same buster

I love @mywaay ’s hp au with all my heart but I realized I headcanon some of the characters’ houses to be different so I thought I’d share my own opinions before I go to bed, hah

Buster Moon: Slytherin
He’s cunning, has broken laws for his own interests, he’s ambitious. Need I say more?

Eddie: Hufflepuff
I know puffs are supposed to be hardworking but he is also a very loyal friend and is so dang patient with buster lmao

Rosita: Ravenclaw
She has built a complex machine from scratch. She was head of the “renovation” of the theater. Gunter literally said that she thinks too much with her head

Mike: Slytherin
Same reasons as buster tbh

Johnny: Gryffindor
He’s brave and has a heart of gold I dont need to explain myself
Also I loved the hc that he’s the first gryffindor in a family is slytherins om g

Gunter: Hufflepuff
He’s passionate and works hard on what he loves to do aka dancing

Meena: Hufflepuff
Like gunter she’s very loyal and hard working and passionate about music

Lance: Slytherin
He’s not afraid to shove his gf to the side so he can be the main singer, he’s ambitious and manipulative

Ash: Gryffindor
unlike lance she never showed ambition, just a lot of passion and nerve and was brave enough to face her feelings and write them in a song and sing them in front of a crowd alone for the first time

I dont know enough about the other characters to have a clear idea of their houses so I’m gonna agree with mywaay on those!
Also this is in no way meant to diss on their headcanons, everyone has their own interpretation of the characters, I just wanted to share mine ^^

I think an arguably “better” ending for Mike that still allows him to get comeuppance was if the bull from the bank just called him in the middle of Meena’s performance and, rather impatiently ask him about the money he now owes the bank because of his platinum card. Mike dodges the question and promptly runs away, this putting him in the same situation as Buster from the beginning of the movie (which also fits his “foil” role).

I sort of understand why they went the direction they did (If they didn’t go through with that ending, Nancy would have no reason to save him and showing that she actually cares, so she’d remain a lot more bland and have zero redeeming qualities), but I would still like an ending that satisfyingly punishes him without leaving me so concerned for his safety.