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Merry Christmas Eve! Please enjoy this Bechloe Christmas fluff as a present from me to you! Happy Christmas everyone!

Chloe rolled over in bed and instinctively reached out for Beca. It wasn’t until her hand brushed against the empty sheets that she woke up.

The tiny brunette wasn’t there.

She looked at their alarm clock and it read 6:30am.

Merry Christmas, she thought.

She assumed Beca had just gone to the bathroom, so she closed her eyes again. Waiting for the inevitable moment when their six year old daughter would come bursting in, demanding that everyone wake up because didn’t they know it was Christmas?

Beca would grumble and roll over and pretend to go back to sleep. She would fake snore as Katy climbed over her. Her eyes would stay closed as Katy shook her and shouted “Mommy wake uuuuuuuuuup!” In her ear.

It was almost a tradition now.

Chloe would then say “maybe if we made your Mom some coffee, she’d get up.” And Beca would open a single eye. The they’d all make their way to the kitchen, and Beca would act like a zombie until her first sip of coffee.

Chloe had to admit, Beca was always committed to her role.

Time ticked on, and Beca still hadn’t returned to bed, and Katy hadn’t yet burst in.

Chloe might have been worried, but she’d had a feeling her wife and daughter had been planning something.

There had been a lot of knowing looks and not so sneaky winks between them over the last few days.

Not that that was unusual behaviour. Katy was practically a mini Beca. Same dark hair, same eyes, same grumpy pout. She had even started raising her eyebrows and, thankfully it had only happened once to a stranger, rolling her eyes when someone said something obvious or cringe-worthy.

“My, my, don’t you look just like your mom!” The kind old lady at the supermarket had said.

Cue eye-roll from Katy and a laugh that quickly turned into a cough from Beca.

The two were practically inseparable. Always making each other laugh, always playing games, always conspiring about something. But Chloe never felt left out. In fact, she loved watching their bond. Katy brought out Beca’s goofy and playful side that had been hidden beneath layers of sarcasm and scowling. And it wasn’t that Beca was a pushover either. She would lay down the law just as well, and just as often, as Chloe had to. She was a pro at using Katy’s full name when she’d done something wrong.

“Katherine Lucy Mitchell, why are your vegetables all over the floor?”

It was almost 7am now, and Chloe was wondering how much longer she’d have to pretend to be sleeping.

Then she heard the muffled voices outside of the door.

“Mommy I wanna hold the tray.” That was Katy.

“Why don’t you just let me carry it, and you can hold the gift?” Beca.

“Because I want to hold both!” Katy.

“Yes but you only have tiny arms! You’re going to drop something.”

“You have tiny arms too!”

“Okay, well that felt unnecessary.”

Katy was giggling.

“Here, put the gift on top… okay… now hold it by the handles.”

“I know how to hold it.”

“Okay and now look cute.”

“Like this?”

“You’ll have to be way cuter than that.”

Katy giggled again.


“Okay, that’s cute enough.”

“Can I go in?”

“Let me knock first. Mommy might be changing.”

“She’s still asleep.”

Beca knew Chloe will have heard them. She knew Chloe had probably been awake for a little while, waiting for them. But she still gave a light knock on the door.

Chloe smiled and closed her eyes as Beca turned the handle.

“Merry Christmas!” They said together.

Chloe opened her eyes and sat up in bed, smiling as her two favourite people in the whole world stood in the doorway.

Both were still in there Christmas pyjamas. Both had messy brown hair and both had matching grins.

“Merry Christmas,” Chloe said. “What’s all this?”

“I made you breakfast!” Katy said, handing Chloe the tray.

Beca cleared her through. Katy rolled her eyes.

“Okay,” she said, “we made you breakfast.”

Beca put the coffee cup on Chloe’s bedside table, and climbed onto her side of the bed. She gave her wife a quick kiss on the side of the head.

Katy climbed in between them, cuddling up to Chloe.

“I get a present before breakfast? I though that was against the rules?” Chloe asked.

“Well that’s why you have breakfast in bed, silly,” Beca said.

“You have to eat some toast first and then you can open it,” Katy said, helping herself to half of one of Chloe’s slices.

“Why do I have to open it early?” Chloe asked, as Beca also took half a slice.

“Because it’s special,” Katy said.

So Chloe ate the rest of her toast, deliberately taking her time, slowly chewing each mouthful, as Katy and Beca watched impatiently.

Finally, she picked up the small box from the corner of the tray and unwrapped it. It took longer than it should have. Beca always used too much sellotape. Inside the box was a simple silver locket.

Chloe opened it. It was big enough that the two photographs inside were easy to see.

On one side was a picture of Katy as a tiny baby. On the other was a picture of all three of them.

It was a picture Chloe hadn’t seen before and must have only been taken a few months ago. She recognised the outfit Katy was wearing a realised it was from Katy’s Birthday party. Aubrey or Stacie or maybe one of the other Bellas had taken it. Chloe was looking down at Katy who was grinning, somehow sitting on both hers and Beca’s laps. She was looking up at Chloe, laughing at a joke she must have just told. Beca was looking at Chloe, with nothing but love in her eyes.

“Do you like it?” Beca asked, almost nervously. Probably because Chloe hadn’t spoken yet.

“I love it,” she said, her voice soft and quiet. “It’s perfect.”

No, Chloe wasn’t jealous of their bond, she thought as she watched Beca begin preparing the Christmas dinner. Katy had climbed into lap and was showing her a toy that Santa had brought.

Beca looked over and smiled.

She couldn’t be jealous.

Because these girls, her girls, loved her.

And that was all she needed.


I got all I need when I got you and I, cause I look around me and see a sweet life, I’m stuck in the dark but you’re my flashlight, you’re gettin’ me through the night. Can’t stop my heart when you’re shining in my eyes, I can’t lie it’s a sweet life, I’m stuck in the dark but you’re my flashlight, you’re gettin me through the night.