers of Alexander, Omega v4 (Single target Thunder III).
  •  The Moving Cleave: This is a tank buster that comes in the form of a cleave. Now, while not normally being considered tank busters, these are an extremely important tank mechanic. This particular type of attack will be indicated by a cast bar on the boss and when that casts ends, the boss will turn and unleash it in the direction of the person with the highest threat aka the Tank. If you fail a tank swap or the tank just plain isn’t standing in the right place, a tank can very easily wipe an entire raid with one of these. These are attacks that do 40k+ damage to anyone who isn’t a tank. Example: Shiva’s sword fan attack in her story mode fight.
  • The “Stacking” Buster: This is my favorite. Sometimes tank busters will require the entire party or a least the off tank to stack. I call it a tank buster because it’s a heavy attack exclusively targeted to the tank. Failing this type of buster results in a dead main tank. Examples: Twin Bolt in Omega v1, Shiva’s sword fan move in her Extreme fight and that stupid fucking stacking punch’o’matic party wipe bull shit at the last boss of Dun Scaith.

I’m sure I’m missing some but these are the ones that come to mind. Please feel free to add more guys!

– Mod Mhi 

I think an arguably “better” ending for Mike that still allows him to get comeuppance was if the bull from the bank just called him in the middle of Meena’s performance and, rather impatiently ask him about the money he now owes the bank because of his platinum card. Mike dodges the question and promptly runs away, this putting him in the same situation as Buster from the beginning of the movie (which also fits his “foil” role).

I sort of understand why they went the direction they did (If they didn’t go through with that ending, Nancy would have no reason to save him and showing that she actually cares, so she’d remain a lot more bland and have zero redeeming qualities), but I would still like an ending that satisfyingly punishes him without leaving me so concerned for his safety.

Break Magus

A broken heart can kill you, but fixing it with magic is not a safe bet.

[ ] Volatile Heart – The organ that keeps you living is magical in nature, and somewhat unstable. It might be your own heart repaired with magic, an artificial heart, or something that replaces your heart entirely. Your emotions flow free and strong – add a +3 bonus to social rolls that are impassioned by your strong emotions, but take a -1 penalty to resist attempts to play on your emotions. Whenever you go through a period of intense emotion, you may choose to undergo a Heart-Break. Place a mark against Volatile Heart and get 1 temporary XP to spend. For each mark against Volatile Heart, half your maximum health (rounded up). You can fix a Heart-Break with personal/emotional growth, bonding with others, receiving recognition for heroic deeds, and therapy – when you do, remove a mark from Volatile Heart and lose the XP you gained from it.

[ ] Erasure Mask – A mystical mask is bonded to you. It may not cover much of your face, but while you are wearing it, anyone who knew you before you became a Break Mage will be entirely unable to recognize you through any means. Even if they prove personally beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are their physical duplicate, they will find it impossible to believe you are one and the same.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Anguish Buster – You are capable of firing projectiles of pure negative emotion from your palm. At first level, choose an emotion. Any target within 25 feet takes 1 damage of that emotional type per level of Anguish Buster, and briefly feels an intense stab of the chosen emotion. Targets incapable of emotion are immune.

[ ][ ][ ] Lonely Road – You are driven mystically to eschew human contact, yet compelled to seek greatness. For each day you spend in solitude, brooding on rooftops or meditating in glens or similar, you gain +1 to damage and physical rolls per level of Lonely Road for that many days following the alone time. Additionally, if you have spent a full day alone, whenever you wish to return to action and adventure, you need only to begin walking and you will arrive where you are needed within minutes, regardless of intervening physical distance.

[ ][ | ][ | | ] Heartbreaker – By placing your hand over a creature’s heart and making eye contact, you can fill them with an impression of the catastrophic event that broke your heart and set you down this path. At first level, this only gives the target the facts of the events from your perspective, and only their ability to empathize affects how they react. At second level, they are also briefly filled with your strongest emotions from that period – most creatures capable of emotion will be briefly overwhelmed and stunned for d6-3 rounds (minimum 0), while those who have been through, or fear going through, similar events may suffer immediate distress or a wave of sympathy. At third level, the emotional impression affects even creatures that can otherwise not feel emotions of their own, and the feelings impressed will continue to linger for some time. At this strength it will stun for d6 rounds and depending on the target may be enough to induce a full broken heart.

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I'm in love with Myers so I want to ask if you'd do how he'd react with a shy/blushy SO? if you want to can add more guys I just love Michael so.. thank you! :))

Micheal is good, luv him


  • Micheal is super protective of you, like, no one can touch you when his in the same room. Hands off buster because he will stab anyone who makes you uncomfortable.

  • He really likes to stare at you and watch as your cheeks slowly turn into a deep red and he’s is super proud of easily he can make you blush and aims to make your face red at least three times a day. Two if he feels lazy.

  • Not a big cuddler but always likes have you sit on his lap, he is your only chair, deal with it, also likes to have an arm around you when he goes to sleep